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Skincare Routine of the Day

This is a place to share your skincare routine of the day!  Whether it be daytime routine or nighttime routine, I know you have one.  From simple to complex, expensive to inexpensive products: show and tell! If you are anything like me, your skincare routine changes daily. Skincare isn't as showy as makeup, but it is the quiet work horse of our daily lives. 20200118_005115.jpg


You might want to include with your post: your skin type, skin concerns (& the weather where you are).

Sometimes if all you can do is your skincare, that is enough.

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

My Morning Routine of the day:

Skin: pretty normal

Weather: dry, cold winter20200118_135003.jpg





Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

How are you liking the Ordinary and Juice beauty products, @l8totheparty?

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

I love the The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Oil Control Serum 1 oz/ 30 mL

And the THE ORDINARY - buffet. They help keep my skin brighter, clearer, and more even. 

The Juice beauty eye treatment is wonderful as well. I also have one waiting in the background. I feel like it helps the lines and keeps my skin hydrated. I do have a couple more eye creams to go through. As well, having started my skincare journey this year, I have few other eye creams to compare it with.



Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

I'll definitely be checking out those Ordinary products soon! They're on my to try list! Thanks @l8totheparty!

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

@l8totheparty this is a great idea!! 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Thanks, @lmaster !  I'm always curious to see people's skincare routines. 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

I'll get mine posted soon 😊 @l8totheparty 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Skin: fairly normal.

Weather: Very dry, cold winter outside. Tonight's skincare:





Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Ooooh thank you for also posting weather and skin conditions @l8totheparty. Humidity makes such a difference in how well certain products work so it really helps give context.

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