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Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thank you to @RAWRitsRED for suggesting that there should be a thread for this. I have changed the title so that we can post any virtual masterclasses on here so people can register. 





Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread



Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Thank you so much for posting this, @SportyGirly125. It was so much fun, and I learned a few tips I thought I would share:


1) For full coverage, press, don’t rub your foundation. I can see why a Beauty Blender would be ideal here. I don’t use them anymore because they are such a pain to clean. But she didn’t mention a BB, just using your fingers.


2) To detract from dark under eyes, when applying blush use a monochrome palette. Use a brighter shade up near the temple/eye area. This helps draw others eyes away from dark circles. 

3) For an evenly lined lip, tilt your head downward and check in a mirror to see if the tops align. 

I can’t wait for the next class!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@eshoe I like the fact that I saw some familar names online and got to say hi to you guys.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Yea, that was very cool @SportyGirly125

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread





Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread









Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

How do I sign up for this?

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@Serenely @go to Glow Recipe’s website to sign up 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread



Sign up on 10/8 using the link aboveSign up on 10/8 using the link above


Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

I got this for filled out the survey at the end. Samples for ants yet super cute. Love love the Sephora bag


Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

Sorry @SportyGirly125 @didn’t realize it was so blurry. Lip color is Viva La Vergara. The other 2 are Magic Cream and Magic Serum



Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@blackkitty2014 @SportyGirly125 I received these samples for filling out the survey too, but got the shade Pillow Talk instead which is cool since I’ve been meaning to pick that one up!

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@Guessgal Good to know.  I asked customer service for the survey to fill out.  I don't know how many people attended that day so I don't know if I will get anything or not.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@blackkitty2014 Oh how cool thanks. I filled out a survey from a link customer service sent me but don’t know if I’ll get anything. 

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@SportyGirly125 I got a gift last week for attending the Master Class.  Three sample products came in a  Sephora make-up bag that included a CT Serum, magic cream, and a Viva La Vergara lipstick.  

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@tjffc so cool.  Thank you for letting me know.

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread

@blackkitty2014 @What are the 3 items you got?

Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread



Sign up using the link aboveSign up using the link above


Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread



Re: Virtual Masterclass Thread


This looks like a good one. How do you sign up? I tried copying and pasting the site address but there’s no link for rsvp’ing.

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