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New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started


Hello beautiful people! Although many of you are familiar with the Beauty Insider Community – aka the BIC - we wanted to give some tips on how to navigate if you are new around here!


If you are new, first of all, we want to welcome you to Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community, your one-stop destination to share beauty advice, inspiration, news, and recommendations with real people in real time. We want you to feel comfortable in the BIC, so in the video above, Team BIC members @KatieBT and @BrendaBT outline the first 3 basic steps to get started.


Step 1:

First step, let’s work on your Profile! Pick a user name, add a photo, and tell us more about you!


Step 2:

Join groups! Head to the Groups page to browse and join different groups that speak to you and find conversations based on your beauty interests.


Step 3:

Introduce yourself in our latest New Member Monday thread, which we feature  the first Monday of every month! Need a little help figuring out how to post a reply or start a new thread in Community? No problem - check out our thread How to Post in Community thread and video.


This Community is a place for friendly discussion, questions, photo sharing, product recommendations, sharing experiences, and connecting with other beauty lovers like yourself – whether you’re a pro or a newbie, or somewhere in between.


We’re so excited you’re here! If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to ask -- this community LOVES to help.


Now, which part of the BIC are you most excited to explore?  Let us know by hitting the reply button below!

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

Hello everyone! 💖😊 Exctied to be here! 

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

@MBeauty55 welcome to BIC!

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

Good Evening Beauties! I was wondering if anyone could possibly assist me a some product advice. Ever since I went through years of chemo several of my fingernails on each hand are in super rough shape. I lost all of my nails during chemo and gratefully they grew back in. However the several I speak of grow a tiny bit then the nails splits down the center and I have to start all over again. I have tried Biotin, tea tree oil, cuticle creams, antibiotic creams, I wear gloves and keep my hands out of water as much as possible yet somehow nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.  

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

Hi @Portcitygirl and thanks for joining us here on BIC. I’m not much help with nails, but I’m tagging @WinglessOne  who is a wealth of knowledge about nail care (and a million other things)! 

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started


Thank you so very much for your response as well as the friend suggestion that has the nail knowledge. I really appreciate your help. ❤️

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

Of course @Portcitygirl ! Thank you @WinglessOne @and @RGbrown - so much helpful information, I have learned so much from you both! 🩷🩷🩷

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

Thanks for the tag, @sister13 ! And sorry for the delayed reply, @Portcitygirl ! I’m gonna tag @RGbrown for even more nail expertise, though I think you should see a board certified dermatologist or other doc (if you haven’t already) for personalized treatment options. I’m not a derm or medical doctor, so consider my rambling advice with a healthy pinch of salt. 😉 


Nails grow from a matrix located under the skin between the bottom of the nail plate and the last knuckle of each finger. The skin fold at the bottom of the nail—that thing most of us grew up calling the “cuticle”—is actually the proximal nail fold, which is living skin. The cuticle is actually dead skin cells that stick to the nail plate and can’t be clipped with “cuticle nippers.” The cuticle and the proximal nail fold work together as an anti-cootie shield for each nail: they keep bacteria and other yuck from getting under your skin and damaging the nail matrix. That’s why dermatologists say cutting that skin fold is generally a bad idea. So is digging up under that skin fold, to the point where the skin’s pushed up off the nail plate; that breaks the anti-cootie shield. If you normally cut that skin fold, definitely stop doing that unless you’ve got a very obvious hangnail there—and try to clip just the hangnail, not living skin. 


Antibiotic creams will only target bacteria, and your issue might not be a bacterial infection. The nail matrix on each finger might have some chemo related damage. Again, I’m not a doctor, so don’t take that last bit as fact. A dermatologist or primary care doctor is far better suited than I to determine that. I mean, you could have a bacterial infection in the nail matrix that requires oral antibiotics instead of topical creams. Or it could be another type of infection or damage. Or it could require a dietary change beyond biotin supplements. (Eh, I don’t think there’s any scientific data yet that shows biotin supplements actually make nails grow.) 


Do you use any type of oil (besides tea tree oil) on your nails and the skin folds around the nails? It’s good to get into at least a twice-daily habit of that: once in the morning and once at bedtime. Doesn’t have to be some fancy heavily fragranced “cuticle oil” either. I use 1-2 drops of The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil 1 oz/ 30 mL plus 1-2 drops of plain ol’ jojoba oil (I usually buy mine from Trader Joe’s), and sometimes I mix in a drop of Necessaire’s body oil (beware: it comes with a terrible dropper top that will pop off if you close the lid even remotely tightly). I apply that at night before bed, then top it with a rich hand cream or body lotion. Sometimes I also apply a petrolatum-based ointment for maximum moisture retention: Aquaphor, CeraVe Healing Ointment, or Kerasal Intense Repair Foot Ointment. In the morning, I usually pick one or two of those oils. Throughout the day, I reapply oil each time my hands get wet; I’ve been using Byoma’s facial oil for this at home, and I keep a refillable “cuticle oil” pen full of my own oil blend in my bag for on-the-go application. 


