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The Hermès Thread

This thread is dedicated to all things HermΓ¨s! While Sephora doesn't carry the makeup line (maybe one day??), that doesn't stop us from wanting these pretties in our collections πŸ˜‰ 



Re: The Hermès Thread

In case anyone is interested, swatches of the  new Hermes lip oil (indoor store lighting): 

Hermes Lip Oils Swatches.jpeg

@ChristalM @Sunnysmom @blackkitty2014 @Mcakes @Kim888 @Titian06 

Re: The Hermès Thread

Oh my two lip oils are Out for Delivery! Excited!

Re: The Hermès Thread

Yaaaay @ChristalM! Can’t wait to see them and hear what you think about them. 

Re: The Hermès Thread

@itsfi And others (sorry I can't see others right now)


Preliminary thoughts...


WOW these are Incredibly fragranced. The description does say they are individually flavored/fragranced and wow that is no joke! LOL. It is something to get used to.


Also I will say I hate the applicator. I read that the beauty lookbook had issues as well and I was confused but now I understand. It takes about 7 pumps into the packaging to get the coverage I want sadly. It is really too bad as the luxe packaging is something I love the most by Hermes.


That being said, on first application the formula is really nice. Thicke enough and not too slippery.


Will post lip swatches later. I got 05 Rose Kola and 06 Pourpre Camarine

Re: The Hermès Thread

Aww that’s such a bummer @ChristalM because the shades sound so pretty. 🫀

Re: The Hermès Thread

@ChristalM @Thank you for sharing your thoughts !!! That applicator thing sounds really annoying, especially for such an expensive product 

Re: The Hermès Thread

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about the applicator, @ChristalM , although I'm sure they're pretty.

Re: The Hermès Thread

@ChristalM, I'm so happy your beauties arrived! Yes! The formula on the lip oils is quite nice, isn't it? I'm trying to remember the applicator - doe foot? I know for swatches, they gave me the disposable ones to use where the applicable has the brush hairs on it. Hmmm... 7 pumps seems like a lot of time to be fussin' with a lippie. Will wait to hear your feedback after putting them to more use. Great color choices!

Re: The Hermès Thread

@itsfi @Titian06 

Updates: Sorry I will try and get lip swatches up later today, busy day sadly.


I will be quite frank and honest because I hate to be that person that loves the product because of the brand BUT yeah no I don't really like these much sadly 😞


The packaging is awful. I have to work a lot to get the coverage I want. Even then it is less than I had hoped. The formula do migrate around my lips and bleed as the day wears on. 


And the fragrance on the rose shade is awful! And I have never been bothered by fragrances before.


I can't return (that is how ad they are) since I ordered online from Holts so I will use them but I can't recommend them.


HTH someone!

Re: The Hermès Thread

Quick lip swatches  for those interested.


Both shades were 7 dips into the bottle FYI


I includedBare lipsBare lips06 Pourpre Camarine06 Pourpre Camarine: 05 Rose Kola: 05 Rose Kola my bare lips for reference.

Re: The Hermès Thread

Thanks for the warning, @ChristalM! I already love my Dior lip oils, so I'll just avoid these.

Re: The Hermès Thread

@ChristalM, it’s a shame that there’s some functionality hurdles πŸ˜” with this lip oil because the shades you chose looks beautiful on you. 😍 

Re: The Hermès Thread

Thank you for your honest review, @ChristalM !  That is a shame that they are that bad. πŸ˜ͺ  Maybe you can use it on top of a lipstick, especially one that's drying???

Re: The Hermès Thread

@Titian06 Actually yeah that might be an idea! 

Re: The Hermès Thread

@ChristalM, I’m so sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. 

Re: The Hermès Thread

@ChristalM - Thanks for the review!  I was planning to order one or two this weekend, but your comment about "incredibly fragranced" is an absolute no-go for my scent sensitivities. πŸ˜ͺ  Looking forward to your swatches! πŸ’‹

Re: The Hermès Thread

Thank you so much for the swatches @itsfi!! They look great! Mother’s Day is coming up…hmmm πŸ˜‰

Re: The Hermès Thread

@Mcakes, I think these would make for some fabulous Mother Day’s gifts! 🎁 You could even help the mister out with shopping by picking up a couple shades for yourself for him to gift to you, and for all that effort, maybe get yourself an additional something else πŸ‘œ in the store … you know, as like a finder’s fee. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜† 

Re: The Hermès Thread

Thank you for the tag @itsfi - some of these shades really give me super good summer popsicle vibes!!! 

Re: The Hermès Thread

Agree @Kim888! The colors are cheerfully bold and bright! 😍 They definitely make me think of summer! 

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