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Ask a Beauty Director!

Ask A Beauty Director thread image.png

If you follow Sephora on social media, you've probably seen our Beauty Directors dropping beauty knowledge left and right, interviewing brands, and even dropping into the BIC on occasion! We have three Beauty Directors - @DavidBD , @JeffreyBD , and @MyieshaBD - who are Makeup Artists with years of industry experience. These beauty geniuses are subject matter experts and they give life-changing beauty advice!
We are creating this thread to allow you all to connect with our Beauty Directors here in the BIC starting today! This is the place can ask them ANYTHING beauty-related or follow along with the weekly themes we've outlined below. Don't forget to bookmark this thread by clicking the bookmark icon at the top right of this thread. It will come in handy for those moments you wish you had a beauty expert on speed dial for questions like "is it a good idea to layer these skincare products?" or "what's the best brush for my foundation routine?"
If you'd like to follow along with the themes, we've outlined them below: 
Week 1, 3/20 – 3/26: Self-care essentials (candles, masks, and tools, oh my!)
Week 2, 3/27 – 4/2: Oh Snap! Deals - what do you NEED? 
Week 3, 4/3 – 4/9: Skincare by (YOUR) skin type


Want to ask a question? Click the 'Reply' button below (not the chat icon on the right)!

Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

Hey there community members ... are you confused about what skincare is best for YOUR skin type? This week we are focusing on that common question ( although of course we will still answer any questions ya got) !!!Hey there community members ... are you confused about what skincare is best for YOUR skin type? This week we are focusing on that common question ( although of course we will still answer any questions ya got) !!!

Ask us Beauty Directors about what’s the best skincare for You this week 4/3-4/9! We are looking forward to helping solve any confusion you may have!! 

RE: Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

Hi I am 54-year-old woman and finding that my skin care needs are not the same as they used to be so I need to find an appropriate skin care routine. I think I need something very moisturizing and I like to keep it simple if I can. I also think brightening is important as well. I love a clean fresh smell but the fragrance isn't a great concern to me. 

Re: RE: Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

i would recommend TATCHA water cream for moisturizer it makes your skin really, really soft and helps to bring life to it. i would also recommend using any of the farsali serums. these are both kind of pricey but they are well worth the money and they also last a really long time. the water cream makes my face glow but does not have to much of a sent, however the farsali unicorn serum has a almost bubble gum/ flower smell and it smells so good! i will tag both of them TATCHA - The Water C

@Bonnie636 wrote:
Hi I am 54-year-old woman and finding that my skin care needs are not the same as they used to be so I need to find an appropriate skin care routine. I think I need something very moisturizing and I like to keep it simple if I can. I also think brightening is important as well. I love a clean fresh smell but the fragrance isn't a great concern to me. 

FARSÁLI - Unicorn Essence Antioxidant Primer Serum

RE: Ask a Beauty Director!

Hi, I am a teen who is just getting in to beauty. I have normal to dry skin and a tight budget. I really want a sample skincare set to try new products, what can you recommend? Thank you!

Re: RE: Ask a Beauty Director!



I would say an EXCELLENT way to see the best the Sephora has to offer is with the Sephora Favorites kits! They rotate regularly so that you can always try new things, and they come packaged in really cute themes. Right now there's two really cute skincare ones "Haute Hydrator Kit" and the "Ultimate Travel Bag". Both would be great because they each enough product for a full skincare routine (INCLUDING WELLNESS!), so you can try and see what you like! Hope this helps! Mwah!


 SEPHORA FAVORITES - Haute Hydrators Kit

SEPHORA FAVORITES - The Ultimate Travel Bag

Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

I have never really been into super expensive products, but I received a sephora gift card, for my birthday. I would love to get a face cleanser but there are just so many options. I have combination skin, oily in my T-zone, and dry everywhere else. PLEASE help me!!

Re: Ask a Beauty Director!





I would recommend double cleansing to everyone as its essential for anyone wearing makeup and/or spf. Even though most of us are inside, blue light can be a factor but I'm getting off track..

I have oily skin but I use FARMACY - Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm to remove makeup/spf/impurities first.  Its super hydrating and gently exfoliates.


I'm kind of a cleanser junkie (bc its the easiest thing for me to try w/o completely disrupting my skincare routine) but lately I've been using YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser bc its super gentle and suds softly.  


I also really enjoy SHANI DARDEN SKIN CARE - Cleansing Serumas it is lightweight, smells like a spa and the gel texture is really refreshing.  


I've also been really liking DERMALOGICA - Active Clay Prebiotic Cleanser a few times a week.  I leave it on while I brush my teeth to act as a clarifying mask.

Re: Ask a Beauty Director!


