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Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thank you to @RAWRitsRED for suggesting that there should be a thread for this. I have changed the title so that we can post any virtual masterclasses on here so people can register. 





Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe @blackkitty2014 









Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thank you @SportyGirly125, I signed up for the Dr. Sturm and PTR class. I am especially interested in the PTR to see what they have to say about tranexamic acid. The IL founders seemed be be touting it as a great solution for hyperpigmentation, so it has my interest. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe If you find something that works on dark spots will you tag me please?  Because I've got so many products that seem to do nothing, I feel like I'm wasting my money on serums when I should just invest in IPL.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@itscarin  It may depend on what's causing your dark spots. I usually get PIH from acne, but I also have large areas of hyperpigmentation (like the wide band across the center of my forehead). Azelaic acid helps fade my existing PIH. And if I apply it to active acne, any mark left behind is just a touch deeper than my natural skin tone (compared to how dark it'd be without azelaic acid) and fades quickly. 


For my larger hyperpigmentation, I use a combo of retinoids, niacinamide, arbutin, azelaic acid, and licorice root. I still exfoliate with AHAs, but that alone doesn't cut it. I need a team of the other ingredients to really touch the underlying hyperpigmentation. 


Kojic acid also helps, but it's hard to find a good product containing it. I did try some brightening pads a few months ago... I got 'em at Target, lemme see if I can find them online... ah, Specific Beauty Advanced Dark Spot Corrector Pads. Target sells a jar of 30 pads for $20. I used them all but not consistently, so I should get another jar and commit to daily use. But anyway, those pads contain kojic acid plus ascorbic acid (I doubt the efficacy of it here though, since it's a wildly unstable ingredient and gets lots of air exposure in this pad + jar format), arbutin, bearberry extract (another source of arbutin), silybin (a form of milk thistle that potentially helps with hyperpigmentation), and licorice root. Eh, the pads did no harm, but I'm not sure they did much good—though again, I was not at all consistent with usage, so they deserve a retest. 


Last time I tried The Inkey List's tranexamic acid, I wound up with a wrecked skin barrier in my oily zone. I still have the bottle but I'm too nervous to try it again. I will... someday. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@itscarin I feel the same way. I am leaning toward RF microneedling at some point since I have some acne scars, texture, and pores. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@itscarin I have never tried IPL, though now you’ve got me curious. I haven’t read much about it and thought it was just for fine lines/wrinkles. I imagine something like that requires constant upkeep to maintain long-lasting effects, kind of like nuface. I like mine, but I just forget to use it daily so I don’t see much difference 🤷🏻‍♀️

I use

The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder 0.7 oz/ 20 g a couple of times a week, mixed with an enzyme powder like Tatcha The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder and I feel like that has made a dent in the discoloration on my cheeks over the past year. I will tag you if/when I find something that works more effectively!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe I saw Melissa Torres did it a few years ago on youtube and it cleaned up her complexion.  It knocked out all her sun spots.  I've tried the Dr. Murad stuff; i've been using SR Good Genes for years, and although I do think it gives my skin a nice glow it doesn't do anything for my dark spots; I'm using SR CEO serum rn, too.  Still nothing.  I bought a Verso dark spot corrector but haven't tried it yet.  


I know my ex boyfriend's mom used to have a huge liver spot on her face and she got it removed with *something* but wouldn't disclose what.  (I didn't ask; her sister did.  I was just there for the tea!)


I think you get it done and it's like pressing the reset button.  The sunspots will come back if you don't use sunblock.  One of these days I'd like to do it.  I think sometimes you might need a few passes before you get the desired results but I think it's in the $1000-$2000 range.  I think I've probably already spent that on various beauty products that didn't work so I'm cool with spending it on IPL.  🙂

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thx you @SportyGirly125 🌹

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Anastasia Beverly HillsAnastasia Beverly Hills




Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Man I hope I get the Murad one! I completed that class and also the Briogeo one, but I haven't seen anything as of yet and I do fill out those surveys as quickly as I can but I try to be thorough. I really liked the Murad class - that influencer was super nice and just seemed so warm and genuine.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@niki172 I attended every event but didn’t get the Dr. Dennis Gross (the first one), Ilia or Briogeo. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@SportyGirly125 well that stinks I'm sorry you didn't get anything for those classes. I got emails after the classes for both the Briogeo and Murad, but I don't get packages as quickly as other people on here either. Fingers crossed for the Murad as that one does look really nice and it's the one I'd really like.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@SportyGirly125  Is that ABH gift from the 3/25 event? 


I just realized I haven't gotten any gifts from the 2 Sephora digital events I attended in March (ABH and Briogeo) or the one I attended in February (The Inkey List), even though I filled out the survey right after the event each time. Guess I should ask @TeamBIC about that soon. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@WinglessOne it was only to the first 200 people that filled out the survey; you would have gotten an email within a day or two if you were going to receive the samples.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@CookieGirl1 Like @eshoe said I don’t always get an email saying I am going to get the gift for the event but then I do like Dr. Dennis Gross, Kate Somerville and Murad. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@CookieGirl1 @SportyGirly125 @WinglessOne @Sunnysmom @ather it’s so weird, sometimes I have not received an email re:the gift, yet I have received one (Kate Somerville).  I fill out the surveys, but I wouldn’t say I am super-quick. I think I have received almost every one, except for the fresh event. I received a notification about the gift for the CT event, which I am excited about because I haven’t tried the serum yet. 

Hope this info helps someone!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thanks @eshoe @SportyGirly125 @ather  it is helpful. Yes Kate S comes to mind where I “think” I got email confirming samples and now have to look to see for sure but I really think so. Sulwhasoo was very forthcoming saying they were doing the gift drawings etc. Like @WinglessOne I never attend just to receive the gifts but they are really nice to try products and more often than not I do end up buying them so it def works! Lol. I find them usually very interesting to learn the backgrounds of the founders, ingredients and philosophy of the brands. FYI I think Sulwhasoo was the best best one I have attended so far. Perfect blend of fun, info, clear directions plus fun beverage. What’s not to love! 🥰 Kate S was terrific also I thought tho I’m much more familiar with her line , the newness interested me and I really wanted to try them! Even tho fairly close to her spa I never go! Maybe someday. (Gucci. Eh. Yes was a shame @blackkitty2014! 😂). 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@Sunnysmom I absolutely loved the KS one! She was so relatable and made it a lot of fun. Plus I learned a new term (‘marionette lines’) 😂

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Me too @eshoe ! And I wish I didn’t know that term! 😂 I loved the iced spoons. Duh. Never did I think of that simple thing!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Yes, yes, @Sunnysmom - that was a new trick for me, too. I take notes on most of the classes and that was such a great tip:) I use my ice globes that way now, and it really does help!

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