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The Hermès Thread

This thread is dedicated to all things Hermès! While Sephora doesn't carry the makeup line (maybe one day??), that doesn't stop us from wanting these pretties in our collections 😉 



Re: The Hermès Thread

Not even tempted, huh @ChristalM?! 😆 It feels like warm weather packaging and cool weather shades - so a year round lippie?! 😉 I’ve seen a few swatches online. The Beige Croisette (which I and my autocorrect keep wanting to call Beige Croissant 🥐 😝) is probably the only one that might cause me to take a second look. But I think I’ll just wait to see what their next collection will be about. My wallet breathes a sigh of relief. 

Re: The Hermès Thread

@itsfi haha yeah that and quite frankly I don't love a sheer lipstick so an easy pass for me 🙂


I still want a Hermes eye release!!!!

Re: The Hermès Thread

Yes @ChristalM, I’ve been waiting for an eyeshadow palette from them for the longest time. As have the Hermes folks. 😆 When they were releasing new types of products, I thought “surely an eyeshadow palette or singles will me coming soon.” Nope, nope, and nope. I get my hopes up every time. 😝 I would even be fine if it was a color family that I’d pass on; it would just be nice to see some newness. 

Re: The Hermès Thread

So cute @itsfi ! I’d love a scarf like it! Paws crossed maybe! 

Re: The Hermès Thread

The new permanent ‘fall’ lipstick shades are available through Selfridges etc so hopefully soon for the rest of us too! They look good- beige, rusty pumpkin, deep red and purple red. 



Re: The Hermès Thread

In case anyone is interested, swatches of the  new Hermes lip oil (indoor store lighting): 

Hermes Lip Oils Swatches.jpeg

@ChristalM @Sunnysmom @blackkitty2014 @Mcakes @Kim888 @Titian06 

Re: The Hermès Thread

Oh my two lip oils are Out for Delivery! Excited!

Re: The Hermès Thread

Yaaaay @ChristalM! Can’t wait to see them and hear what you think about them. 

Re: The Hermès Thread

@itsfi And others (sorry I can't see others right now)


Preliminary thoughts...


WOW these are Incredibly fragranced. The description does say they are individually flavored/fragranced and wow that is no joke! LOL. It is something to get used to.


Also I will say I hate the applicator. I read that the beauty lookbook had issues as well and I was confused but now I understand. It takes about 7 pumps into the packaging to get the coverage I want sadly. It is really too bad as the luxe packaging is something I love the most by Hermes.


That being said, on first application the formula is really nice. Thicke enough and not too slippery.


Will post lip swatches later. I got 05 Rose Kola and 06 Pourpre Camarine

Re: The Hermès Thread

Aww that’s such a bummer @ChristalM because the shades sound so pretty. 🫤

Re: The Hermès Thread

@ChristalM @Thank you for sharing your thoughts !!! That applicator thing sounds really annoying, especially for such an expensive product 

Re: The Hermès Thread

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about the applicator, @ChristalM , although I'm sure they're pretty.

Re: The Hermès Thread

@ChristalM, I'm so happy your beauties arrived! Yes! The formula on the lip oils is quite nice, isn't it? I'm trying to remember the applicator - doe foot? I know for swatches, they gave me the disposable ones to use where the applicable has the brush hairs on it. Hmmm... 7 pumps seems like a lot of time to be fussin' with a lippie. Will wait to hear your feedback after putting them to more use. Great color choices!

Re: The Hermès Thread

@itsfi @Titian06 

Updates: Sorry I will try and get lip swatches up later today, busy day sadly.


I will be quite frank and honest because I hate to be that person that loves the product because of the brand BUT yeah no I don't really like these much sadly 😞


The packaging is awful. I have to work a lot to get the coverage I want. Even then it is less than I had hoped. The formula do migrate around my lips and bleed as the day wears on. 


And the fragrance on the rose shade is awful! And I have never been bothered by fragrances before.


I can't return (that is how ad they are) since I ordered online from Holts so I will use them but I can't recommend them.


HTH someone!

Re: The Hermès Thread

Quick lip swatches  for those interested.


Both shades were 7 dips into the bottle FYI


I includedBare lipsBare lips06 Pourpre Camarine06 Pourpre Camarine: 05 Rose Kola: 05 Rose Kola my bare lips for reference.

Re: The Hermès Thread

Thanks for the warning, @ChristalM! I already love my Dior lip oils, so I'll just avoid these.

Re: The Hermès Thread

@ChristalM, it’s a shame that there’s some functionality hurdles 😔 with this lip oil because the shades you chose looks beautiful on you. 😍 

Re: The Hermès Thread

Thank you for your honest review, @ChristalM !  That is a shame that they are that bad. 😪  Maybe you can use it on top of a lipstick, especially one that's drying???

Re: The Hermès Thread

@Titian06 Actually yeah that might be an idea! 

Re: The Hermès Thread

@ChristalM, I’m so sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. 

Re: The Hermès Thread

@ChristalM - Thanks for the review!  I was planning to order one or two this weekend, but your comment about "incredibly fragranced" is an absolute no-go for my scent sensitivities. 😪  Looking forward to your swatches! 💋

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