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Rhode Beauty

@itsfi  I saw this and thought of you immediately. I am definitely into trying this one when it comes out. Hopefully it’s available in Canada 🇨🇦 


plus I’m pretty sure we talked about greasy donut skin 🍩 

Re: Rhode Beauty

Looks like Rhode Beauty will be a lot more goodies than a new blush range will be released on June 20th ... 


4 new limited edition lip tints

Shortcake - baby pink

Peach Pit - neutral peach

Guava Spritz - bright coral

Salty Tan - soft mauve





Duo sets of the new blush sticks and new limited edition lip tints



Lip case for iPhone 15 PRO, 15 PRO MAX, 14 PRO & 14 PRO MAX in 4 limited edition shades (that match the 4 new limited edition lip tints)







Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi  Oooooo she does it again!!! 🤯 do you spy any lip treatments that you like? 

Re: Rhode Beauty

Loving this lippie shades such an incredible variety! @itsfi  



Re: Rhode Beauty




Launches June 20. 9am Pacific Time. 6 shades. $24 each. Sign up for email notification on direct site. 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi OK girl, which ones are you getting? 😊

Re: Rhode Beauty

@CookieGirl1, that's the big debate going on in my head at the moment. Sleepy Girl is the shade I naturally gravitate towards and will probably be the one I end up getting even though I should maybe venture out with a different shade. I'm interested in seeing more swatches of Toasted Teddy - wondering if it would make a good bronzer shade. Do you think you'll pick up any? There have been so many blush releases, and beautiful ones at that; it can be hard to narrow down the blushers to chose from. 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi it's probably a sign that you need both 😉.  I won't be picking one up, at least not right away.  I think that they're cute and the colors are pretty but they aren't calling to me like some of the other blushes that have started popping up.

Re: Rhode Beauty

Ha, I need to find out if these are refillable @CookieGirl1. If they are, then I'll definitely get one and if I like the formula, then maybe another at a later date. If they are not refillable, I will try to stick to just one for the time being. I have some other blushes I need to incorporate into my routine and these seem like they'll be around (absent the inevitable out of stock situation) so one should be fine. I have time to determine which one and that decision will probably be made the day they launch, but for now, the plan is for one blush stick. 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi I hadn't even considered that they might be refillable but that would be nice.  I love it that more brands are starting to make refillable products!

Re: Rhode Beauty

These are stunning I love the shades! I’ve always wanted to try Rhode @itsfi  beautiful collection 🤩

Re: Rhode Beauty

These shades are very pretty aren’t they @peculiarzmakeup?! Which color(s) would you go for? 

Ohhh, I’ve been very impressed with her skincare line. I can be fairly particular when it comes to skincare products but have been pleased with what she has put out. Her lip treatments - both the tinted and untinted ones are great. 👍🏼 I love her glazing serum and her newest addition, the cleanser, makes for a good second cleanse. 

@ather is a huge fan of Rhode Beauty so she’ll have some good insights to share. 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi  Yes! I agree!! I’m so picky with skincare also and I’m sure it’s because my skin is the more picky one!!! I currently love the whole line and use it every day!!’ I’m surprised that there’s so many shades in the new blush line! I’m surprised in a good way!!! @peculiarzmakeup  You definitely need to check it out! I would say try the lip treatment first you can’t go wrong with that one! And the glazing fluid is another great place to start! I love RBC because it’s so rich yet light on my skin. I don’t feel like it’s heavy and sits on my skin. I love how it absorbs quick!! As @itsfi  mentioned the cleanser is a great second cleanser it is gentle and I feel like it’s really good at cleaning all the leftover makeup on my face! I usually use Farmacy Clearly Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm as my first cleanser!’ The glazing milk is also great. I like to use it when I start my nighttime routine it gives that extra moisture my skin craves!!! I can’t wait to hear if you decide to try the new blush or any other items!!! 

Re: Rhode Beauty

I will 💯 be trying a lip treatment thanks for the great reccomendations @ather  and @itsfi 🫶

Re: Rhode Beauty

I’m drawn too juice box and piggy from the set I adore these names and the shades. Thank you for sharing on that I’ve been wanting to try the lip balm and usually when I try one thing it leads to another. I’m glad you have had good experiences with them 💕 @itsfi 


ooo @ather id love to hear your experiences 


appreciate you both! 

Re: Rhode Beauty

💯 on the names @peculiarzmakeup! Love the attention to detail there. Those are two great shades you’re eyeing. 

Re: Rhode Beauty

Appreciate that so much! I wonder if they are blendable shades I will have to do my research 🧐 @itsfi 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@peculiarzmakeup  They look very bendable from what I have seen online! 

Re: Rhode Beauty

Thanks for letting me know I appreciate it so much 🫶 @ather 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi  Are there any shade(s) you are gravitating towards?? 

Re: Rhode Beauty

Too many shades @ather. 😝 My eye definitely gets drawn to certain ones but I’m trying to be good about not picking up more of the same shades even though my blush collection is on the smaller side, relatively speaking. Ha! I’m going to look for more swatches leading up to her launch day - I was off by 5 days with my guess!


BUT that means the release date for these blushes is the same day the Diptyque city candles become available for purchase this year and since both the Diptyque and the Rhode release are  on the exceptions list to my no beauty buy month, I’ll be hitting pause on my “haul hibernation” on the 20th to pick up both!!! 😊 If I’m feeling the need to be extra strict on my no buy month, I’ll tack on another day and end it on July 1. We’ll see though; that will very likely be a last minute call. 😝 

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