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Beauty Pet Peeves 2

The other thread was getting too long and difficult to load! 


So what are your beauty pet peeves? What grinds your gears? Share your stories!!!

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Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Have you considered buying Beauty So Clean? I think Amazon has it and IMATS should too. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I hope you feel better soon! 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Feel better soon! 


Maybe try using as many q-tips and disposable sponges as possible for makeup application?

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

@notcreative Maybe a mug of hot water with the juice of one lemon with some honey will help you feel better? You're doing right by getting the Nyquil. If that doesn't seem to work, try Theraflu.


@TKLJ has some excellent advice in terms of keeping your makeup un-contaminated. And it's true that the attention will be on the bride and groom anyways, so don't worry about others' opinion of what you look like.


Hope you feel better and get well soon!! 🙂

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I was getting the NyQuil for my husband. He is either sicker than I am or taking it harder. I did end up taking a dose for the first time in my life last night. It made me really tired. 


I look bad though. My husband is sicker than I am, and he does not look nearly as bad. It's not fair. I have to put something on.



Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Use up your samples, and don't use any of your regular makeup that you can't sanitize. Don't double dip your brushes. And honestly, no one's looking at the wedding guests too closely. The reception will be dim for dancing, and other guests will just sweat their makeup off.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I was going through samples last night (part of the reason I did not buy anything yet), and I do not have enough. I think I will just apply samples of what I have and skip the items I do not. Thanks.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Feel better and have fun!

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I should have known better than to have my boyfriend join me for an impromptu stop at Sephora. He does not like makeup shopping; and is often surprised by the cost of certain items. A good reminder to me why this should remain a solo mission. 😄



Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Mine knows everything!!  When he leaves me at Sephora he knows to be quick or I'll end up with a full basket😛

That is my face when he comes to fetch me though.  It's a standing joke that I run away from him and hide when he comes to get me so I can get in some extra browsing minutes, lol. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

My husband quit shopping with me once we got married. I guess he felt he didn't have to take that bullet anymore. lol

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

I feel like my hubby is oddly(but nice) about my makeup, maybe because he is into skincare because of his own acne issues in earlier days. He gets that it goes on my face, and I will pay whatever to not make me break out. Still though I use the excuse, if I do not use (certain brand) or whatever, I will break out in hives and allergic reactions to justify new purchases. Ah well. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Yea, you can't tell men the whole truth!  They don't understand. 


When I buy my Latisse I just tell the hubs they are my eye drops and we have to pay the $100 because the insurance doesn't cover it.


He doesn't blink an eye.  But, if I told him what Latisse really was.......well, that is another story.  hahahah! 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Same!!!!  My hubby insisted on joining me Sat. afternoon while my daughter met up some friends at the mall.  We enjoyed a late lunch together, but I ended up cutting my shopping short after he commented on how much everything cost... I don't think he had a clue how much things cost!  I stuck to window shopping until my daughter was finished with her friends.

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2


Solo, I'll second that!  🙂

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Aw yeah, I can relate to this. My boyfriend likes to make awkward comments as well. Like loudly mocking the photos at the displays. -__- Once I bought a couple of eyeshadow brushes and when the cashier said the total he said something like "what are they made of?! Gold?!"

He seems to feed off the dirty looks the SAs shoot his way. One of these days they're gonna kick us out! 😄

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

LOL! My BF makes lame embarrassing comments about products; or will sing to the music playing, dance, or do some other weird thing to ensure the trip is short.... 😄

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2 purse was stolen tonight at work. I lost credit cards, id. But also Nars Anita and Rikugien! My favourite nude lips. I'm so peeved at everything right now! 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2


 That's so awful! On the bright side, it's very bad karma for the thief! 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Security found it! All is well! Why people move stuff is beyond me. I know they were probably trying to help but at least tell someone. 

Re: Beauty Pet Peeves 2

Oh no!   😞



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