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Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

2020-bi-spring-savings event thread image.jpg


Our Spring Savings Event is here, and every Beauty Insider member gets a discount! Don’t forget—the higher your Beauty Insider tier, the bigger the savings and the more time you have to shop, so keep reading for all the details.


What is your Spring Savings Event, and when is it?

Our Spring Savings Event is one of two seasonal savings events held each year where you (our Beauty Insider members) get a special discount just for being part of our loyalty program!


Rouge can shop early with their discount starting on Friday, April 17, while VIB can shop starting on Tuesday, April 21, and Insiders can shop starting on Thursday, April 23.


The higher the tier, the bigger the savings and the more time you have to shop:

Rouge members ($1,000 spent per year) get 20% off, VIB members ($350 spent per year) get 15% off, and Insiders (free to join!) get 10% off.


Our Holiday Savings Event will take place later this year, so stay tuned for more information!



Rouge: We wanted to let you know that starting Friday, April 17, through Friday, May 1, you get first access to shop before everyone else with your 20% off (that means you’re getting our biggest discount of them all!). You can shop with your 20% off as many times as you like—just use code SPRINGSAVE online.


VIB: You get 15% off Tuesday, April 21, through Wednesday, April 29 —that’s earlier than ever before! You can shop online as many times as you like. Just use code SPRINGSAVE online. 


Insiders: You get 10% off Thursday, April 23, through Monday, April 27. You can shop online as many times as you like. Just use code SPRINGSAVE online. 



Have more questions? We’ve got answers!


Will my Sephora shipment be delayed due to COVID-19?

All of our distribution centers (DCs) are currently open and processing online orders. During this time, we have implemented every safety and hygiene measure recommended by the CDC, as well as additional safeguards, to protect our employees and clients. These increased safety measures, and the space required by social distancing, mean we have less people than usual processing orders at once, which has an impact on our delivery times. With this in mind, we appreciate your continued patience if you experience a delay in your shipment. You can visit your account on or our app to check the status of your order at any time and find your expected delivery date under “Track Orders” then “View Details”. Thank you for your loyalty, and know that our teams are working as quickly and safely as possible to get your order to you.


When will my order ship? Why does the status remain “In Progress”?

With our retail stores closed, and our current Spring Savings Event, we are processing a higher volume of online orders than normal, resulting in order processing delays. The safety of our distribution center employees and our clients is our top priority, and the workforce safety precautions we have implemented at all our facilities allow for fewer people than usual to process orders at one time. Please allow a few additional days from the posted delivery date to allow for processing and carrier delays. You will receive an email if the delivery date is updated, as well as email confirmation once your order ships. If your order has been split into multiple shipments, you will receive additional shipment confirmation emails as the items continue to ship.


An item that I ordered is now out of stock and my order has not shipped. Will I receive the item?

By placing your order, you’ve successfully reserved the item so that it will be added to your order when it is processed. Items go out of stock online once all inventory for that item is allocated to placed orders. 


The authorization on my method of payment has fallen off and I haven’t been charged yet, but my order also hasn’t shipped.  Will my order still be shipped to me?

Yes, your order will still ship to you, and you will be charged when the order ships.  Authorizations remain on your account for different time periods, but even if the authorization falls off, your order will still ship.


Why can’t I view the order I just placed in my Recent Orders?

Orders will not be found in your Order History if you did not login to your Beauty Insider account or if you used Guest Checkout. If you received an order confirmation email, your order has been placed. Once the order ships, you will receive an additional shipping confirmation email.


I placed an order and I am seeing multiple authorizations on my method of payment, does this mean I have been charged multiple times?

You are likely seeing multiple authorizations and not charges. You will only be charged one time once the item ships.


How do I cancel my order?

