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Urban Decay Thread!

HIGH TIME I updated the OP.


Upcoming Releases:


Alice Through the Looking Glass

Palette, $60

5 Lipsticks, $18


UD Alice.png


Alice palette.jpg


Alice lippies.png


Alice purple.jpg



UD (dot) com Exclusive shades that I own and can swatch for people:

Revolution lipstick: Gash, Protest, Matte Carnal
Revolution gloss: Gash, Shadowheart
Blush: Satisfy
Other: Gash nail polish

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I. need. ALL. of these!!! Ok, maybe not 714. Too orangey. *shudders* But, how pretty are these?! Wonderful swatches, dahling. Thank you.

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Found this when I was googling the new exclusive shades


Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Thanks! I've been waiting to see swatches of TMI and satisfy

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Gwen Stefani lipsticks, liners, and blush palette is up on Ulta. Also, this:


Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Darn, this is gone already.  I would have loved to buy it and have a ton of points I could have redeemed for it =(. 

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

There's one spectrum palette in stock if anyone needs it!

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I keep missing it. I hope UD releases soon! 

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Sooo after I spent way too long debating which colorful holiday eyeshadow palette I should get, I finally settled on Vice 4. I figured I would never use the blues in Mi Vida Loca, and UD Spectrum doesn't have the same variety as Vice.


It arrived today! I've been playing with it by swatching it on my arm, and I'm definitely happy with the choice. There's only a few dupes among my collection - Fast-Ball in the palette is pretty much a ringer for Fireball, which kind of an eye-roller, and Bitter (which is much browner in person than it looks in Sephora's pics) has a near dupe in the Sephora Marsala COTY palette. But other than that pretty much all the shades are gorgeous and unique.


The palette:


FullSizeRender (18).jpgFullSizeRender (19).jpg


And my Temporary Sleeve Tattoo:


FullSizeRender (20).jpg

Re: Urban Decay Thread!


im on the wall on it 

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Urban Decay currently on Hautelook. Nothing too exciting: 


-Ammo Palette $15.97

-Smoked Palette $19.97

-Primer Potion (original, Eden, Sin, Anti-Aging) $9.97- 2 travel sizes for $5.97

-Choice of 5 lip pencils $9.97

-Lush glide-on pencil $9.97


Essentially all items on their website except less of a selection (with savings of 3 cents per item). Womp, womp Smiley Sad

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

The Smoked palette is actually $2 less and includes the primer Smiley Tongue


I ordered it (cause it has several mattes) and one lip pencil. I could justify it there by combining my order with a couple things from Nordstrom Rack to get FS plus cashback on the Rack portion at least. And the rack portion is returnable if the items don't work Smiley Tongue

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Today I decided that getting the UD Naked Smoky and Spectrum palette was a good idea. The result? I extended my VIB status through 2016. 


My absolute favorite eyeshadow, Shellshock, is only in the Vice 2 palette. It's a bright metallic silver and it's beautiful. I have yet to find a good dupe.


One of my other favorites is a beautiful purple called Betrayal. It is also in Vice 2. I'm hoping that the color Omen in UD Spectrum will be similar enough.


I have issues with limited edition eyeshadow colors.

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I have issues with lots of their LE items. Smiley Wink

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

If you've seen the various UD posts in the Ho Ho Holidays 2015 thread, there are swatch pictures from various blogs of the Vice 4 palette and the Spectrum palette.  The Vice 4 palette went on sale on UD's website yesterday and goes on sale on on 9/15.  According to all the blogs, the spectrum palette was a UD website exclusive.  However, BTer Randell, in the Ho Ho Holidays thread, found the spectrum palette on Sephora's website (currently OOS).  (I can't paste hyperlinks into these posts on my mobile phone; just type in Urban decay urban spectrum palette into Sephora's search bar.)  I think Randell's find explains why half the blogs said the spectrum palette was releasing on 9/15 and half said it was releasing on 10/20.  I had already confirmed with UD that the palette was launching on their website on 10/20, so, based on Randell's find, it must be launching at Sephora.Com on 9/15.  So, big thanks to Randell for that great find!

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Additional information regarding the above post - BTer Niki172 thinks that since the spectrum palette is already loaded on Sephora's website, that it might be available today, so, if you are interested, keep checking the spectrum product page.

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

How does carnal compare to UD matte 1993? 

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I don't have 1993 to swatch myself, but from looking at pictures I'm guessing Carnal is a lot warmer; more red/orange tones than brown. I can't get a good sense for whether it's lighter or darker though.

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Will those exclusive shades eventually come to sephora and ulta? You think maybe?

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

To my knowledge, the UD exclusive shades stay exclusive to the UD website.

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

Here's a fun question: what order did you buy your naked palettes in? 


Personally, I went Naked 3, Smoky, Naked 2, Naked Ultimate Basics, and then Naked Heat. I still don't have the OG Naked palette 

Re: Urban Decay Thread!

I bought Naked2 Basics and never bothered with the full size palettes. Too many colours would go unused, and they're repetitive. Naked2 Basics is my base palette, and then I have a few random palettes like the Alice Looking Glass, Shadow Box, and Smoked (not to be confused with Naked Smoky, Smoked is a black-based UD palette with a couple nudes, the traditional Blackout, and the rest jeweltones). Then I have a bunch of duochrome singles and a couple of matte singles (grey and peach, so I have a variation from the brown mattes in the Basics). If they made a palette entirely of duochromes, I would totally buy it, because that's my jam.

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