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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

Me too! Does this work yet? @starletta8

Re: Empties

I used up a ton this month. I actually managed to use up  mua lot of lip products and I hope to continue to finish them up. I probably wont use up very much next month as I will be In Kenya for 2 weeks and Madrid for another so it will probably be just deluxe skincare in next months list
Full size:
Aussie mega Hair spray- I dont use hairspray 99.999% of the time so this took me about 5 years to use up and I wont be buying anymore because its just a waste of space in my life
Origins Ginzing energy boosting moisturizer- I love this stuff and will probably repurchase it again when I've used up most of my 9 other moisturizers that I have sitting around
Neutrogena advance sunblock spf 70- this stuff is great for my job. I work outdoors and need tons of sun screen
KVD Sinful lash mascara- I enjoyed the brush on the brush. This mascara made my already long lashes look so full and gorgeous
Victoria Secret Crisp apple and vibrant poppy body scrub- I liked it and I have 5 other vs boby scrubs to use since I buy them in bulk
KVD Lock-it Tattoo Powder Foundation Light 48- Loved this until most of the pan was showing and then it became very difficult to apply
LAQA & Co Lil Lip- I really licked this lipstick but I have a ton of hot pink lipsticks to use up
Maybelline Whisper lipstick in Bare to Bold- I'm not really big on nude lipsticks and was glad to see this go
Target 100 pack cotton rounds- I love these and buy them in bulk
3 VS eyeliners in hot slate, total fox and bluminescent- I hate these eyeliners and will never buy them again
Stila Stay All day waterproof eyeliner in intense black- I never use liquid eyeliners so I was glad to find this was all dried up and out of my life
KVD Tattoo liquid liner in maya- its ok but see above comment
Deluxe sizes:
Lancome BiFacil- it works well but I have a neutrogena makeup remover that works almost as well and is so much cheaper
Origins modern friciton- I love this and already have a fullsize
Living Proof no frizz nourishing style cream- I will probably buy the full size of this once I use up some other hair products that I have
MUFE lipstick in N45- I hated this lipstick and glad it was only a mini, I'm not big on reds so this wont get a repurchase
Sephora Daily Makeup brush cleaner- I like this alot and already bought the bigger version
Tarte Lipstick in Inspired- I liked this mini and might consider rebuying it when I use up some of the million other ones that I have
Stila Lip glaze in apricot- I liked the color but I hated the texture
GlamGlow YouthMud Tingleexfoliate treatment- I need to buy this, it is amazing
Too Faced Tinted BB cream- Dont like the texture or the shade
MJ OH LOLA perfume vial- I liked it and might consider buying a rollerball
MJ Daisy vial- I already have a rollerball and I like it a lot
V&R Flowerbomb vial- love it and bought the rollerball
Korres Greek Yoghurt sleeping facial- no opinion samples was to small
Smashbox primer- bought a mini size of it
3 lacome gloss samples- hate the texture
3 KVD liquid foundation- it was ok
3 YSL gloss samples- liked the texture not the colors
UD Anarchy lipstick sample- loved and have 3 more to use up before I buy the full size

Re: Empties

Wow! That is some serious empties!  Great job!

Re: Empties

Thanks, some how I doubt that I'll use up that much in one month again for a very long time if ever

Re: Empties

I'm doing my November empties a little early this month! and guys I FINALLY FINISHED A FOUNDATION!!!!!!!!!!



1. Aloe Calming Toner - The Body Shop

2. Suave Touchable Finish Hairspray

3. Bali Mango Body Lotion - Bath and Body Works

4. Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes (Avoid these at all costs!!!)

5. Pantene Beautiful Lengths Strengthening Conditioner

6. Holiday candle

7. Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation

8. BareMinerals Warmth All Over Face Color

9. BareMinerals Original Foundation -Golden Fair

10. Sephora Samples (Fresh Rose Face Mask, Purity Made Simple, and Korres Rose Moisturizer)

11. Philosophy Purity Made Simple

12. Lancome La Vie est Belle

Re: Empties

Congrats on an empty foundation! I keep buying a different one before finishing the previous.  Will you repurchase?

Re: Empties

Don't think I will. I made myself finish it before trying my new Urban Decay Naked foundation.. and I really like the UD one!

Re: Empties

IMG_20131003_160118.jpgMy small little pile of empties! Lol

I finished something else yesterday but I was a good girl and didn't include it for the month of September.

Top Row (L to R): Bath and Body Works Citrus Fig and Ocean Pearl Hand Soap: These are the ones with those exfolitating beads, the foam ones last so much longer!

Certain Dri AM Love this stuff talked about it last month.

Eau Roma Water Toner I really liked this,, I have more sprays to go through before I decide if I want to buy this again.

Skintimate Shaving Gel: This stuff is really nice lol, I already have backups Smiley Happy
Bottom Row (L to R): Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub liked it, smelled great but probably won't repurchase, kind of expensive for what it is!

PTR Max Complexion Correction Pads LOVE! Yes yes yes!

Rite Aid Renewal Cotton Squares I ahve another bag of these to go through before I can buy the Shiseido ones uuugh.

Buxom Mascara Love this Smiley Happy! I have a backup

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towlettes  meh.... I didn't like the scent and it felt sticky on my face.

Re: Empties

Ohh i know you love the PTR pads, They have them on QVC in a double pack for like $45! I was browsing last night and was like ohhh i have to tell Wendy!! 

