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Tom Ford Updates

Hey Beauties- We have ALOT of threads around here for Tom Ford products. I figured I'd start one thread where we can update each other on items as they come out or we see them available. 


For all my UK'ers, or people willing to pay for shipping from the UK, Harrods has Softcore and Nude Dip from the Fall collection available right now. Happy Shopping! 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I've been wanting this, I regret not getting their sheer lip sticks last year

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Nordstrom just opened in Ottawa on Friday and I gasped when I saw that Tom Ford would be available. For now, they will only be carrying the fragrances and the lipsticks. They had the permanent lipsticks, the lip shines, and most of the mattes.

I was happy to be able to pick up Pink Tease and Ruby Rush. I still want First Time but they had sold out.


I was able to speak to the Tom Ford representative that is in charge of all counters in Canada --she was super sweet but didn't know much or didn't want to reveal much. I had specifically asked if there were some LE shades or older shades coming back such as Negligee, Pure Pink etc since some are available for pre-order online in the States. She said that it must be something that those retailers are doing on their own because as a company, TF did not make anymore of those shades. So I am hoping that that is not the case because I wouldn't want old products --meaning I would love to order Pure Pink but not if it's not newly released.


The beauty event started at 7:30 am-9:30 am outside of the store before it officially opened. When I got there at that time, there were already at least 300-400 people eating, getting makeovers, buying make up!


The bag that they gave out is super nice--its made of really thick cotton and big! I'll be using this bag a lot. There were about 15 samples inside the bag and many of the beauty brands had great GWPs.


Re: Tom Ford Updates

Looks really nice! Glad you enjoyed it!

Re: Tom Ford Updates

That is Tyler! He is great. I am so glad he is now in that postion.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Tyler is the one I bought the 2 lipsticks from--he's super sweet and helpful! How do you know him?

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Just through my beauty addiction Smiley Happy He used to work at the SDM beauty boutique downstairs at Rideau.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Okay, not really Tom Ford products related but I always see this woman working at my local grocery store and then I go to the Tom Ford counter at Neimanʻs the other day and she has a fake british accent! I couldnʻt stop laughing. THE NEIMANS IN ALA MOANA HAS THE FULL TOM FORD RANGE.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

What? That is too funny.....

Re: Tom Ford Updates

That's hilarious. We have the full line downtown but I don't trust myself to go and not buy everything. 

Re: Tom Ford Updates


Re: Tom Ford Updates

Just call her Bond. Jane Bond.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Can I just say that I fell incredibly lucky with TF products.  I don't have to rush or hurry at all:


1.  I am not interested in TF eyeshadows.  And it seems like most of the "unicorns" and popular/ limited items are eye shadow quads and such. 


2.  The lipsticks that are the most popular are light shades.  Shades that I like are never sold out (yay).  My first TF L&B lipstick purchase was in late January/early February, very late to the game.  I swatched all 50 shades and liked 14.  And I was able to find 13 shades easily (the lovely lipstick4soul sent me the one I couldn't find).  . 


3.  Their sheer lipsticks seem very popular - I have no interest in them.


FYI:  I am going to a TF event at Nordstrom tomorrow.  I have never been to one of these and have no idea what it entails.  My friend and I are shopping the triple point sale and goofing off.  Although I have a few products on hold to purchase, they are all from the permanent line (and one is a Unicorn - more on that later).  I might not have anything to get from their new collection.  WAT???


If you guys want me to ask any specific questions or do any swatches...let me know.  I will try :-)



Re: Tom Ford Updates

Are you going to Bellevue-Trend show? Can I just say I am so jealous that your Nordies has TF in the store. My Nordstrom doesn't have many high end lines except Chanel and Dior. I hope we get a TF someday.

Last year I won a full bottle of D&G at the trend show! I hope you win some good stuff Smiley Happy

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Hi greenchilli!

Have a great time! It sounds so fun.

Do you think that you could try to confirm/deny the rumors of a possible re-release of a few shades from the Lips & Boys collection? Specifically Stavros.. *swoon!

I spend countless hours searching for it. Still. I would be one happy girl if I could just get that one shade. 


How exciting will it be if Nude Dip becomes permanent? I do not have any TF counter near me. So, I'm hoping it'll be available online! Pleasepleaseplease. Smiley Happy

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Hi mini!


I was the one that reported on a handful of the L&B being re-released in full size and/or permanent line.  The TF exec told me that this is still an idea in the works, and they have not decided what colours either.  It will be summer before they know.


Mini - I wish I could find Stavros for you - I really would.  I actually found Stavros for a lovely friend.  It is a miracle.  I used all my ninja techniques to find one.  If I can find another - it is yours. 


Also, you don't have to buy TF online only.  If it isn't available online but you think some store might have a product (which is very often the case), just call up the Nordstrom 800 number.  They will find which store has it, and give you their number.  You can call the store and place your order right away on the phone.  I had two L&B shipped to me from Anchorage Alaska that way.


I will report back tonite after my Nordies trip. 


P.S:  Mini, if you need me to find out anything from Nordies by contacting my local SA, you are always welcome to PM me.  I will do what I can to help.  You can even place an order with my local store.  We are all here for the pretties :-)




Re: Tom Ford Updates

You can call pretty much any department store that has a TF counter, the SA usually will be able to send you swatches and keep you posted on the upcoming collections Smiley Happy 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

So ladies, I could not follow quite well due to school.


When is the Nude Dip coming out? How can I get my grabby hands on one?

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Not sure exactly when but I expect it will be available around the summer collection time. If I hear anything else or any sooner from my SA, I will post here.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

thanks <3

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I'm waiting to hear something from Nordstrom…will update!

Re: Tom Ford Updates

My SA at Nordstrom confirmed Nude Dip is delivering along with the summer collection. I was able to place a preorder for that as well as other items we have seen here. She also told me there would be three new lipsticks but didn't have info. All items supposed to be available in late May or early June. 

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