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Tom Ford Updates

Tom Ford Updates 

updated 10/16


New 40 Lipsticks for sale (US): 





New 50 Lips and Girls for sale (US): 


Holiday Soliel Collection, 2017 



Available Now at Neiman Marcus: 

Holiday Soliel Palette: Violet Argente

 Orchid Soliel Collection:

Available on Tom Ford Direct: 
1 lipstick: Orchid Soleil
1 Highlighter: Nightbloom- Soliel

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I was really surprised when the Private Blend fragrances started being sold on Sephora's website.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Apparently the couple of perfumes will be as far as they go at Sephora.


From what I was told:

Tom Ford also has no plans to have a counter in every department store.  They are not even at all locations of a department store that already carries them - they are very selective about which store and location carries them.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Not in the least surprising

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I wish they could buy some lippies from TF

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Holt Renfrew carries TF makeup. Have you tried there? I just started shopping there so I could get my hands on TF haha. 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

The one on bloor st used to have a horrible manager. When I went to the counter , she was talking to other employee and did not even bother to ask if I needed help. Last time my friend spent 500 dollars at Tom ford , only to find out the SA added one more lipstick to her order that she did not agree to buy and we had to go all the way back to the store again.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

i try to avoid it haha 

especially with the construction at sherway in toronto and the service there not a big fan...  

i always get a turned nose and aa very stuck up vide and tones from SA when walking in there or asking a question since im only 22, and usually no makeup cause i just make quick in at out trips in the mall haha.  Or once i wore my "in the middle of seasons" coat which isnt the nicest.  

just hate the vibe and attitude i get there but i may check if the have TF at that one 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Oh, no! That's too bad 😞 I hate it when that happens. I'm not much older than you, and I've had some experiences like that, too. 


I usually go to the one on Bloor St - and while I don't find the TF counter to be outstanding (like some of the other counters), I haven't had any horrible experiences like that. 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Yeah i hate it and i dont go DT too often,  choose not to... not a fan of huge crowds and idiot who dont know how to walk (you probably know what im talking about, i dont have any patience for that) 

i mean i had asked at sherway if they carried anything LV,  i was mainly looking at for the wallets  and the woman looked me up and down and actually scoffed at me... im thinking in my head... lady i have a full time job at a high end dealership as well as a legal license and your working here dont look at me like that im sooo sorry its an "off" day when it comes to my attire but clearly if im asking i can afford it. -_-) it is the most irritating thing ever... One day ill say it out loud... one day haha!!

(had to rant it lol) 


but ill probably check it out quick next time im there which may be tomorrow haha 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

If anyone is interested I finally received my TF duo in "Ripe Plum" - I just uploaded the video of swatches, photos and review - along with if I think its worth the $60 or you should just wait till the upcoming summer collection. I hope this is helpful for you guys, I really do!! Here is the direct link to the video :



Re: Tom Ford Updates

Interesting - looks like several full size TF Lip Colors are coming back this spring. Aside from Negligee (Richard) and Twist of Fate (James), I just spotted the following available for pre-order today at Saks:
Moroccan Rouge (Didier)
Pure Pink (Cooper)
Smoke Red (Leonardo)
Warm Sable (Henry)


Could this group be what the TF insiders were referring to when they said several Lips and Boys will be made permanent?

Re: Tom Ford Updates

skintester, I think there will be other L&B that will be back as full size (besides the ones that were repromotes of previous LE shades).  At least that is what I gathered from the murmurs.  Apparently they will be shades that were most popular in the L&B collection.  From talking to the TF exec last week, it looked like they are not close to making that decision yet.


I wondered if Stavros and the like would be back.  Unfortunately the colours I loved most (Francesco, Pablo, Rafael, etc) are still available.  So I doubt they will come back.  TF really needs more pink and berry shades in his permanent line.


I will be getting a full size Cooper though.  I am eager to have a matching full size with a mini 🙂  Pure Pink is not available at Nordies yet 😞

Re: Tom Ford Updates

That's exciting! I agree, there's a hole in the full size lineup, esp for orange and fuchsia. I was also hoping Rafael and Francesco at least would become permanent. 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

There is a TF event at my Nordies on March 20.  I have tentatively planned to go.  I have never been to one of these.  I usually avoid all events cuz I don't like crowds and am too bored.  But it is during triple points and I have a wishlist......


Will let you guys know what I learn there....

Re: Tom Ford Updates

An update on my purchase of Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation in Bisque.


Got a good feel on how the product is from several usage out of it and I absolutely love it! $80... mmm a tad much but I think it will last me a LONG time. It is comparable to Chanel's Vitalum. Aqua Foundation, but it is SLIGHTLY thicker, less liquid-y (repetitive? but idk how to describe exactly), does need to be shaken, build-able coverage and stays on very nicely.


It is light to medium coverage, and again, buildable. 


If anyone has any questions about the traceless perfect foundation feel free to ask, cause I know whenever I post I am always so vague lol! I also placed an order on the Stick foundation in Fawn, I can't wait to tryyy... oh Mr Ford, you have pulled me in good lol... at least I didn't spend anything on the spring collection, so that's my excuse 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Hi Sonny4Pres, I have a question. I might like the TF foundation because I love Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Does it have a fragrance? Do you have the one with sunscreen or the one with no sunscreen? I saw two different Traceless Perfecting on nordstrom.

do you like your stick? I just got it in Natural. I thought about getting Fawn. So far Natural seems to be working.

thanks 🙂

Re: Tom Ford Updates

It doesn't have fragrance whatsoever unlike the Chanel Vitalum Aqua! And yes it's the one with sunscreen (although I think both have sunscreen?) the one that's twist up to make it simpler...


I just placed the order Tuesday, so I'm waiting for it to come in! I'll get back to you on Tuesday, and maybe need a couple more days for a review update. Hope that helped!

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Thanks-well that seals it for me, I probably won't try it without the fragrance. I am totally addicted to the scent of Vitalumiere Aqua! Like I buy anything else from Chanel with that same scent! The concealer has it too.

But I do like my Tom Ford foundation stick. This winter I got redness and some patchy/peeling after starting Retin A and I really like how the stick takes care of that. I also read an interview with Tom Ford where he says it's the ticket for erasing dark circles under the eyes, he actually uses it 🙂 I like the stick as a concealer too. 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Has anyone heard about the pricing for the summer eyeshadow duo's-- the double decker ones with powder e/s on top, then the cream color for eyes on the bottom?

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I'm patiently waiting for this info too! 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Also, Sara from ColorMeLoud had a sneak peak of one of the Lip Sheers on Instagram.

"Tom Ford Lipstick in Skinny Dip is one of the shades from sheer range which will be released this summer. It is a lovely peachy gold with lovely shimmer but as the name suggests, gives the impression that you are not really wearing anything."