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Beauty Pet Peeves 2

The other thread was getting too long and difficult to load! 


So what are your beauty pet peeves? What grinds your gears? Share your stories!!!

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Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Thanks @ghrelin i could probably start my own thread about the nightmares of my in laws but then no one would want to get married! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@sonnydee   I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who have had  inlaw issues.  In some ways, I'm always just a tiny bit jealous of people who have wonderful relationships with their inlaws, but then it goes away quickly as I realize that while I may not have a wonderful relationship with my inlaws, at least it isn't worst than it already is!


Good luck with your inlaws!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

This is even more bogus, @ghrelin

I would be offended by this, too. Its so nice when people put such thought into their presents and to ask you to return these gifts feels so disrespectful.

Not sure why they couldn't just concede and be thankful that you thought enough of them to buy their gifts in advanced. 

Hopefully the hubby understands.

I know I do.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@EvangelineDamon  Yeah it was pretty ridiculous.  To this day they don't understand why I was so offended by it.  But then they also don't understand why I don't want them to just show up at my house and let themselves in without warning.  It baffles them that I lock my door even when I'm home.  I'm just like, um, yeah that's just not safe...  Maybe I am crazy, but at least I'm safer for it?


So, it's just this weird disconnect between their family dynamic and the way I view things.  I don't hate them or anything, but I just kind of keep my distance as much as possible.  My husband is pretty understanding about it, and I'm all for him spending as much time with his family as he wants.  It's just too much drama for me to handle.  


As for Christmas gifts, these days we give his parents a gift and my my mother gets a gift, and that's it.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@Insomniacmuffin, I'd be pretty baffled by this, too.

Their insistence that you limit your gifts to $20 is understandable considering what they're going through but its bogus the way they went against their own request.

Its hard to be peeved at a gift but its the principle of the request.

I'd like to think that they were unexpectedly gifted the gift card and wanted give you guys something extra to show that they're doing okay. Who knows.


Hopefully they appreciated that you followed their wishes.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Why did Sephora get rid of its "brands" list?There's now a "brands" tab but it only lists a few "featured" brands and "new"brands. There's no list of all the brands any more.  For why Sephora?  Who Ok'd that change?

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I used that feature a lot.  Sigh.  I can't tell if I hate the new layout because I'm résistent to change or if it's actually bad.  It'll be a week or so before i'm sure. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Agree!!! That "Brands" tab was my most used link off the homepage. I almost always search by brand instead of by product. Not a big deal of course, since I can just search for the brand using the search box, but annoying since I'm already in the habit of clicking my way to it. Can't teach an old dog new tricks and all that, I guess.


Is there nowhere to see a complete brand list now? I used that page less, but it does come in handy every once in awhile. Let me know if anyone finds that somewhere!



Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

They need to bring it back, there were so many things I found from other brands. 


I try to venture off into brands i'm not familiar with and the brands list was how I did it.  Please Sephora bring it back Smiley Sad 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

To get rid of one of the most useful things for navigating the site ( at least to me )... What? Why? Who? Why?! I am completely confused... And, majorly bleeped off!




Such a great feature it was... Le sigh... RIP, poor brands tab!


Who thought that was a good idea, Sephora?! Just bring it back! Or, am I missing something here...? Is the list hidden somewhere else and I can't find it cuz the site is a mess?

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

The whole site is driving me nuts! I can't log into BT half the time. Errors galore...Nothing works in Chrome. It half works in Safari. I don't get how they could roll out such a glitchy interface! 


Ditto about the brands list! That's the most important list of the whole site...for any site that carries more than one brand!

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I'm not liking this new site. 😤

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

That's ridiculous! I used that feature nearly every time I shopped. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Oh good, I thought it was just me! I always use that list and now (since the search function hasn't been working for me) I have to come up with creative ways to get to the products I want.


I just remembered, though, I swear that on the first day of the website change there was a Brands A-Z (or something like that) that you could click on. I mean, I got an error message when I clicked on it, but it was there.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

The brands feature was the one feature I used the most. This is highly irritating 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I hope the new site is a "work in progress", the functionality of the site before was nice. I'm all for updating some graphics and the layout, but leaving out giant features seems counter-productive, especially if folks aren't aware of the variety Sephora has to offer and they can't even see a full list of brands. Smiley Sad

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I found a link to a brand list, whoo hoo! 


It is so convoluted though so I shall spoiler it



hope this doesn't do something crazy like log someone in on my account or someth


How to make this a more direct url, anyone know

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

worked for me just now!!!!!! thanks! (and your account is safe, it just went to the brand list). 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

whew hoo Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Omg!!  thanks!  @gingerleigh



Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Thank you @gingerleigh! It's been driving me crazy not being able to see them all lol. The only one I've seen other than this is: