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Ulta GWPs

This thread will be for Ulta GWPs only.  Share ulta promos here.  


Please do NOT post requests for the spreadsheet in this thread.  Please post requests for the Ulta GWP google spread sheet in this thread:


Let's keep this thread on topic!



Ulta points refresher (because yes, it is that complicated):

Item #1 - $53.50

Item #3 - $108.50 (and is eligible for a certain item/brand 5x multiplier)

* There is also a 5x all purchase multiplier and you are platinum so you get 1.25x

Total Spent - $162

Base Points Earned - 162

Platinum .25x Earned - 41 (162 * .25 = 40.5, and rounding up)

5x All Purchases Earned - 648 (it ends up being 4x because you don't count the base points)

5x Item/Brand Earned - 434

Total Points Earned - 1285




Since a lot of information is being removed from this thread, try to help each other out and add product id numbers and sku numbers so people can find items on ulta.  

Just to clarify, there is an item number that Ulta lists on the website, right under the picture of the item.


The product id is the number given to the item in the URL.  So Ulta's site follows this formula of having the url and then the very last part of the url is "productId=xlsImpprod" followed by an 8 digit number.  If you use that "productId" number you can get to the page of any item on ulta.  It's not a search, but the direct url to the page.  Click on any product, and then view the url in the address bar.  It will look like this: ulta's website (not using the actual domain because BT admins don't like that) /ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod12345678.  Replace the 8 digit product id of the item you want to see with the sample id.


Re: Ulta GWPs

Thanks for posting. I would have been alarmed and thought I was hackedif I didn’t see it happening to others

Re: Ulta GWPs



I have no points, no purchase history, no status, and no bonus offers. Smiley Surprised

Surely it's just a glitch on the road to updating the site for Diamond...fingers crossed they get it fixed soon!

Re: Ulta GWPs

Me too. Hopefully they will fix it soon .


Re: Ulta GWPs

I just checked mine on the app and under status it says “member” instead of the usual “platinum.” This kind of stuff always makes me nervous but I hope it means they’re working on the tiers and putting those who spent $1k last year into the diamond tier.

I can't imagine there were that many people that spent 12...

I can't imagine there were that many people that spent 1200 dollars though last year.

Re: I can't imagine there were that many people that spent 12...

I think, at least around here, there were plenty of folks that spent $1200+. Many didn't even realize how quickly $50 here plus $35 there plus a quick trip in-store adds up! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ulta GWPs

Another $5 off of $10. Please comment when used Smiley Happy

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 10.17.26 AM.png

Thank you so much for sharing, I used the code. Happy new...

Thank you so much for sharing, I used the code. Happy new year!!

Re: Ulta GWPs

I also just got a $5 off &10 coupon, I won’t be using it so have fun! Please comment if used:86096DF9-F630-4388-BC42-916FF225B587.jpeg




Here's my $5 off coupon I'm not using.

Here's my $5 off coupon I'm not using.

anyone want a 5 dollar off 10 dollar purchase code?

anyone want a 5 dollar off 10 dollar purchase code?

Re: Ulta GWPs

My Ulta order came in today.  Many thanks to everyone for posting such great Ulta deals.😍😍



Re: Ulta GWPs

Does anyone know if Ulta will do an extra 50% off clearance items in store this year? I remember they had that sale at around this time last year?

Re: Ulta GWPs

I asked at the store the other day, and the cashier had noooo idea what I was talking about. And she came across angry that I asked her a flummoxing question at the head of a fairly long line. Obviously it didn't help that I couldn't remember the exact name of the sale. "Clearance sale? Do you mean a coupon? Coupons don't work on clearance." Err, a sale is not a coupon :s


So to answer your question -- sorry, I can't answer your question! And neither can Ulta lol



Re: Ulta GWPs

lol I would ask at my Ulta but I would probably get the same response lol

Re: Ulta GWPs

I don't know, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it too! It was almost the entire month of Jan iirc, so hopefully soon. Its always fun to hunt!


Re: Ulta GWPs


Re: Ulta GWPs

Haha. It works! 🤣

Re: Ulta GWPs

Ulta has posted their hot buys that are happening during the 21 day if you guys want to check it out. Doesn't seem like there's anything too good though.

RE: Ulta GWPs

So the "new" MAC Prep Prime Fix+ sprays are up on ulta this morning. My $5 off $10 code worked even though the coupon stipulated prestige brands are excluded. I thought Ulta rated MAC as prestige? Maybe it was an error idk! I'm not complaining 🤗

Re: RE: Ulta GWPs

@shimmerbait  I don't know but mine didn't work when I tried it.  I'm happy for you!

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