After you place your order in the US, you have 1-2 hours to cancel if you have Flash shipping; you have 12 hours to cancel if you do not have Flash shipping. If you place your order in Canada with standard shipping, you will have 6 hours to cancel. If you’re still within the given timeframe, go to your order details and click “Cancel Your Order.” You can access this page by clicking “Order Details” on this link or – if you know your order number - simply add your order number to the end of this URL[insert your order number]


Will I receive the exact samples I selected at checkout? 

Due to the high volume of orders being placed, our samples are going out of stock faster than usual. Our distribution centers are doing their best to fulfill the requested samples for each order. If the samples you selected go out of stock, you may receive different samples. We appreciate your understanding.


What if I want to speak to Customer Service about my order?

We are currently experiencing higher than expected call volumes. If these FAQs do not answer your question, please hit "Reply" below and leave a comment on this thread with your question. Sephora's Customer Service team will be monitoring all questions on this thread.


I would usually ask a Sephora Beauty Adviser what to buy for the Spring Savings Event. Where can I get shopping advice as I build my basket? 

There's a thread for that! Please visit this post to get advice from unbiased Sephora shoppers who can help you decide what to pick up during the sale.


Where can I shop?

You can shop online, applicable for the US and Canada only. For the health and safety of our clients, employees, and communities, all Sephora stores are closed following guidance from public health authorities.


How many times can I use my discount?

As many times you’d like! Our Spring Savings Event discount is unlimited use online—just use code SPRINGSAVE.


Speaking of which, what’s my online code again?

Regardless of which tier you are, your code is SPRINGSAVE.


Can I combine this promotion with other offers or promotions?

You can combine this promotion with our FREESHIP promotion. The FREESHIP promotion gives everyone free standard shipping with no spend threshold. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or rewards. Rouge clients always qualify for free shipping.


Can I combine my Rouge Reward, my Credit Card Reward, or my Credit Card first purchase discount with the Spring Savings Event discount?

You will not be able to combine the Spring Savings Event discount with Rouge Reward, Credit Card Rewards, or Credit Card first purchase discount. Credit Card Rewards are available in the US only.


I am a Credit Card holder and have a 15% first purchase discount. Can I save that for later and use the Spring Savings Event discount now?

Yes. You can choose to use your Spring Savings Event discount now and save your Credit Card 15% off first purchase discount for later, but don’t forget to use your credit card 15% off promotion within 30 days of being approved.  And, you will still earn 4% back on your Spring Savings Event purchase when you use either your Sephora Credit Card or Sephora Visa card to make your Sephora purchase!


Where is the promotion valid?

Valid on merchandise purchases made on and only. Offer not valid on


Are there any exclusions?

Promotion is not valid on The Ordinary and MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM products. Clients are limited to the purchase of one dyson item and five Morphe items per SKU per transaction. Not valid on in-store services, previous purchases, purchases of gift cards or eGift Cards, FLASH, PLAY! by SEPHORA, gift wrapping, packaging, taxes, or shipping and handling charges.


What else do I need to know?

Return of discounted merchandise will be for the price actually paid. Sephora is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen offer materials or barcodes. Offer has no cash value and may not be altered, sold, bartered, or transferred. Applicable Beauty Insider status must be attained prior to redemption. No minimum purchase required. Due to heavy demand, Sephora FLASH delivery times cannot be guaranteed for this offer. Sephora and JCPenney employees are not eligible for these offers. Sephora may modify or cancel offer at any time.


Are there only going to be two seasonal savings events this year?

Our Beauty Insider program is offering one Spring and one Holiday seasonal savings event this year. We like to reward our clients with extra savings, so keep an eye on Community and sign up for our emails so you get the latest news on our upcoming savings opportunities.


I received a piece of communication that states different Spring Savings Event dates, what are the true dates?

We’ve extended the dates for Rouge and VIB, while Insider dates are the same. Rouge will be able to shop April 17 through May 1, VIB will be able to shop April 21 through April 29, and Insiders will be able to shop April 23 through April 27.


Did we miss one of your questions in the FAQs? If so, please hit "Reply" and leave a comment with your question.

