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So Frustrated!
None of my subscriptions are STILL coming through despite resubscribing repeatedly. Also, now I can't even find my threads as a whole new 'format' came up when I came to the boards today. Worst overhaul ever!
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20$ off
Hi i am vib rouge and I didn't receive an email for 20$ off 100$. So I am kind of annoyed because I am vib rouge
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Promotion $20off
I'd like to know why i wasnt emailed about the promotion. I found out by chance...through an article by Allure
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How can i buy a sample of the Mac Studio Fix liquid foundation?
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VIB Rouge $20 Off
I accidentally deleted my VIB Rouge $20 off coupon.  Can you resend?
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Accidentally created 2 accounts
I accidentally have 2 accounts. I have one from when I was purchasing online, and then I made another one in-store. Is there any way I could have help merging the two accounts together?
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marc jacobs popular highliner
re my previous order of 07/23 I got a text that this was cancelled because it was out of stock BUT it's showing up on the website as available - I re-ordered but can you please tell me the status asap!!Spoiler (Highlight to read)
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Forgot email
I forgot what email I used for my beauty insider I just know what number I use.
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Birthday Date Change
hello! My birthday is June 28 and is posted the 22nd. could somebody correct that? Thanks
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Canada app service
Whenever I tried to change my location to Cana it always says that its my available for Canada and could only use the US app. How do I use the Canada service
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