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Bobbi Brown Thread

The Bobbi Brown thread.  Bobbi Brown was the first brand that got me excited about makeup.  So I'll always have a soft spot for BB.  And now Sephora has the amazing 25 year year palette.

Note, the holiday lip shade is sold out on Nordstrom.  I'm going to be watching for it on Sephora's site.



Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Titian06 Fingers crossed!  I missed out on Ulta's most recent 20% off since I've been so busy trying to update my wardrobe.  Selecting jeans is so hard.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

There is a third Luxe Eye Duo called Dance Floor Glam, released in Asia and the UK. Available at Look Fantastic US. The first swatch photo has Dancefloor Glam and Last Dance; the second swatch photo has all three duos and trying to capture the Luxe shimmery shade.






Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Bobbi Brown is having a 50% off sale, including longtime favourite products and products from previous collections. All listed in the Last Chance section. Includes highlighters (a few shades including my fave of all-time Sunset Glow), vitamin enriched face base 100 ml jar, sculpt and glow palettes from the summer release, luxe shine lipsticks, Afternoon Tea luxe lipstick, AND the Jadestone palette (another personal favourite) from last Christmas.














Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Struck out. Smokey Nude palette and Disco palette. Both much warmer than shown online. Wasted my voucher!




Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

That's a bummer, @Ispend2much6! ๐Ÿ˜ž

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

That's too bad, @Ispend2much6 !  The bottom palette looks nice, though.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Titian06  It seems like they will apply smoothly, just not for me.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Ispend2much6, oh no! That's so disappointing! The Smokey Nudes palette looks lovely but I gravitate towards shades like that.  My order is on a slow crawl from California.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@TraceyEB  The good news is the quality seems a lot better than their palettes of the past.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Ispend2much6, that's good to know! I have a rosy nudes 5-pan and quite like it. Lately, I've been using last holiday's Jadestone eyedshadow palette with those beautiful greens.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Holiday has launched on Bobbi Brown direct. Until Oct 9, there's a holiday game (like plinko) where you can win prizes, including 25% off. And, the BB GILT gift certificate is still valid for a few more hours.

Screenshot (419).png

Screenshot (421).png

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Oh man @TraceyEB thank you for the Gilt reminder!! ๐Ÿค— I  have one! ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ I always enjoy their holiday games too! 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Sunnysmom, go quickly so it doesn't expire! I used mine to purchase one of the Luxe Eye Duos and the Luxe Lipstick in Afternoon Tea.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Missed it. Can you believe @TraceyEB ! ๐Ÿ˜ญ Oh well. I try to put those on my calendar and I had too busy of a week somehow!! Lol I still need one of the duos as well. The blush and highlighter looks so pretty too but I do not need that clearly and will NOT. ๐Ÿ˜†

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Sunnysmom, that's too bad about the Gilt voucher. I was holding out to see if holiday might launch as it did on the last day of the voucher last year. There's still a sweet 25% off prize if you play the game they've posted (you can reject the gift that comes up and play again until 25% comes up). I don't think there's anything unique about the cheek palette and, as you said, you don't need it. I'm passing but might pick up an eyeshadow palette later on once I see the shades/review.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Yes thanks @TraceyEB I will do that if I decide I neeeed it. Lol. The eye palettes look great too but I just have so many and truly need to use them more! The shades can not be that different! Always seems to be the random one that gets me so I go well may as well get the whole palette! ๐Ÿฅน๐Ÿคฃ Really trying not to as this year has so many beautiful collections (pricey!) so itโ€™s a good lesson to try and watch it not to mention holiday gifties for others! ๐Ÿ’ž

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

The Holiday Luxe Cheek and Highlighting Palettes in Rose Glow (lighter shades) and Golden Glow (deeper shades) are available at Neiman Marcus and Saks The highlighters - Afternoon Glow and Bronze Glow are repromotes.


Note: Afternoon Glow and Deep Caramel (bronzer) were in this summer's Sculpted Glow Face Palettes that contained a blush, highlighter, and bronzer.





Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

The Luxe Holiday collection has launched at Saks.  The Luxe Eye Shadow Duos in Last Dance (brown/gold) and Midnight Toast (pink/mauve) contain a Luxe Rich Lustre shade (left) and a Luxe Rich Matte shade (right). The Rich Lustre shades are "created with chromatic pigments for high impact sparkle" and it's recommended to apply with the ring finger.  Luxe Lipsticks are repromotes of Parisian Red (lovely!) and Afternoon Tea (on my 'to buy' list).


Note: Saks is having a Friend's and Family sale starting Friday, Sept 22; not sure if it includes cosmetics.






Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@TraceyEB ,

I think that I need this Midnight Toast Eyeshadow Duo.  Thanks for posting these.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@tsavorite, they look lovely! I just ordered Last Dance Luxe Eyeshadow Duo and Afternoon Tea lipstick. Please post a swatch if you buy Midnight Toast.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@TraceyEB I really have no business shopping but Iโ€™m so intrigued by the shades you purchased. I will live vicariously through you (and @tsavorite perhaps?) well, I will until yโ€™all enable me with your looks photos or swatches. Sigh, Iโ€™m weak. ๐Ÿ˜”