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Skincare Routine of the Day

This is a place to share your skincare routine of the day!  Whether it be daytime routine or nighttime routine, I know you have one.  From simple to complex, expensive to inexpensive products: show and tell! If you are anything like me, your skincare routine changes daily. Skincare isn't as showy as makeup, but it is the quiet work horse of our daily lives. 20200118_005115.jpg


You might want to include with your post: your skin type, skin concerns (& the weather where you are).

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Yesterday morning’s lineup- I used it in two parts. Used the first set and then after about 30 min applied Vit-C and oil+Lala mix


yesterday night : Skipped 😳




Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Oh my goodness!  The History of Whoo skincare line is divine!! My skin feels soooo gooood  firm and bouncy after using this gift set.  I’m regretting not trying this out sooner!!    I wouldn’t have known which order to put al of this on in had the lady at the makeup counter not put little stickers on everything explaining what to do.  Smiley Very Happy.  I really appreciate that!  



RE: Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Wow!! That set really looks luxurious and gorgeous!!! So glad that it worked for you !!

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

I’m so happy to see someone post about the skincare products from The History of Whoo @heartsmyface! 🤩 I know you’ve posted about one of their masks before. I’ve seen skincare sets online and in a couple of stores but there’s so many lines within the brand to choose from. Firm bouncy skin sounds great to me! 😃 Making a note of this set. 📝 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Painfully aware of the multitude of products. Less is more. 




Didn’t want to fall in love with another product but I really like the Chanel Hydra Beauty Overnight Mask. Also I’m embarrassed to include so many products, especially because I forget one or two and then feel even worse.

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

@eshoe, are you thinking of downsizing the amount of products you use in your everyday skincare routines? I usually have my “regular” routine and then a more simplified version of it, depending on how my skin is doing or how I’m feeling that day/night. 

RE: Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Wow! Impressive skincare products you have there!!!! Amazing!

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Tonight’s routine required a second mask to fix the first mask’s misdeeds. 
055B090B-2B24-44A7-98B1-3E0D94EDCBF7.jpegPM Feb. 17. Products used in clockwise/R-L order, starting with cleanser.
Wash: Paula’s Choice Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser. 
Tone/hydrate: e.l.f. Hydrating Water Essence. 
Lip care: Aquaphor, topped at the end of this routine with Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask.  
Serums: DDG Ferulic + Retinol Eye Serum on my undereyes. Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster on my whole face.  
Spot treatment: Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Gel, applied only to acne. 
Masks: Started with The Saem Pure Natural Snail Mask, a new-to-me mask I don’t like at all. It’s super watery and provides no moisturization. It left me with dry patches, which is why I used the second mask: another Frudia Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Mask. Normally I’d have followed the drying mask with a hydrating/moisturizing serum but, since I’m trying to use up this expiring batch of Frudia masks, I popped one on. It made everything right again. 
Moisturizer: Herbivore Emerald CBD Oil, followed by YTTP Superfood Moisturizer. 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

@WinglessOne Awesome routine! 




Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Thanks @RebeccaBT ! 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

There was a little dripping leak under my sink so I had to pull all the skincare hoard out while fixing the pipe.   Everything got reorganized.  I switched up my skincare today.  
Tony Moly green tea foam cleanser-. Didn’t foam much and was very gentle.  It has no scent.  It didn’t remove mascara very well but the rest of my makeup came off beautifully.  Nothing else is particularly new to me 

559C7928-AD0F-4E89-868D-8960430FC06F.jpegNot pictured is a sample of Holika holika peeling gel


Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Super simple routine tonight. I need to remember to use this Rewind more often/ consistently to see if it brings any difference.

morning routine was same as last week. 

9CDAF88D-F259-4A2A-963E-8CE3C60057F7.jpegNight 2/17


Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

I love simple routines. Sometimes using too many products can make your skin super sensitive and especially on late nights out, my routine is always simple. The DE moisturizer is my favorite. I use it day and night!

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Hi @naturalooks15,


My skin has been so dry lately and I have been using the DRUNK ELEPHANT - Lala Retro™ Whipped Moisturizer with Ceramides. It has been working wonders! 



Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Simple routines are wonderful @naturalooks15! I just looked up DMAE; interesting. Do you apply the Rewind product all over your face or just to certain areas?

