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How do you keep track of your points?

I've had so many issues this year with points. I only made 3 purchases, 2 were promotions (skincare 2x points & fragrance 3x points) & had an issues with 2/3 purchases. They have all been resolved one way or another, but it was such a pain trying to figure out what I had & what I should have. 

- Skincare was purchased on-line, yet the item I purchased wasn't showing up on my purchase history, so I didn't "qualify" for 2x points. Also they said I made the purchase after the promotion was over. I got an e-mail on 1/22 confirming my purchase, but they didn't process it until the 23rd (the day after the promotion ended) Luckily we live in a digital world where screen shots of e-mails can go a long way. So they added the skin care item points, but they never manually added the 2x points (Later on they gave me more so it made up for it)

- Fragrance I got the points early 2/14 instead of the 22nd like they said they would. But I only got points for the fragrance items, not the whole purchase. I had to send a screen shot of my e-mail because they kept insisting it was only for fragrance items & not the entire purchase. It took a while to get it all resolved.


I got frustrated having to CONSTANTLY do the work for them & trying to keep track of my points in my head was getting annoying. I have no idea if my points were properly added in 2012 & have no way of knowing. Every person I spoke to said they can't give us a detailed history of points. All I wanted to know was date added, amount... & they assured me that everything is automatically updated. If that was the case then why did I have issues on 2 of the 3 purchases I made in 2013? All we get to see on the site is "total points", "earned today" and "redeemed" Problem is in store purchases can take up to 5 days to show up & on-line purchases 24 hours. If you have anyhting waiting in your cart it will mess up the numbers. 

So I decided to make my own spreadsheet. Stupid, since this is something Sephora should have on their site, but after all the drama of back & forth it seems necessary.

I never really thought much about it. I've been a VIB for years (just requalified after my last purchase, sad I know) and always had faith in Sephora. Now it seems like their service is lacking. We get a different answer depending on who you talk to. They can't even give us details on ACTIVE promo dates. "Runs until midnight" When you ask midnight EST or PST, each one will give you a different asnwer. We all got the e-mail for the BareMinerals duo & it states in the e-mail you can get it in store. But mods on BeautyTalk and FB say it's only valid on-line.

Ok, enough ranting... I do love Sephora, but their CS has really started to go downhill. They try to fix it, but can never get it right the first time. 


So how do you keep track of your points? 

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Re: How do you keep track of your points?

just yesterday i logged them on a piece of paper because i too felt they weren'T being awarded correctly. and i found they still owe me points for the triple purchase with fragrance. but i guess they reserve the right to award you whatever they feel.  you know i used to get such bad customer service from the vib line regarding points that it wasn'T worth the trauma to call anymore.  


do you remember that movie mean girls?  i think they hire those girls to answer the vib line ha ha. 


all in all you have to decide what's important in life and pick your battles i guess.  like so many have said, i'll probably keep spending my money here anyway.

Re: How do you keep track of your points?

Send a message to a mod here or FB message them. They will look at your account & make the adjustments, it just takes a little push.

I haven't had any issues on VIB line except they always say something different from FB or BT. 

I'll still shop here, just wish their system, communication & service improved. 

Re: How do you keep track of your points?

@desertbr4t I'll be happy to send you a message to check your account for you and make sure you receive the points you were offered. Thanks! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: How do you keep track of your points?

Wow.  I never calculate my points.  I just spend them instantly after I have enough.  

Re: How do you keep track of your points?

Hi dannyc,


I'll send you a private message so that we can discuss this in more detail.

Whimsically yours,

Re: How do you keep track of your points?

Thanks, but it's all already been taken care of. Just pointing outthe flaws in the system & wondering how others keep track of their points. 

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