I really enjoy the Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser when my skin feels out of balance and all over the place. This really helps to cleanse the skin with out overly drying it, and deliver a pre-biotic blend that helps to support the body's natural healthy bacteria to promote a healthy balance on the skin's surface. It also touts hemisqualene to nourish dry areas and Cyclic Peptides to trap excess oil and debris. It's a pretty cool product! After using it, my skin feels almost as if it's in a state of homeostasis; I think it'd be perfect for you!

MURAD - Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser

Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

Hey, BIC! We loved reading and answering your questions on Self Care Essentials! Starting this week we will be talking about the upcoming Oh. Snap! One-Day Deals. What a great way to snag refills of your favorite and beauty essentials for a fraction of the price (some up to 50% OFF). This week we'll be answering your questions on the upcoming sales, and giving you a heads up on what to buy! Be sure to leave a reply to talk about the Oh Snap! Deals or to ask us anything beauty-related! Have a great week and be well!


See below for one of my top picks of the promotion!


URBAN DECAY - Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette


I have to say that this would be MY purchase! I mean a classic reborn, this gives me the vintage vibes I need to update the current neutral palette. Retro-Futurism is a thing, how can we reinvent the past for a more realized future! I love that the shades look great on ANY skin tone, and are super versatile. This palette can be used every day and easily transition into more night-time glam. I'm instantly drawn to shades like "Dreamweaver", "Reputation", and "Distilled" for their unique in-between tones. They make awesome lid colors, that give you that couture shine and dimension. While shades like "Retro", "Bucked", and  "Boundaries" can all be mixed, matched, and blended to create the perfect transition color! It's my jam. Look for it to be available for only $22 on Friday 4/3!  


RE: Ask a Beauty Director!

I want to find a mascara that is good for sensitive eyes. I tend to get allergies and that has stopped me from wearing mascara for the past few months. Any recommendations?

Re: RE: Ask a Beauty Director!

@ellal2020 this is fairly common for many people. first i usually suggest to anyone with this concern to try Clinique because they are known in the industry for strict testing procedures towards allergies . so s few of my fave clinique mascaras are CLINIQUE - High Impact Mascara( which randomly is on sale today for like 50% off so congrats haha) CLINIQUE - High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara- this is like their  high impact mascara on steroids lol.

   but there is also another option i'd suggest , TARTE - SEA Surfer Curl™ Volumizing Mascara- this is a new mascara from Tarth and it a 'Clean at Sephora' formula . this may be a good route to try as 'clean at sephora' products are formulated without the use of an ever expanding list (you can find the list on of ingredients that many people are looking to avoid. so this may be a great option as well.


Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

Hello I’ve never worn foundation very much but need to get some for a photo session. Can someone point me in the right direction how do I know if my skin is warm cool or neutral?

Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

@jewel0418 the best way is to pop in to sephora for a complimentary Color IQ service but as we are in the midst of this pandemic that isn't possible. so there are some things you can do. the first is general observation, look at your skin (all over your body ,not just the face) and decide if you call tell whether you noticably see more of a golden/yellow (warm) tone or a red/pink (cool) tone. if you can then you likely identified your undertone , if its not noticeable then you may be Neutral . 

  another way to check is to look at the veins under your skin on your wrist/underarm area in natural light , if they look blue or purple then your likely cool toned, if they look green or greenish blue then your likely warm toned, if you can tell whether they are more greenish or more purplish then likely your neutral.

  also, you can do the old school beauty test and hold something silver near you and then something gold. if the silver looks better with your skin your likely cool, if the gold looks better your likely warm. if they both look good then possibly neutral.

  hope this helps !!


Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

I am looking to start doing my eyebrows but I don’t know what color pencil and concealer  I should get. I am a fairly dark skinned woman.

Re: Ask a Beauty Director!



LOVE Brow Wiz! Excellent suggestion there! Definitely one of the most tried-and-true brow products I've ever used. Anastasia creates a range that goes deep enough for sure, Ebony. But there are also some other options like the Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil from Hourglass in the "Natural Black" tone. I have found this such a great balance of warmth and depth to add intensity to brows on deeper skin tone without looking too "false." I would recommend mixing tones for the most natural effect, start with a little bit lighter shade like the Brow Wiz and then switch to the Hourglass to add a second dimension. Then to conceal, I might try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro-Pencil in shade "Base 3." This texture is perfect for masking wild brow hairs and cleaning up the arch and tail of the brow. Also, try using this an eye primer by gently patting the pencil on the lid and smoothing it with your finger. Hope this helps!?!