Re: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs



I am trying to use a promo code which guarantees more than 3 trial sizes but i can only pick one. How can i fix this?

Re: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hi @RomyNehme,


I'm sorry to hear that! I will send you a private message to assist you further.




Re: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs


I was wondering why the Birthday Gift has not been extended given the current, crazy circumstances.

Re: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hi @zdplante,


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us and I'm sorry you may not have been able to redeem your Birthday Gift! I'm going to send you a PM to further assist.



RE: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hey, my order tracking says it’s been delivered on May 14, 11:01am to community mailbox/parcel locker but there was nothing. I checked everywhere asked around but no parcel. I checked again yesterday but nothing. I’m really worried now. I really hope you guys help me out here.

Re: RE: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hi @Xanu,


I have received your PM and I will respond to you shortly. 




RE: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hi, I understand that in the current climate, distribution centers are trying to enact safe practices, and being a nurse, in ecstatic with that, but I placed an order on April 29th and haven’t received any updates on it. It still says, “in progress.” Would it be possible to get a shipping update or estimated date of shipping? Thank you!

Re: RE: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hi @IronMandy91,


I'm sorry for the delays we're currently experiencing. I will take a look at your order then send you a PM.



Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hi I have placed three orders and all of the items are still in progress, the first order is from 1st of May. Can I get an status updated on my items?

Re: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hi @Crisnwonderland,


We apologize that you may not have heard from us in a while! We are working diligently to get all placed orders filled while prioritizing the safety of our employees. I'll take a look at your orders then send you a private message.




Re: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs


I placed an order during the rouge sale period. I thought I had applied the promo code but it didn’t seem to apply at the time the purchase was made. Unfortunately, my order had just arrived and I only then realized the mistake. It is an item I have used already and would like to keep but would otherwise not have ordered were it not for the sale. Was there a way to retroactively apply the promo please? 8(

Thank you

Re: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hi @JYangg,


I'm sorry to hear the Spring Savings discount code wasn't applied to your order! I will look into this then send you a PM.



Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

I have been patiently waiting for items I ordered at the end of April to ship, understanding our current climate. however, today I found out my best friend who is not rouge recieved several orders in the mail whichshe placed at the same time as I did. now I'm worried maybe my items are no longer in stock? otherwise, I would assume rouge members would be priority when packaging items ordered on the same day?

Re: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hi @Shanne1985,


I'll take a look further and I'll send you a message shortly. Thank you!




RE: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

Hi. One of my orders that was placed on April 24 was returned to the sender with no attempt to deliver to my house nor my community mailbox. Please contact me privately so that I can provide the order number as I had more than one order placed on the 24th. I had another Sephora order delivered today so this is not a problem on my end. I am extremely disappointed in how long it had taken for my order to be shipped and now for having to wait even longer! Please have my order resent to me. Thank you.

Re: RE: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

@Ymah Oh no! I will send you a PM to help.

Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

I hate to sound impatient because I understand that Sephora is doing their orders and packing them as fast as they can. Just wondering because I placed an order May 4th, its in process status and no tracking number offered as well.

Re: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

@SarahLoovee Due to safeguards in place to protect our distribution center employees, we are experiencing significant delays. You can view the expected delivery date and track your order on and in the Sephora app.  Please allow a few additional days from the posted delivery date to allow for processing and carrier delays.  You will receive an email if the delivery date is updated, as well as email confirmation once your order ships. We appreciate your understanding.

Will do. Thank you for confirming!

Will do. Thank you for confirming!

RE: Spring Savings Event 2020 FAQs

I would like my last two orders cancelled ASAP!! I don’t want Sephora messing around with my bank account. The charge has disappeared, and my orders are STILL in process. So, I have no idea when that money is going to pop out of my account. If cancellation is refused, I will dispute the charges with my bank. After being rouge for five years, I’m out. It’s not worth it. Im beginning to prefer Ulta anyway.
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