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

@itsfi currently I apply is all over the face.  I actually got it for Niacinamide, licorice, Tamarind seed, centella Asiatica, and  hyaluronic acid.  just simple hydration serum. I didn’t know about DMAE at the time 😀. I need to use it more often to see the effects. Probably use it on my neck also along with side of the nose, now that I know it has DMAE

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

@naturalooks15, that list of ingredients make my eyes peel up! Ooooh! 😍 Tamarind seed is a new one to me, but I’ve jotted it down to do some research on at another time. Would love to know how it performs for you with longer use. 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

My skincare routine for the last few days (and likely the same routine I'll use for the next week or couple of weeks). My skin is adjusting to it not raining every day and not being as cold and the weather has been a little strange since I've been back home. It's actually been on the warm side (very unusual (though welcomed) for this time of the year), so my skin is really trying to figure it all out which explains how my skin is currently faring.


Morning routine:
2.2020 AM.jpeg

Skin Type: Dehydrated-combination and sensitive. The breakdown of my combo skin at the moment:
  • Forehead = normal
  • Apple zone (cheeks, under eyes), together with the bridge of nose and sides of nose and mouth = dry
  • Chin, jawline = slightly oily
Current Skin Concerns: Skin is feeling slightly sensitive in certain areas, mainly cheeks and also along my jawline where I'm also experiencing some clogged pores. Some remaining PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) from a couple of spots from last month, and two new (but thankfully smaller) blemishes this week on the chin and jawline.


Skincare Products (AM)

  1. Vitamin C: Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop is a very low dose Vitamin C product - 5% instead of the usual 15%. I like to use this when my skin is more on the sensitive side, like now. Since the dosage is so low, I sometimes use this in my evening routine as well. 
  2. Treatment: Treatment products, particularly acne ones are often one of the last steps of a skincare routine. CLINIQUE - Acne Solutions™ Clinical Clearing Gel  is one that I find works nicely when I put it on earlier in my routine and then allow it time to absorb before moving onto my next product. These days, I've been using it as a spot treatment in the mornings, dabbing on a healthy blob atop my blemishes.
  3. Lip Balm: I give the Glossier Original Balm Dotcom and the Dear, Klairs Vitamin C serum about 10-15 minutes to fully absorb into my skin while I finish getting ready for the day. The Glossier balm is emollient without being too heavy. It is on the thicker side but feels lighter and seems to go on easier than the BITE beauty lip mask.
  4. Toner/Essence: I've been using the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (Rose Edition) as a toner and as part of the 7-skin method. This go around, I've been applying the three layers with cotton pads.
  5. Essence: I finish the last 4 of 7 layers with the I'm From Mugwort Essence, a light, refreshing and hydrating essence. Mugwort is good for acne and calming down irritated skin so as I'm pressing in a thin layer into my skin, I'll dab some directly onto the couple of blemishes I have.
  6. Serum: 99% of my routines include a hyaluronic acid serum immediately before I apply my moisturizer, lightly and gently pressing it into my skin. Recently, I've been using DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE - Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster. It has a very thin, light weight consistency to it and a very, very slight, subtle pleasant scent that I haven't been able to pinpoint ... yet. The ingredients list on this one is nice, containing, among other things, sodium hyaluronate, multiple forms of ceramides, extracts of centella asiatica, cucumber, watermelon, soybeans, lactic acid, coconut juice, and zinc PCA. 
  7. Moisturizer: I've been slowly incorporating a few Glossier products I was generously gifted by @SportyGirly125 into my skincare routine and, given its name, I decided to use the Glossier Priming Moisturizer as my morning moisturizer. It's a thicker cream, a little more thick than I care for in my moisturizers so to thin out and emulsify the consistency a bit, I'll add a drop of the DDG hydration booster to the Glossier moisturizer, mix the products together and press the blended combination onto my skin. 
  8. Eye Cream: is not something I always include in my skincare routine, both because I sometimes just forget and other times because I'm not sure how much an eye cream adds that I don't already get from my moisturizer. OLEHENRIKSEN - Banana Bright Eye Crème isn't bad and brightens up my under eye area slightly.
  9. SPF: While I'm not always so diligent with my eye creams, I can be fanatical about putting on sunscreen before leaving the house - now, if only I can be as committed to reapplication throughout the day. 😉 Etude House Mild Sunprise Airy Finish Sun Milk SPF 50+ / PA+++ is a go to sunscreen for me. It works nicely as a primer for my base makeup as well, which of late has been either Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation or MAC Studio Tech Foundation, or a combination of both products.


