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Post in Makeup Is Life

Beauty Ice Breakers

BIC is the place to talk about beauty!  There are lots of fun threads, from mask to makeup (and even photo A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge ) challenges all the way to pet paradise.  In my early days, I kinda wanted to talk to everyone, but I didn't know what to talk about, I just knew I loved makeup and had found my people.

With threads like Monthly Favorites: May 2024 Edition! or
Community Favorite Concealers: Tag your Holy Grails!  , Beauty Pet Peeves 2 I feel the most comfortable when chiming in because I can talk about makeup.  I figured, hey, let's open up some discourse amongst ourselves; a thread with getting to know you questions could be kind of fun.  (And, I still get to talk about makeup.)


photo cred: HelloGigglesphoto cred: HelloGiggles



I'll post a question and a phrase with a blank and change it weekly? periodically. Answer one or both.

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

Aw thank you @Sunnysmom 🥰 I can't say it's perfect but works for me! Hope you get to try? I hope to see them results with like 1000 blushes!!

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@Sunnysmom thanks for the tag! I had a business trip this week and was so exhausted I hadn’t been checking as much. I feel like I’m finally back to my pre-COVID travel schedule but 4 years older. 😂



If you were to teach a class (or curricula if you will) at BIC, what would it be?


Foundation: Hair masks and Deep Conditioners! 


Your Sephora Doctorate is in saving up all of your rewards points in order to maximize the big rewards.


Winged Liner

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

I'm enrolling for the reward class @curlychiquita 😘 where shall I sign up 😂

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

Aww I bet you’re pooped @curlychiquita , 4 years, sigh. That is such a perfect fit for you ! That and anything in luxe skincare. 🥰

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@curlychiquita, yesssss, I always think of you and the big La Mer reward you scored

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@danielledanielle  my favorite threads are:

Makeup Challenge of the w

Week and What Are You Wearing pt 2.

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

Those are really fun threads! @Girly2Shoes , you can tag them to. It's like tagging a person, use the @ symbol and start typing out the name of the thread and they'll start to appear, it's usually towards the bottom of there are users names there. 😊

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

In honor of Dr. Blush aka @Sunnysmom 


If you were to teach a class (or curricula if you will) at BIC, what would it be?


Blush Symposium: Trends

Highlighter Independent Advanced Study

Concealer Independent Study

History of Introduction to Blush Application

Beauty Lab - Cocktailing Blush 101, Bespoke Blush Blends 102

Beauty Lab - Lip Contouring


Your Sephora Doctorate is in ________


Winged Liner

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

I'm so late getting to this @danielledanielle I love this prompt! It's so great and how fun was reading everyone's replies to it. 

I tried and tried to think about anything I could put in as a reply, that was a head scratcher! But I ended up with:

A class I would love to teach: 

🌟 Guide To Getting Your Glow 🌟 


Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@CynthieLu sign me up 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

Oof this is hard. 


I didn't exactly go to higher education so bear with me.


Highlighter- How to be seen from space.

Blush 101- For Clowns.

Beauty Lab- How to mix lipstick colors.



My Doctorates would be in how to make giant wish lists and how to get a lot of thumbs down on reviews.

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

I am dying at your responses @Samtian .  I would enjoy those classes.  You and @jaaayp would be the beloved adjuncts, the ones that teach classes outdoors and look the other way when you cut a class.

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@Samtian if you need a sub for Blush 101-for clowns I can do that.  I struggle with blush a lot

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@CorgiMommy @Samtian 

I’m pretty sure I can be the model for what NOT to do. 😂 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

I love this thread @danielledanielle , I missed it! 🥰 I  would happily attend all of your classes! 😊 I think I should amend my comment about my Doctorate to say it’s for sure lipstick/reds as the advanced class and my Masters would be in blush. Your Beauty Lab for Bespoke Blush would be 🤌🤌 and I would have perfect attendance! ( A dream would be a Sephora collab on a tightly edited group of lipsticks in a simple luxe case with a mirror on top! Yes please! ) Tagging @blackkitty2014 and @curlychiquita unless I missed any posts. 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

Loving these prompts, @danielledanielle! Excellent work, as always! 😍


Tagging a few folks who may be interested and errr, I would be interested in their responses. 😉 

@jaaayp @caitbird @pocketvenus @haleyvvvv @Samtian @Cissy63 @Girly2Shoes @cianni 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

thanks for the tag @itsfi ! @danielledanielle i love this haha. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve graced the halls of a post-secondary institution, but you could probably get me back in if i was teaching

  • Stats 101 - How Much Do You Actually Use That?
  • Highlighter Color Theory - Yes, They Are All Different Shades
  • Masterclass in Tips and Tricks for Fine/Thinning Hair
  • and maybe a seminar on the 5-Minute Face… the tagline is “you’re not going to look like you spent an hour getting ready, but you can easily fool someone into thinking you spent 30 minutes!”


I’d probably pursue a Doctorate in Decluttering, seeing as I could really use some help in that department… some formal education is definitely needed

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@cianni, are you saying your hair is on the fine, thin side?? Because it always looks so lush with good volume, healthy. 😍 Your hair is gorgeous. 💗 I need to be signed up to your Masterclass stat!! I will be armed with pen and paper 📝 to take good notes on those tips & tricks. 

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

Thanks for the tag @itsfi 🥰 I swear, @danielledanielle s threads always leaves me staring at the screen and scratching my head... 🤔


I knew @Sunnysmom was Dr Blush. There's no need for a class, just a demonstration would be great LOL I would love to just sit and stare at le blush collection as blushes are opened and swatched....


As a master of none....


  • How to Freshen Up Your Stank (dry shampoo, dirty hair styles, how to rock a "I didn't brush my hair today" look) 
  • Perk Them Flat Lashes (DIY lash lift for the needy) - results are not guaranteed but damages might be 😂
  • 30 Ps in 10 Ms (How to slap 30 products on your face in 10 mins so you can pretend you have your life together)
  • BYOF Lab (Bring Your Own Freckles)

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@jaaayp, those course titles definitely draw you in. 😅 I feel like I could be the test subject for "Perk Them Flat Lashes" except that I don't have many lashes to begin with. Oh, and the potential damages bring out the scaredy cat in me. lol


I always marvel at @danielledanielle's threads - creative and my word nerd heart loves her use of literally devices and (of course) word choices ❣️

Re: Beauty Ice Breakers

@itsfi @danielledanielle MARVEL is the right word.... my limited brain cells couldn't think of the word and my hands decided to scratch my head instead 😂


I title is supposed to draw you in.. like a good book.. until you read the book and find out you've learned nothing LOL

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