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Beauty Ice Breakers

BIC is the place to talk about beauty!  There are lots of fun threads, from mask to makeup (and even photo A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge ) challenges all the way to pet paradise.  In my early days, I kinda wanted to talk to everyone, but I didn't know what to talk about, I just knew I loved makeup and had found my people.

With threads like Monthly Favorites: May 2024 Edition! or
Community Favorite Concealers: Tag your Holy Grails!  , Beauty Pet Peeves 2 I feel the most comfortable when chiming in because I can talk about makeup.  I figured, hey, let's open up some discourse amongst ourselves; a thread with getting to know you questions could be kind of fun.  (And, I still get to talk about makeup.)


photo cred: HelloGigglesphoto cred: HelloGiggles



I'll post a question and a phrase with a blank and change it weekly? periodically. Answer one or both.

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@Titian06 @danielledanielle @CorgiMommy @Samtian Someone needs to start a public playlist with all these theme songs!

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

Methinks you know where I was going with this.... BIC Playlist 😉

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

Happy 2024, everyone! 



What did you get for Christmas? (or if you don't  celebrate, Boxing Day/End of year sale?) Beauty wise I got 4 nail polishes and the Otherland Boudoir Rogue candle that is to die for. I'm not joking, I need that in a perfume asap. 


My goal for this year is work on my pan it project and shopping my stash. Only buying what I need. 


Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@Samtian these are all smart goals to work towards! 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@JoSometimes Thank you! It'll be tough but rewarding. 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@Samtian I believe in you! 👍

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

That's a sensual sounding candle @Samtian .


You definitely are on your way, your panning last year was 👍🏽👍🏽

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@danielledanielle Awe thank you!!

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@Samtian, the notes on that candle sound interesting. Do you pick up a lipstick scent? 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@itsfi I do, I'm in love with it lol. 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

Saw this thread last night @danielledanielle; bookmarking it now. Jumping right on in!


What did you get for Christmas? (or if you don't  celebrate, Boxing Day/End of year sale?)


A gift certificate for a spa day. 😍🎁


My goal for this year is _______.


Making massage therapy a more regular part of my routine. Not necessarily monthly but more frequently than when the aches, pains and knots become too much. 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

Oooh, highly encouraged you do it at least seasonally (4x/yr) @itsfi .  Pre-pandemic massages were at least a twice a year minimum for me.  There's used to also be a "spa week" twice a year where services were discounted, but I don't think that's a thing anymore.  I just get them now when I can, but man, I used to get them at a deal.

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

That’s sound advice @danielledanielle; thank you! Seasonal massages (once per quarter) would be a good minimum. I can see going more frequently in times of higher stress.

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@itsfi great goal, I have made massage a part of my regular routine for a few years.  Even started getting my dogs massages to keep them comfortable 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@itsfii generally go every six weeks unless I am training for something then every 4 weeks. 


The dogs ggo every 8 weeks.  I know I really spoil my puppies.

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

That’s awesome @CorgiMommy! 😃 How often do you and the dogs go in for massages? I’m working on finding a cadence that will work for my body and my schedule. 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

What did you get for Christmas?  

A pyrrhra bee necklace 

a dior gift set with my favorite abricot nail cream, a lip oil and a blush 

a GIANT pikachu


socks chocolates wine pyjamas tea towels 


My goal this year?


contjnuing learning  languages 

continuing vocal lessons

still working on those splits (I am not naturally bendy and this Covid 2020 project is still going)  I have been working with a physiotherapist for six months and progress is still slow.

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@heartsmyface, I need evidence of this Pikachu.  And maybe the split.

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@danielledanielle @JoSometimes  The pikachu I can do.  The split will have to wait. The dream (and partial joke at first) was to come out of Covid with this new obscure ability to pop into splits at random times😆. It has become this obsession.  I started off being the most unbendy person.  I thought for sure I’d have it by Christmas 2023 but I am for sure sure I will have it by Christmas 2024😜


Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@heartsmyface Holey moley! That Pika is large enough to dine with you at the dining table!!! 💛💛

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@heartsmyface. He is big and is kind of doing a split (or splay), so I'll take it.


In regards to your split (and everyone else that needs a "geddit")


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