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Why doesn't Sephora use Color ID for concealers?

C'mon. I went to a store (300 mi from my house!) to get color matched. Now I want to buy concealer online, but I'm back to square one, guessing on the color.


Use the dang technology you've already paid for, PLEASE.



Re: Why doesn't Sephora use Color ID for concealers?

I think purchasing a concealer is way more difficult than a foundation. I've been to Sephora a couple of times and they gave me the wrong color two times! These were makeup artists, one concealer was too light, and one was too dark.

Some of the brands I tried were too drying, even though on other people they weren't.  I was told to add a little facial oil to the concealer but it didn't help the product.  I finally did find a good concealer, It's MUFE Full Coverage Extreme Camouflage Cream. It's creamy and build-able.


I'm sorry I can't help with the color. It's really difficult to do online. If I was to match my IQ skin color with the same color concealer, it wouldn't work. It actually made it look worst! I have to go with a concealer that is a couple of shades lighter for under my eyes.

Re: Why doesn't Sephora use Color ID for concealers?

Why not take advantage of the wonderful network of beauty bloggers and swatchers out there and search out images of what concealers look like in real life compared to a product photo?


It's not like Sephora was just able to obtain and utilize the ability to the Pantone Color IQ feature quickly, I'm sure it was heavily in the works and took a good span of time to perfect, gather information, make everything accessible, and have it properly function.


If you have a favorite foundation, my suggestion would be to start in the same brand family and see if they offer any concealers. Lines put out products that are meant to be used to together, so chances are if you're in the medium shade range of a foundation, check into the medium tones of concealers they offer. It'll be easier to match undertones and shades in the same brand as opposed to jumping around if you're starting out.


Feel free to also post what foundation shade and brand you wear or your Color IQ number along with the type of concealer you want and I'm sure myself and other BT users will be more than happy to toss out suggestions!

Re: Why doesn't Sephora use Color ID for concealers?

My thoughts as well! I'm sure if you tell everyone your Color IQ, someone with that same one or close to it can suggest colors that they use.


I think with concealer it gets difficult too because everyone has different preferences, which is more possible with concealer vs. foundations. I have concealers that are my exact color to spot conceal on my face, I have some that are maybe one shade lighter to use under my eyes, and I have ones that are quite a bit lighter if I want to really highlight under my eyes with that whole Kim Kardashian thing lol but still I'm sure if you give your color and preferences, people can chime in with suggestions!

Re: Why doesn't Sephora use Color ID for concealers?

I think it's because there is't as wide of a shade range with concealers as there is with foundations. (there are only 12 concealers out of 73 that have more than come in more than 10 shades)

And Color IQ will only show your EXACT match for foundations which is why some people only get 4 results and others get 20+. 

Re: Why doesn't Sephora use Color ID for concealers?

Hi SuperYooper Thanks for the suggestion! I'll gladly pass along your request.  Is there a particular concealer you are trying to find your match in?

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