Re: Empties



Thank you =D

Re: Empties

This month was pretty lacking in the empties arena.  I had been posting twice a month (once in the middle, once in the end). I had nothing the middle of September!



  • First Aid Beauty body wash - I did not care for the smell
  • Clinique All About the Eyes Rich - it was okay, still looking for my HG eye cream
  • Whish exfoliating body wash - smells great but the price and exfoliating factors can be easily matched or bettered.
  • Yes to Cucumbers makeup removing towelettes - my favorite, I only have one more pack left.
  • OLE Henriksen invigorating night gel - love this, kind of burns but it does not make my face red and reactive, actual make my face smoother and clearer
  • Redken Body Full volumizing spray - got it with a shampoo and I liked it, will probably repurchase after I go through other product I currently have
  • Tarte Smooth operator finishing powder - took me forever to get through this deluxe sample, made my face a little too white cast, will not purchase
  • Clinique redness solutions powder - did nothing for me
  • Olay total effects 7 CC cream - I only got to use this twice and I liked it (coverage, some moisture) thinking about purchasing after I go through other product
  • Gud body lotion in pearanormal activity - hated the smell!
  • MUFE smokey lash mascara - nothing to write home about
  • Hanae Mori HM - liked the smell, strong yet wearable, husband liked as well.

Sorry this was so long!

Re: Empties

This was a bad month for me too lol

Re: Empties

Good to see I was not alone!

Re: Empties

I'm excited i have empties!!!!! Smiley Very Happy




Nexxus YSerum Restore Shampoo- I also finished the Conditioner awhile back and i hate them both. I will most likely not use Nexxus again. 


Dermorganic Hair Masque- I still have the Shampoo and i do like them but not enough to rebuy them. 


Macadamia Natural Moisturizing Rinse- Not a huge fan of this or the Shampoo!! I'll stick to using only the Masque, Oil, And cream from this brand.


Alterna Luminous Shine Shampoo- I'm not sure how i feel about this or the conditioner, The smell is alittle weird to me, it's not something i would use again. 


Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti Frizz Conditioner- I felt like this and the Shampoo were really thick. I wasn't a fan the very first time i used them. But i started to like the conditioner on it's own after a few uses. If it was on sale i might buy it.


Murad Clarifying Cleanser- Uhm if you know me, it's a no brainer.... I LOVE this cleanser! 


PTR Anti Aging Cleansing Gel- It's alright, I've got another bottle of this lying around i'll get around to using it sometime, but i wouldn't buy it again. 


Sephora by OPI Nail polish remover- Gets the job done fast and easy. I will most likely buy it again when i run out of what i currently have


GlamGlow Super Mud- No way would i repurchase. I went though that tiny thing wayyyyy too fast. And didn't do anything significant


MUFE Aqua Cream in 13 Warm Beige- I used half and it dried up so i'm counting it as empty cause it's useless. But not a fan. I bought it cause a MUFE MUA used it on me but it just didn't work when i tried and creased most the time. 


Tarte Maracuja Oil- I hate the way it smells, doesn't do anything that my Argan oil doesn't do. 


Re: Empties

Look at all that hair care! OMG lol.

Re: Empties

 I even threw some away forgetting i was collecting empties lol!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Empties


Great idea for a board. Sadly you won't see much of me here. I rarely finish anything besides toothpaste and eyedrops Smiley Sad

I do pass a lot of things on though. I seem to have plenty of friends and family who don't mind acquiring semi-used products. I actually keep a supply of small colored gift bags for packing guests up when they leave. OMG- I just realized how weird that is. People come over for dinner and leave with used swag instead of leftovers.

Re: Empties

That's totally not weird! So many of my friends got into makeup just by going through some of my things that I didn't want any more or rarely ever used! 

Re: Empties

I do the same thing as well!!! I call it my Sephora Grab Bag. I put some foil packets, perfume samples, and deluxe samples that I have multiple of, or ones that I will not use in a medium size Sephora bag as a grab bag for friends and family. Every time I have a girlfriend over, she gets to reach into that bag and grab as many samples as she wants.


I have another bag full of gently used items that I pass on as well. My family members and a few close friends don't mind products that I swatched or used a couple times and don't want it anymore or don't like. My littlest sister doesn't even buy makeup. She always waits to go through my Grab Bag and the bag of used makeup to get her fix.


Totally not weird, I do the same thing. And people LOVE it!

Re: Empties

I'll join in on the fun!



Murad acne body wash - worked at first then stopped and I started getting big acne welts, not repurchasing


John Frieda Frizz-Ease dream curls spray - love, love love, already have back up


Satin Care shave gel - okay, found something better that makes my legs feel silky smooth for days after; surprisingly it is Johnson's baby oil body wash w/ shea and cocoa butter


Blink eye drops - a must for my dry eyes, already have back up


Whish shaving lotion - okay, smelled like blueberries, not purchasing


Sephora intensive instant moisture - my face is very particular, it was very fragrant so I decided not to risk it on my face and just used it for my hands, very moisturizing but not worth the price for my hands.


Fragrance samples (Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giola and Michael Kors Gold) - I liked them both, thinking about them in the future


Estee Lauder Advanced night repair serum - another love, I will repurchase after I go through other serum samples I have.

Re: Empties

I keep hearing great things about the John Frieda Frizz-Ease line I must check it out!