Evening routine:2.2020 PM.jpeg


Skincare Products (PM):

  1. Lip Scrub / Balm: I start off my evening skincare with a little TLC for my lips, starting off with the honey version (my favorite) of the SEPHORA COLLECTION - Lip Balm & Scrub. I like to book end my evening skincare routine with my lip products. 
  2. Pre-Cleanse: Bioderma Micellar Water is great for breaking down my makeup / sunscreen. The sensitive skin version of the micellar water (pink cap) is my favorite and gentle enough for removing my eye makeup.
  3. Cleanser: REN CLEAN SKINCARE - Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser makes a lovely one-and-done gentle but deep cleanser. I really have been enjoying how it melts away my makeup and sunscreen as it emulsifies from an oil to a milky cleanser. I'm still not entirely sure what scent I'm picking up from this cleanser; I want to say honeysuckle but I'm not sure why. Looking at the ingredient list, this cleanser has added fragrance, which I could do without, but it's not a deal breaker here as my skin has not been bothered by it.
  4. Toner: Even though the REN jelly oil cleanser does a great job of cleaning my skin, I'm still very much accustomed to double cleansing and just to make certain I've picked up every bit of makeup from my face, I reach for the Bioderma Micellar Water, using it as a toner to add a little hydration back to the skin while making sure there's nothing left behind on my skin from my cleansing step.
  5. EssenceSecret Key Starting Treatment Essence comes out again in my evening routine and I'll douse a couple of cotton pads with the product before swiping all over my face. Depending on the night, I'll either go over my face with the essence anywhere from once to 3 times.
  6. Treatment: To clear out my clogged pores, I'll apply a thin layer of the Clinique Acne Clearing Gel along my jawline and nose and give it about 5 minutes to absorb before moving on to my next step.
  7. Serum: If I use a sheet mask, I'll only apply one layer of the DDG hyaluronic booster. If I'm passing on a sheet mask, I'll add two layers of my hyaluronic acid serum, concentrating the second layer on the parts where I'm most dry (i.e., cheeks, nose bridge)
  8. Moisturizer mixed with Oil: I like to focus my evening routine on really hydrating and moisturizing my skin. I find my skin responds well to mixing a drop of two of THE ORDINARY - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil  with my moisturizer, which for the last few nights has been the SEPHORA COLLECTION - Nourishing Moisturizer - Hydrate & Repair
  9. Spot Treatment(s): I dab some of the Clinique Acne Clearing Gel as a spot treatment over my blemishes, let it absorb completely and then apply an acne dot over it. Right now, I'm working on finishing up these MEDca Acne Pimple Master Patch Absorbing Cover, they're not my favorite, but they do a decent job of sucking the gunk out of my zits.
  10. Lip Balm: To close out my evening skincare routine and to bring it full circle, I apply another layer of lip balm, this time going with Glossier Original Balm Dotcom.
Scrubs / Masks: Since my skin has been a bit on the sensitive side, I've been using the Trader Joe's Nourish Microdermabrasion Scrub Exfoliating Cream after cleansing and just on the bridge of my nose, the sides of my nose, chin and jawline once per week. I tend to stick to the same skincare routine for the most part for at least a couple of weeks so I only post to this thread occasionally. When I use a sheet mask at night, it goes on after the serum step and varies depending on my skin's needs and if I'm prepping my skin for an event during the week. I've also been adding a sleeping mask to my routine a couple of nights during the week. Neither are shown in the photo but I've been reaching for either DRUNK ELEPHANT - F-Balm™ Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask or LANEIGE - Hypoallergenic Cica Sleeping Mask, or using a combination of both (Laneige Cica on my chin and jawline and Drunk Elephant F Balm everywhere else).

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day



The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil is one of my favorite nighttime skincare products. I've never mixed it in with my moisturizer but I love this idea! I'm going to try it out tonight. Smiley Happy Thank you for sharing! 


Best regards,


Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

@LaurieBT, let me know how mixing the moisturizer and oil works out for you. My skin just loves The Ordinary Rose hip seed oil. 🥰

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