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Urban Decay Thread!

HIGH TIME I updated the OP.


Upcoming Releases:


Alice Through the Looking Glass

Palette, $60

5 Lipsticks, $18


UD Alice.png


Alice palette.jpg


Alice lippies.png


Alice purple.jpg



UD (dot) com Exclusive shades that I own and can swatch for people:

Revolution lipstick: Gash, Protest, Matte Carnal
Revolution gloss: Gash, Shadowheart
Blush: Satisfy
Other: Gash nail polish

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I really don't NEED anymore UD eyeshadow, but I can't pass up on this packaging and the Basquiat branding. I hope I can stay strong enough to say no, but it's not likely!!

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Oh, wow!!!! Thank you for sharing @veronika23

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I've discovered that if I apply primer potion all around my eyes for shadow and concealer priming, my eyes water. I can't even feel it, but they water out the outer corners.


Anyone else have this issue?

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Yes. It's awful. It's an allergy. Took me 15 years to figure it out.  Simply don't apply anything that's meant to be long lasting / 24 hours in the corners of your eyes. Even eyeliner pencils unless it's a waterline pencil.  Artificial tear drops help a little too. Xoxo

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Took me a year haha... I'm not sure how to avoid using it without skippin the corners completely.


I could never find a waterline pencil that would stay, so I just didn't bother with those.

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

UD lip topper... she has the violet topper on over Huda Material Girl.




Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Dang it V! First Bite came out with those beautiful new glitter glosses and now this!! *Sigh* my no lippie buy has gone and died Smiley Very Happy

Thanks for the pics - really looking forward to swatches/reviews especially since a lot of the liquid vice lippies got some bad marks.

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I can't wait for swatches too!!!

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I received the UD liquid lipstick sample the other day in Amulet. I wasn't even going to open it since I had already purchased the full sized. I had hated the formula since it was beyond tacky and felt like my lips were glued together ( my bottom and top lip were stuck together not just tacky like lip gloss stuck). not sure what made me do it but I tried the sample. Was like trying a totally different lipstick. The color was slightly different and the formula was completely different. It dried down and lasted a long time. Decided to swatch them next to each other on my arm. After and hour my full size one was still tacky to touch and the sample was dry in minutes.(also made my husband feel it and he could tell the difference, then used a tissue to try to rub them off and it stuck to the full sized one. So not sure if I received a bad batch or if the sample having less product affected it. Plan on returning this to a store next week and hopefully swatching more colors to see. But looking to see if anyone else had this happen or what others have experienced with the UD liquids. I love my Vice lipstick and was really looking forward to these, so hoping others had good experiences and I just got a bad batch! 

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I only have 1 full size Vice Liquid Lippie in Trivial and also the Amulet mini.


I find the formula, dry down and coverage very similar on both - they dry quickly with no tackiness.


I suspect you are correct that you may have just gotten one from a bad batch.  Smiley Sad


Good luck with your return!  @Fedele13

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

@Tamara76 Thank you for your reply. That's great to hear that Trivial worked the same way for you. Sad that I got a bad one but happy I was able to find out it was bad instead of assuming all were that way! 😊

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I'm late to the game, but was happy to  hear @veronika23 mention that the Nocturnal collection is available to Canada at SDM. I wanted the Vice lipstick in Backstab, but wasn't going to bother asking for help from someone in the US. I redeemed some points this weekend and I'm in love with this colour!


It's much more purply and vibrant in person. My office has very poor lighting and I could only get the finish to look metallic with the flash on.



Re: Urban Decay Thread!

@k617  that is a nice color!  So fun to redeem points for products you actually want. Smiley Wink

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Thanks! And yes, although I'm sad SDM is moving towards the "spend x points get y points back" rather than the get $200 for redeeming $170 worth of points, I'm still glad they HAVE a good points program.

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Does anyone have a list of which shades in the new liquid lipsticks are actually good? Have heard some of the shades are patchy/streaky and some are great.


Also, why can't these be shipped air?

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I was looking through reviews as well @alexasteph since I've tried 2 so far that I really like- Backtalk and Rapture. Firebird was a strange consistency and was very streaky, but I will give it another try. I'm curious about the color batches-@k617- do you mind checking what batch # your Rapture lipstick is? 


Backtalk [RHNN0W]

Rapture [RHND0W]

Firebird [RHNO0W]

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

@purly I can't speak to all of them, but I tried Backtalk in store and it applied fine. I liked it okay, but decided against it because the color is in a shade family I have plenty of already, and I wasn't wowed by the formula. Temptalia is making her way through reviewing all of them, and she hasn't reviewed that one yet. The highest rated (so far) are Menace and Tilt with a B+. 


In my opinion, if you like the UD shades, you're better off getting the regular Vice lipstick, because those are pretty awesome. None of the liquid lipstick shades are different. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not overly excited by them. 


Edit: I'm reading some of the reviews, and Backtalk does seem to be one people like more than others. It looks like people are fairly impressed with Crimson as well.

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I already posted in the trades thread, but I am desperate to find the eyeshadow Gash! Either in a single, which was an UD direct exclusive, or the Vice Ltd Reloaded palette. Willing to trade generously for it! Send me a pm if you can help!

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

@dd0214 I see Gash single up on the UD site for Canada, for some reason I can't switch to U.S on mobile  so maybe worth checking it if it is back! Otherwise let me know and I can help order/ship to you 😊

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I sent you a PM with info. 

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Temptalia has swatches up of the Vice Liquid Lipstick.