Basically, I focus more on the health of the skin folds around my nails than the actual nail plate. The healthier that skin is, the stronger my nails become. But I didn’t go through years of chemo (I hope you‘re cancer-free! ❤️), so your nails’ needs might be greater than mine. Heck, a derm might even prescribe a special Rx nail strengthener you can apply to your nails; I don’t recall what they’re called (I’ve seen a couple of ‘em), but I do remember they cost $500+ USD per bottle. 😬


A few other things you may want to try: 


  • If you normally use nail clippers, stop. Use a nail file instead to shape or shorten your nails. This helped my nails stop getting side splits deep in the nail bed; I’m convinced clippers create too much stress on my nails, resulting in splits. 

  • Use a glass nail file instead of an emory board. A glass file will create smoother edges and can shorten/shape nails faster than an emory board can. I think SEPHORA COLLECTION Reusable Glass Nail File is still available, though I’m not sure if it’s an etched glass file (which should last for years) or has a sprayed-on texture (which will wear away until you’re left with a smooth glass stick instead of a file). I’ve got 2 older Sephora glass files that are still going strong, so hopefully this newer one’s also a goodie. I also have a Germanikure etched glass file that works wonders. 

  • Keep your nails polished as often as possible. Doesn’t always have to be nail lacquer; even just a couple layers of base coat alone can help protect your nails. And you might not need a strengthening/hardening base coat (unless a derm says otherwise), especially if the root cause of your vertical splits is in the nail matrix instead of the nail plate. 


I know this was a lot of rambling 😅… I hope at least something in there is helpful! And hats off to you for enduring chemo and everything that comes with it!

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started


Thanks for the tag!  💕



After all that info from Winglessone, I don't have too terribly much to add (she's amazing!), and I second everything she said.


I am also not a doc, nor do I have any experience with chemo or the long term effects from it, so I'll echo the disclaimer that she laid about talking to your doc if you'd like more in depth and personalized care info, especially if you get to the point of "but nothing works for me". 


I do want to emphasize the importance of jojoba oil in a natural nail care routine. Nails are made up of dozens and dozens of layers of densely packed keratin, and most oils are simply too large to penetrate the nail plate. However, jojoba is very close in size to our natural sebum, making it ideal for keeping nails flexible instead of brittle and flaky, leading to stronger and healthier nails over time. If you aren't using cuticle oil, I highly recommend starting one asap as often as possible, and make sure it's got jojoba in it (or just use some plain jojoba!). Anything else mixed in is great for the surrounding skin, there's no need to be super picky (unless you've got allergies or other reasons to avoid certain ingredients, of course). I make my own with jojoba and vitamin e, and add in anything else I may have laying around when I make a new batch (currently squalane and almond oil).


Warm oil soaks are great for a deep treatment as well; I put a generous drop on each nail, stick my hands in some disposable gloves, and wrap them in a heated blanket for an hour or two. Or you can sleep with them on for an intensive overnight soak. 


Nails take 4-6 months to grow from cuticle to tip, so note that it will take some time to grow out any existing damage. Cuticle oil isn't an immediate fix, but more of a long term problem-reducer.


I'll also add a recommendation for The Salon Life on YouTube; she's got some great videos on nail care, from the basics all the way to advanced issues. 


If there is some sort of long term damage from chemo and you just can't get those nails to stop splitting, you may find that doing an overlay of dip or acrylic or gel is something you'll want to investigate down the road. Sometimes nails just won't do what we want them to, no matter how much we try and baby them. I work at a very hands on job, and when I get a tear, I add a couple of layers of dip powder to reinforce the nail and allow it to grow out. A teabag repair is an option as well, and all you need for that is a little piece of teabag and some super glue/nail glue. 


I believe The Salon Life has a video about OPI Repair Mode as well, and it might be worth looking into for you. It works to repair weakened and broken bonds between keratin cells, to help strengthen nails. It won't magically patch a split, but may help strengthen your nails and reduce splits from happening in the first place. I don't recommend strengtheners for everyone (nails that are too strong are more prone to breaking under pressure instead of flexing with the pressure), but for some folks, they can make sense.


I'll sign off now, after rambling for eternity after saying I had nothing to add 😂 I can't speak directly for Winglessone, but I know I'll be happy to answer any other questions you have to the best of my ability, and I'm pretty dang certain (💯) she'd be happy to as well, so feel free to tag either or both of us if you need anything else at all!

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

Hello everyone 🫶🏻 

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started



Hi! From one newcomer to the next I thought I would say welcome, it’s nice to have you here with us. This is a pretty incredible group so far. I hope you find what you are looking for at BIC

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

@makeupvibes21 @welcome to BIC!

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

I am interested in doing this how do I go about doing so.

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

Welcome @Tina30219 .  You can try any of the tips listed in the pinned post, such as filling out your profile.  If you're on a computer, it's the tab to the left of "community."  You don't have to post a pic of yourself, it could be a favorite feature of yours, a pet, or even a product -- just make sure you have the rights to the pic.


You can also just keep posting!  Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday is a good way to introduce yourself, and people can post in it anytime - not just Monday.

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

Hello Everyone. I'm new in community. So excited. Im looking for recommendations about using #vinoperfect with #rosacea

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

@VitaOz Welcome to BIC!

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started


Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

@titicttiti Welcome to BIC!

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

I would LOVE to be a part of the party and try new products and leave reviews. How do u start?!

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

@Mabel43 @You have to be chosen and it’s based on how active you are on here 

Re: New to Community? Here are 3 Steps to Get Started

Bic #

Hello I am Astronmy nick named Alvina uhvinea . 

No I do wear heels no makeup. But now I have makeup on all day.

Next up to become a beauty sell it.

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