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Rhode Beauty

@itsfi  I saw this and thought of you immediately. I am definitely into trying this one when it comes out. Hopefully it’s available in Canada 🇨🇦 


plus I’m pretty sure we talked about greasy donut skin 🍩 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi @ather The Mauve Duo has arrived! 





Sleepy Girl Pocket BlushSleepy Girl Pocket Blush


Salty Tan Peptide Lip TintSalty Tan Peptide Lip Tint


Might I say I absolutely adore this duo, I love the way the lip tint feels so smooth and not too glossy, the blush is smooth! So many amazing options with these shades 🫶🫶

Re: Rhode Beauty

@peculiarzmakeup  Yay!!! It’s so pretty!! 😍 I hope you love it! 😍 

Re: Rhode Beauty

Thank you so much! It’s definatley a new fave 🤩😍🫶 @ather 

Re: Rhode Beauty

Looks like Rhode Beauty will be a lot more goodies than a new blush range will be released on June 20th ... 


4 new limited edition lip tints

Shortcake - baby pink

Peach Pit - neutral peach

Guava Spritz - bright coral

Salty Tan - soft mauve





Duo sets of the new blush sticks and new limited edition lip tints



Lip case for iPhone 15 PRO, 15 PRO MAX, 14 PRO & 14 PRO MAX in 4 limited edition shades (that match the 4 new limited edition lip tints)







Re: Rhode Beauty

Are the lip tints less drying than the lip treatments? I REALLY LOVE the shade gauva but the vanilla one dries out my lips. I am so tempted to buy the tint and blush duo but are the tints non-returnable? 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@AmyC, I haven't experienced any dryness from either the lip tints or the lip treatments so I can't speak to how guava would perform compared to vanilla.


Have you tried reaching out to Rhode's customer service team for a  response to your question about returning one product within a set? Anything I might offer on that front would be me speculating and I wouldn't want you to make a purchase or not make one based on that in this case. 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi  Oooooo she does it again!!! 🤯 do you spy any lip treatments that you like? 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@ather @peculiarzmakeup, I picked up salty tan

Rhode salty tan.jpeg

There’s a good chance I’ll go back to pick up more of these tints. I know that may come as a surprise 😝 

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi   It's always good to know oneself deeply and well. 😉

Re: Rhode Beauty

@Ispend2much6, lol. I'm taking that to mean I should pick up many lip balms, as part of the self-awareness process, that is. 😊

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi   We're counting on it~ otherwise we won't know which ones are worth the $.

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi  this one is so pretty!!! 😍 hmm you getting more. I didn’t see that coming!! Which ones are you eyeing? Do they have a scent? Or on par with the other tints and scentless? 

Re: Rhode Beauty

lol @ather ‌‌😉 I've been leaning towards guava spritz which is not typically a shade I go for but it feels like a good one for summer. Which shade did you get?

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi  I got the peach duo Freckle and peach pit and the Mauve duo sleep girl and salty tan! And I got the lippie shortcake for science! 🧪 


Ooo I bet Guava Spritz would look so good on you! And especially in the summer. It would be such a fresh shade!! I bet it will pare perfectly with your skin tone! 

Re: Rhode Beauty

Ahhhh, you got great shades @ather! I'm going to be dating myself here, but did you watch Beverly Hills, 90210, the original series? The name of the peach pit shade makes me think of ... The Peach Pit! 🍑 I'm so excited to hear what you think of these beauties!


Science sure does have a committed fan base among the BIC beauties!

Re: Rhode Beauty

@itsfi  Omg!! I’m dating myself also by saying yes!! I did watch it growing up!! And I thought the name sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. Now it makes so much sense!!! That’s so funny. I wonder if it was named after it. 


Re: Rhode Beauty

Salty Tan looks so stunning on you! I joined the wait list for the cheek/ lip peptide tint duo, the mauve duo sleepy girl and salty tan! I can’t wait to get them I love the sleepy girl blush shade it’s a bit different from the shade of blush I normally go with but I got a great feeling about it. I have so much excitement for the lip tint especially after seeing it on you! That is so exciting 🫶🤩❤️ @itsfi 

Re: Rhode Beauty

The duos are back in stock,  @peculiarzmakeup! Go, go, go! 🛒 

Re: Rhode Beauty

I got the alert and thought of you @itsfi & @ather  It’s on its way 🙂 so exciting 🤩 very excited to try it for the first time these are my first Rhode products ever! I’m interested to see how the mauve combo is 😁

Re: Rhode Beauty

@peculiarzmakeup  Yay! So happy you got some!!! I also got the Mauve kit!!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!! 

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