HOURGLASS - Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil






RE: Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

Hi, I would recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz, if you want a more natural look and the just use a lighter powder than your regular foundation colour underneath your brow arch. But if you want a more dramatic look go for their brow pomade and just use a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your foundation. If you have near black hair like I do the colour Ebony for both the wiz and the pomade fits me really well! Hope this helps!

Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

HII! Recently (I would say I’ve noticed the past 2 weeks) that my cheeks are red and I have little bumps in those areas (looks like congestion). It starts on my cheeks and along my cheekbones to my temples. I have a few scattered on my chin, jawline, and forehead. I’m wondering if it’s dehydration? Or if my products are just too rich? I’ve never had a problem with redness before. I’m using the EVE LOM - Cleanser (which has mineral oil in it) so I may go back to my Farmacy balm. I switched up my second cleansers but always end up going back to my CeraVe cause it I love it and never dries me out and does the job. My A.M. routine is cleanse (CeraVe), acid toner (Lotion P50), hydrating toner (Beauty Water), hyaluronic acid (NIOD MMHC), Eye Cream (testing some out), Vitamin C SUNDAY RILEY - C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum mixed with The Ordinary Ferulic Acid + Resveratrol. Then I follow up with SUNDAY RILEY - Juno Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil and TATCHA - The Dewy Skin Cream


MY P.M. routine switches up but I always do a double cleanse, followed by a hydrating toner, and hyaluronic acid serum. Eye cream (testing some out). I use The Ordinary Pycnogenol antioxidant. Typically I will follow up with either SUNDAY RILEY - Juno Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil OR  SUNDAY RILEY - U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil (sometimes even a mix of both in different areas of the face). Then I follow this with SUNDAY RILEY - Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment and a moisturizer (right now EVE LOM - Moisture Cream). 2 x a week I use a prescription tretinoin (Vitamin A) followed by SUNDAY RILEY - C.E.O Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil. And 2 times a week I will do an exfoliating detox mask GLAMGLOW - SUPERMUD® Charcoal Instant Treatment Mask or a peel (right now I’m trying DERMALOGICA - Rapid Reveal Peel but I love my DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE - Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel so I may go back to those once these are done!).


Sorry I know this is a lot. Just a few notes. I’m going to be removing the CEO oil and Eve Lom products because I don’t feel they are right for me.  Maybe a little too heavy? I should have used them at the beginning of the winter rather than near the end. I loved when I first used it so I may be repurchasing that. And I am looking for a good hydrating toner/mist to layer between products (the Beauty Water is lovely but I find it has too much fragrance and alcohol in it). Perhaps the BIOSSANCE - Squalane + Hyaluronic Toning Mist  - although it’s out of stock right now :’(


I guess what I’m asking (because this is probably the most confusing post of all times) is what could possibly be causing the redness and comedones on my cheeks. The products I’m using now I’ve been using since the New Year and only recently felt this redness and congestion (I always had congestion here and there but they were starting to clear up in the winter). And what would be a good hydrating mist to replace my Son & Park Beauty Water. I’m in Canada so I had purchased it when I was in Sephora in the States. 

Also. I want to maybe move to a lighter moisturizer especially with spring coming, from the Tatcha Dewy Skin. Do you suggest the TATCHA - The Water Cream or SUNDAY RILEY - Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

Hope at least one of my extreme questions can be answered! LOL 


Re: Ask a Beauty Director!



Hey There,

 Honestly, by the description of the way your skin is behaving, I think you're good for removing the Vitamin C. I have experienced this exact same reaction in the past. A lot of Vitamin C products have a tendency to be pretty active on the skin and it's a very fine balance of how much to use and what form works best. It's a lot like taking vitamins orally, your body can only process so much of a good thing at one time and will purge any excess. I have found Vitamin C to be one of the most volatile and tricky ingredients to work with, so maybe try a product that has a little less concentration. Might I suggest the Vitamin Nectar Glow Juice Antioxidant Face Serum to replace the 2 products you are removing, because it seems to be essentially what you are looking for in just one product, which can also help to minimize the chance of irritation. Also, the Vitamin C in this product is encapsulated so that the ingredient is a bit more stable. Hope this helps, keep me posted on how your skin reacts after deleting those two. I think you'll find this will normalize a bit once you do.

FRESH - Vitamin Nectar Glow Juice Antioxidant Face Serum

Re: Ask a Beauty Director!

Thank you thank you! I’ll give it a go and keep you posted! Smiley Happy

RE: Ask a Beauty Director!

Hello! I have been looking for something to help with the redness on my skin, I’m not sure if it’s heat damage or what but it isn’t cute. not sure what to use for it? Also have dry skin! Thank you!!
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  • Hey there community members ... are you confused about what skincare is best for YOUR skin type? This week we are focusing on that common question ( although of course we will still answer any questions ya got) !!!