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Fleet Optics lost my package!

My package was supposedly delivered inside my building by Fleet Optics. We’ve reviewed the camera and it shows the driver brought in packages and only took a picture of the front lobby door not the package and left.


All the packages he delivered was not for us so we investigated further. The GPS shows he scanned the items outside of our building while previously the drivers scans it inside our building.The order was split into 2 …one delivered by Canada Postal the other lost by Fleet Optics…We’ve emailed Fleet Optics to complain but what is the next course of action


I’m been a loyal Rouge member for many years and now I’m worried about my future deliveries. I’m not asking for money back, I just want the items I’ve ordered! Please advise….

Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

Fleet Optics is nothing but lazy thieves. I was supposed to receive my package yesterday but the driver put that he was "unable to deliver due to incomplete address/no unit number given". I don't even live in a building and don't have a unit number, but live in a townhouse with a house number. The picture he took of "my address" was of a old age condo not too far from my house but not even on my street. I've left a pretty detailed Google review. This seems to be a common issue. I'm not sure why Sephora is cheaping out on their delivery services as they're such a big company. It's definitely going to take its toll on their ecommerce sales though given how many people have had their packages stolen. I personally will never order from Sephora online again. 

Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

The same thing happened to me!! The driver took a picture of the package and walked back out with it and into his car!! I have it all on video and found it impossible to get ahold of this company!! Their reviews are disgusting on facebook and this is such a common occurrence. 

Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

Hi Mads54! That’s awful and unacceptable! 
On the other hand, Sephora has gotten back to me very quickly and was nice and helpful. I just hope when I order in the future, Canada Post would be used to deliver all my packages. And that they take away fleetoptics! We should not have to feel like we’re taking a risk when placing an order. Most importantly, I hope you received your missing package!

Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

@Mads54 Oh no! I will send you a PM to help. 

Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

same situation here too, they called me at 12:34pm to drop off my package and asked for my buzz number but my code doesnt work for some reason so i said leave in the lobby but the call wasn’t clear at all to the point i couldnt hear the delivery guy so i repeatedly said “hi can you please leave in the lobby, thank you” they took a photo of my package in the lobby and i still have the photo but the package wasnt there when i got home. I checked around the building but my package wasnt there. 

Right now, im asking the landlord if i could get the footage from yesterday at 12:34pm because maybe someone stole my package, hope not or the delivery guy took it again because the call wasnt that clear and i dunno if the guy heard me saying leave in the lobby.


For now im still waiting for the footage.

And same thing, i dont need my money back i just need to get what I ordered.



Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

Same thing happened to me today. I had 2 packages dropped off in my lobby and the courier didnt contact me but left it there. Picture was sent of the packages in the mailroom. I went to grab my package within 20 mins and it wasn't there. Now I am requesting to have footages pulled to see whether the packages were stolen.

Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

Hi @wendy320 I'm so sorry to hear about this! I'm sending you a PM.

Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

Hi there, that’s unfortunate! It seems to happen quite often with Fleetoptic. When I contacted Fleetoptic, they were not helpful. But when I filed a claim here at Sephora, I’ve received a PM from them the next day and they ended up refunding my money so I could place another order (I hope I get it this time). Sadly some of the items I’ve initially ordered is now OOS. Hopefully you can find a solution in getting your package. 🙂

Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

Hi @Pausha Sorry to hear that! I'll send you a PM.

Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

Hi @Kokokiyoko I'm so sorry about this! I'll send you a PM.

Re: Fleet Optics lost my package!

Thank you for the fast response and resolving the issue. 

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