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Let's Talk About NARS!

A lot of the other big beauty brands have their own threads now, so I thought, why not NARS? Let's share news about new collections, feedback on products, etc here.


The audacious thread:


SPRING 2019:








Have you picked up anything from the collection so far? Do tell!





Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Yeah I wouldn't recommend buying concealer sight unseen.  Recipe for heartache Smiley Wink

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Hah, going to swatch it is painful enough. "What do you mean they don't make the shade "ghost"?! lol

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I'm also very pale. I can't wear MAC foundations, I'm so pale.


Chantilly is a great colour for a concealer. Worth trying Smiley Happy

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

No really, go swatch and you'll be fine! I'm pretty sure jemly uses the Nars creamy concealer and she's pale too and there are a lot of us other pale girls around who use it. I'll tell you one concealer I like but it's not light enough and that's Mac 's pro long wear concealer. I really like it but I have to lighten it up or use the Becca eye brightener underneath. I've never been color matched at Mac but I'd say I'm like NC-5 or below and their concealer only goes down to NC-15. Yeah...really. But I still like it and there's ways to get around that (also by adding a tinge of the Color fx drops, I have the lightest color) or by mixing with another lighter concealer. I can still use it by itself but it doesn't give me the brightness like Nars Chantilly does. 


Go forth, swatch and CONQUER!!! Lol! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Mochapj, the BT site keeps crashing every time I try to send you a message.  Tomorrow.  And I just tried to upload a photo of the two and that isn't working either.   Hopefully later.  They are very different! VIP looks a little orange in the photo, and some have said it looks a little orange on them.  It doesn't look at all orange on me.  The BD is much more red.  The VIP - on me - is a velvety warm red with a touch of brown and maybe even blue or purple.  The texture/almost matte finish is as pretty as the shade.  Now let's see if I can post this...them I'm off BT until this rewards thing is over!!!


Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Thanks Megan!  I think we got our wires crossed Smiley Happy


The one I was trying to ask about is the LE shade in this (Provocative Red): 

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.39.07 PM.png

Unless I'm misunderstanding, is your swatch of Cruella, the red from the Sephora/NARS birthday set?


At any rate, thank you for the swatch!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Mine is from the birthday set.

You know, we should just agree to buy all Nars limited releases and then we need never worry about crossed wires.

I just justified that Tom Ford highlight/contour now I'm studying this Nars blush highlight you just posted...and I'm at a loss...I now want just another thing.

The good news is that I'm too focused on TF and Nars to deal with this epic reward stuff (old product..just old product..I want the new!!!).

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Bahahahaha!!  I like the way you think Smiley Wink


I (moderately) attempted to get a reward yesterday, but none of them gave me the vapors, so I wasn't too upset that I missed out.  The ones I like would have just been nice to have backups for items I already use.  


Definitely on to the new!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

And now I want this new nars blush highlight!!!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

m nars 1.jpg

Birthday right....

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

yep! this swatch is the clincher for me..i will have to get it at some point..thanks for the comparison swatch!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Wow now I really want VIP Red and I don't even like red lippies!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Super wearable...on me.  I adore it!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I may have to pick it up...

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Just placed an order for it, thanks Megan Smiley Wink

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

It's so pretty!!! I love it.  Please let me know what you think.  I can so see it (gorgeous) on you!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I will definitely keep you posted!  

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Temptalia posted swatches of the 2 palettes Smiley Happy









LOTS more detailed swatches on her blog!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I wasn't too sold on both of these, but now I'm having second thoughts. The colors look so nice for both palettes and I'm a fan of the whole range (except maybe exhibit a...)

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Exhibit A is not as scary as it looks. I've used it on lighter skinned women before with gorgeous results. Just use a stippling brush.

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I'm not anywhere near my Nars collection but a lot of these look dupable within the perm line


watch me looks like albatross 

me first looks like gilda or gina

takeover looks like one of the ones with 'law' in the name  ( outlaw, unlawful?)

out there looks similar to almeria


Power play looks like desire

Conquest looks similar to sex appeal


the only shades in both palettes that seem unique to my eye are the berry shade in each and possibly undefeated 

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