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BIC Playlist

There's music all around us!  This thread can serve as inspo for finding your next tune, discovering the song of the season or just vibing off a playlist!


This was inspired by my latest question in Beauty Ice Breakers and @JoSometimes 

If you had a theme song (think like 90s sitcom) when you put your makeup or skincare on, what would it be?


Re: BIC Playlist

So DanDan is starting to finally pick up on cues I'm giving him to sleep.  Music was always a part of it, but it was music I don't enjoy listening to.  Someone put me onto Disney lullabies, which was fun, at first.  It's nice and nostalgic, but repetitive.  AND there's so many. So so many.  Who knew?!!  It works for him, but it got old for me.  Until today... When this played.




LoFi Minnie: Chill

"You'll be in my heart" by Jeff Kaale


It's catchy.  I'm rocking him and rocking out, so it got me thinking, what are other relaxing, but dance worthy songs?  Even if you're not putting someone to sleep 😴😄, what are the some that get you to settle in ?  Or if you're on a long drive, what would you listen to?


@WinglessOne @Titian06 @CorgiMommy @ThatGirlMadi @peculiarzmakeup @JoSometimes @CynthieLu @CocoLancome28 @cianni 

Re: BIC Playlist

@danielledanielle  Lo-fi Disney sounds like something I need to explore. (I know lo-fi in general gets a lot of snubs but dude, some of that stuff’s really good!) Noting to self! 


Relaxing but danceable… Flying Lotus comes to mind, especially his Los Angeles album and EPs. So does a lot of Slowdive, mostly Souvlaki (possibly their best known album) but also parts of their early EPs—back when they were more experimental about getting unusual ethereal sounds out of guitars… “She Calls,” “Catch the Breeze,” and my favorite Slowdive song, “Albatross” which is somehow both relaxing and energizing. And then when I think of all the different kinds of dancing, and all the different global genres of relaxing dance music… yeah, this could be a long list. 😅 I’ll come back to this. 


On a long drive, I’ll listen to nearly anything: classical, jazz, rock, metal, hip hop, industrial (like, Einstürzende Neubauten industrial), old Motown, my old 4AD albums, global/“world” music, whatever category bands like OOIOO fall into (their Gold & Green and Armonico Hewa albums are my happy place)… heck, I’ve played Johnny Cash during long Michigan drives. It all depends on my mood that day, and which music source (phone and/or larger capacity external hard drive) I bring with me. 

Re: BIC Playlist

@WinglessOne, I think you'll be into it.  I can totally picture you as lo fi Minnie on the album cover here.


Ok, making a note of flying lotus... I'm trying to expose him to different genres, mostly out of curiosity to see what he likes, so ty

Re: BIC Playlist

@danielledanielle great thread! When my sister was a kiddo I had those songs stuck in my head we have quite the age gap so it was like to doodle bops or something!! Haha. I actually get all my current music from my brother he has quite the playlist! 
I’m currently into the nostalgic tunes.  

I love a lot of sounds I find in reels

Rita Ora Poison remix 

The day we met 

Past life’s 


I’ll reply to this when I find the rest of the names ❤️🫶

Re: BIC Playlist



For my personal quiet time, Norah Jones - Come Away With Me. The entire album is just smooth, quiet jazz and her iconically sweet, soothing voice. 

In the car, it’s been my karaoke playlist which consists of Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Michael Buble, Queen, ABBA, Britney Spears, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Green Day, Gavin Degraw, John Mayer, etc… (A very ecclectic combo of songs, I know!)


Spotify has a lot of nice lo-fi covers of pop music which makes it nice for bedtime but also pleasant for mama/papa. 

Re: BIC Playlist

@JoSometimes  Now you've got me wanting to listen to the Spice Girls! 

Re: BIC Playlist

@PrettyPaint Nooo… You should stop right now, thank you very much…

Re: BIC Playlist

@JoSometimes  Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun...

Re: BIC Playlist

Thank you for the Spotify recs, @JoSometimes .  Your karaoke playlist is 👍🏽👍🏽

Re: BIC Playlist

@danielledanielle Thank youuuu! There’s a few clips of me singing karaoke on IG if you can find me. 😉

Re: BIC Playlist

Re: BIC Playlist

We listened to golden 60's classics alot as chill music when my kiddo was a wee babe. I even remember listening to A collection of Greenday Lullabies,  a Paul Simon solo album called So beautiful or So What. (And not music *alot* of Vinyl Cafe stories.)


Those are memories when we had no air-conditioner and a mid day drive was the only was too cool down and give him a nice nap driving and listening to tunes. 🎵 


Re: BIC Playlist

I'm intrigued by lullabies by Green Day, 🤣


Also, that's a really nice memory of you and your kiddo 🥰

Re: BIC Playlist

@danielledanielle I think it was Rockabye Baby Greenday, I just checked it is on Spotify if you get super curious. 😉

Thank you for this tag, it did get me thinking of memories I hadn't thought of in long a time. 💕

Re: BIC Playlist

@danielledanielle Baby G is getting into music too! At first i thought it was time to give him a proper musical education (I grew up on disco at my house, because that was my dads favourite), but it hasn’t done the job of getting him to sleep, and the white noise puts me to sleep more than it does for him!


im trying to avoid screen time, but I can’t deny that the Hey Bear songs/playlist is actually really goood….. i play it on my phone and connect it to a speaker so there isn’t any actual screens playing those little dancing fruits.


ill have to try out some of the suggested songs here - G is loving head and shoulders and itsy bitsy spider, but there is no way to make that more fun for me 😂

Re: BIC Playlist

@cianni  That's a beautiful memory. When your were a kid did your Dad ever play you Disney's Disco record? Those songs 😂 but maybe something Baby G would like some day. 🩵

Re: BIC Playlist

OMGosh, @danielledanielle !  This song is fabulous! 🥰🎶  Songs I immediately thought of are


- Rainbow Connection (Muppets Movie)

- Chariots of Fire by Vangelis (Chariots of Fire movie)

- Oceans by Pearl Jam


If I were doing a road trip, I would probably listen to Stone Temple Pilots.

Re: BIC Playlist

@Titian06 oh I loved the 'Rainbow Connection' and still do, I think it's right up there with 'Somewhere Out There'. Both are pretty sweet and soothing to hear. 

Re: BIC Playlist

@Titian06, isn't it?  The artist (Jeff Kaale) has a whole album with this dreamy-funk-synth vibe, so I went down the rabbit whole and ended up liking a few of his other tracks.


I love rainbow connection.  Not the lullaby version though 🤣😅

Re: BIC Playlist

@danielledanielle - I just thought of another artist:  Enya.  You might remember Oronoco Flow.  I have a number of her albums; I just don't have a record player. 😄

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