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Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thank you to @RAWRitsRED for suggesting that there should be a thread for this. I have changed the title so that we can post any virtual masterclasses on here so people can register. 





Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe @blackkitty2014 


Nordstrom RSVP


Summer Glow with ARMANI

Join ARMANI beauty's National Face Designer Beck Morgan in a live experience to learn all the tips and tricks for getting that perfect glow with the new, Nordstrom-exclusive Luminous Silk Glow Liquid Bronzer.

Thursday, May 25
1pm PT // 3pm CT // 4pm ET

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thank you @SportyGirly125 🙌🏼

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

I just checked and all the classes for the Sephora Digital Events this month are all fully booked.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Sulwhasoo masterclass




Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Yesterday’s Commodity class was outstanding. Vicken and Marisa were warm, funny and passionate about their brand.  It was easily one of the best events I have attended.


A few things I learned:


  • Their personal fragrances have more oils than the bold or expressive. They call these “Shadow fragrances,” because they are in a way, a shadow of the more magnified scents.


  • Milk - they described as “toasted roasted marshmallows with a cold chord.”


  • Even though they are considered a ‘clean’ brand, Vicken shared that natural isn’t always better than synthetic. I thought this was a very honest statement, and appreciate his transparency.


  • One ingredient that has been extremely difficult to source?
Sesame oil! He explained that this is the reason that Milk Expressive was/is OOS

I would love to see Commodity hold another class at some point, it was well worth it.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

DDG event was very glitchy, unfortunately. The best tip from this event was flipping his Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Smooth Lines & Texture FaceWare Pro LED Mask Bundle upside down and placing over your neck, seen below. @ather 


Oddly enough, the focus seemed to be on injections and fillers, neither of which Sephora carries 🤷🏻‍♀️ @SportyGirly125 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe I heard that the event was a mess!  That's too bad that it didn't go smoothly.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@CookieGirl1 it was frustrating when they were discussing something I was interested in (DDG began talking about HA molecular weights) and it stopped and started up again so that I missed out on key info. 

As I typed that, I realized what a small thing it is in the whole scheme of life. I am so fortunate that this is a ‘frustration.’

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe @That’s sort of what happened with the Gucci one. It cut out multiple times and she didn’t repeat herself. Sephora said since it was a problem on their end that no points would be deducted for the event. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe   Ahhh that’s so funny. I use to do that before I got my body ware one!! I’m surprised they didn’t talk about their new product. It’s on my sale purchases now. I did the DDG master class just on his website which was free and it was about that new product but they did talk a lot about injectables. I’m not against injections but they are super expensive here so I’m trying to hold off as long as I can. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

You are ahead of your time, @ather

They did talk about a newer product but the majority of the time (and polls) were about stuff you would have to go to his office for, I was just surprised.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe  Oh darn. I wish I would have known I might have done that one. I have done like 4-5 of his and I really like them! 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@ather did you do the one where they had a client, and did the close up of her skin? I never could have done that, but it was so cool to see!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe  Yes. I couldn’t either. I saw them doing the light thing at the sephora stores too. I would be scared to see what my skin looks like.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

And those special cameras/photos that show UV damage @ather @SportyGirly125? I could never do that, either. I know it’s there, all I can do is my best now that I know better 😂

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe  I agree. I finally have some sun spots and not even the good stuff is helping me. But I was a bad bad girl in my younger years! 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Raise your hand if you used tan accelerator @ather ✋🏼🤦🏻‍♀️

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe @atherI didn’t do any of those.  

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

You are the wise one, @SportyGirly125 @ather 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe  and baby oil back in the day! 

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