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Partial Ordered Shipped
Hi, I placed an order on Sunday and paid for flash-2-days. The shipping status right now is "partial shipment". Can I know why is partial shipment? Is it because I order too many or something is out o...
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Did not get my points.
Hello, I made a purchase on the 7/19/17. It has been 4 business days since, and the points have not been displayed yet. The cashier told me the number of points I should currently have. please help
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i am obsessed with this new community. but these are some things that i thing should be added/fixed. first of all i can't find the comma on the keyboard and the @ button so close to the space bar. 2nd...
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Wish Lists?
Is there a way I can make a wish list?
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Rewards Bazaar- points debited but processing following week
Good afternoon- can someone please PM me regarding a Rewards Bazaar redemption from last week? My points were debited but i don't know if ill get the reward.since it's been OOS for 5 days. Thanks!
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Long order processing time
I placed two orders on July 19th, both are still in pending status. But the order on July 24th is already delivered to my address. Is there anything wrong with the earlier orders?
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Birthday Gift after Birthday Month
I forgot to redeem my birthday gift, it was almost 2 months ago.... Can I still redeem my gift?
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order 6879500524
just wondering -- I ordered this item a few days ago and have not yet heard anything. Anything you can help with or advise? Thanks much.
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Adding Points After Purchase
Hi, I purchased a gift card online a while back for my sister and I forgot to log into my rewards account when doing so. Is it possible to get those points added to my account? I didn't notice the points until now. Thanks so much for any help!
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