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Let's Talk About NARS!

A lot of the other big beauty brands have their own threads now, so I thought, why not NARS? Let's share news about new collections, feedback on products, etc here.


The audacious thread:


SPRING 2019:








Have you picked up anything from the collection so far? Do tell!





Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I went straight for Jubilation because I'm a highligher junkie (as if that's news ;Smiley Wink )  I love it though.


Panic was the one I was immediately drawn to when we first heard these were coming out (I love me some color).  I think next time I'm in the store I need to swatch them all.  

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Jaza, my opinion on the DI blushes is it depends on the shade.  I have Jubilation and Fervor.  I bought Jubilation as a highlighter duo (they're just not "blush" colors) and it is fabulous.  I absolutely love both shades and I use them quite a bit.  Fervor, on the other hand, is more of a "blush" duo but I'm just meh about it.


I'd suggest actually swatching them in store and see if you like both colors in the duo.  

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Putting in a NARS bday order, I'm thinking: Pasiphae, Tribulation, Violet Atom and Dominique and Silvia... Anything I should add or that you don't think is worth my time (if not my money)?

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

My order arrived this morning! I have swatched everything and omg I think I've fallen in love with my hand, it all looks SO pretty! *happy sigh* 

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Code ALLEYES gets you the audacious mascara plus a mini black eyeliner with $50 purchase. I assume it'll work in Canada and that it's still active. I placed my (US) order about 2-3 days ago but the email with the code came to me on Aug. 10. 


Like Mocha, I have all of those items except Silvia. I'd take Silvia too so I think you're making some good choices!! Smiley Happy

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I'm in the US, I will definitely check out that code! Thanks :-)

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Ok good, get that extra eyeliner girl!!! And you deserve it...Happy Birthday!!!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!


Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Those are all great products, and I can personally recommend all except Silvia (because I don't have)


i'm guessing you like purples?  Nothing else specific comes to mind, but if there is a category you're thinking you want another item from, I could make recommendations.


i think they still have a promo code for the mini mascara happening.

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Purples are a relatively recent discovery for me after getting a lipstick in a subscription box and realizing it actually looked good (particularly since I've been keeping purple in my hair)!  Previously I've stuck more with corals and nudes. I'm branching out! 


I was debating concealer but I don't think it's light enough for me. I'm actually extremely tan for me at the moment but we are heading into fall/winter...


I cant think of anything specific, mostly because TBH I want all of it! Just trying to prioritize. :-)

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I'm super pale and the lightest shade of Nars creamy concealer works great. However, just an FYI and I am not at all comparing the 2 except to say they have similar delivery systems, but the new Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer comes in a very light shade. I swatched it in the store but I did not swatch it next to Nars' Chantilly but I was impressed by how light and bright the Sephora one was (Baravian cream 01). I think I may purchase it since it's 1) cheaper 2) a different formulation and I like to mix things up! However, I doubt I will ever be without my Nars creamy concealer...ever. Lol!!


If you like a nice white/gold highlighter, Albatross is divine!


And how could I forget my lovely eyeshadow duo Kauai!!! It takes my breathe away!! Smiley Happy


Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Yeah I wouldn't recommend buying concealer sight unseen.  Recipe for heartache Smiley Wink

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Hah, going to swatch it is painful enough. "What do you mean they don't make the shade "ghost"?! lol

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I'm also very pale. I can't wear MAC foundations, I'm so pale.


Chantilly is a great colour for a concealer. Worth trying Smiley Happy

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

No really, go swatch and you'll be fine! I'm pretty sure jemly uses the Nars creamy concealer and she's pale too and there are a lot of us other pale girls around who use it. I'll tell you one concealer I like but it's not light enough and that's Mac 's pro long wear concealer. I really like it but I have to lighten it up or use the Becca eye brightener underneath. I've never been color matched at Mac but I'd say I'm like NC-5 or below and their concealer only goes down to NC-15. Yeah...really. But I still like it and there's ways to get around that (also by adding a tinge of the Color fx drops, I have the lightest color) or by mixing with another lighter concealer. I can still use it by itself but it doesn't give me the brightness like Nars Chantilly does. 


Go forth, swatch and CONQUER!!! Lol! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Mochapj, the BT site keeps crashing every time I try to send you a message.  Tomorrow.  And I just tried to upload a photo of the two and that isn't working either.   Hopefully later.  They are very different! VIP looks a little orange in the photo, and some have said it looks a little orange on them.  It doesn't look at all orange on me.  The BD is much more red.  The VIP - on me - is a velvety warm red with a touch of brown and maybe even blue or purple.  The texture/almost matte finish is as pretty as the shade.  Now let's see if I can post this...them I'm off BT until this rewards thing is over!!!


Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Thanks Megan!  I think we got our wires crossed Smiley Happy


The one I was trying to ask about is the LE shade in this (Provocative Red): 

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.39.07 PM.png

Unless I'm misunderstanding, is your swatch of Cruella, the red from the Sephora/NARS birthday set?


At any rate, thank you for the swatch!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Mine is from the birthday set.

You know, we should just agree to buy all Nars limited releases and then we need never worry about crossed wires.

I just justified that Tom Ford highlight/contour now I'm studying this Nars blush highlight you just posted...and I'm at a loss...I now want just another thing.

The good news is that I'm too focused on TF and Nars to deal with this epic reward stuff (old product..just old product..I want the new!!!).

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Bahahahaha!!  I like the way you think Smiley Wink


I (moderately) attempted to get a reward yesterday, but none of them gave me the vapors, so I wasn't too upset that I missed out.  The ones I like would have just been nice to have backups for items I already use.  


Definitely on to the new!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

And now I want this new nars blush highlight!!!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

m nars 1.jpg

Birthday right....

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