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Target beauty deals

Granted, while a mega retailer in general, Target is certainly Sephora’s (and Ulta’s) little baby sister when it comes to beauty. Still, they do try, often offering unique brands and/or attractive discounts on brands we already know and love – and therefore they do deserve a little discussion in this all-inclusive beauty community. So let’s discuss!


As always, please remember the usual rules: outside links are not allowed. Instead, we can include product identifiers at the end of urls, which usually look like “A-12345678”.


Post your Target beauty deals – and happy shopping! And share your hauls, if you feel so inspired.


P.S. I personally seem to recall brands like Laneige and Skinfix, which made their first appearance at Target before eventually repackaging and switching over to major players like Sephora. Do you have any such recollections? Please do share.

Re: Target beauty deals

@civ2ru This IS exciting!  I don't have a red card, but the free shipping and 5% off is intriguing.  Of course my Target doesn't have an Ulta in it.  I looked online to see what COSRX they had, and was disappointed to see only two items.  I wonder how much from each line they'll really offer.  I also looked into Origins, and didn't see any of their makeup.  And personally, I could skip Clinique!

Re: Target beauty deals

@greeneyedgirl107 No UaT stores in my whole state, either… But for in-between 20% off Ulta coupons, or when GWPs aren’t very enticing – and particularly on small purchases or on brands that rarely go on sale – 5% off and free shipping isn’t bad. RED card, imho, is a no-brainer if you shop at Target a lot, it also gives you 30 extra days for returns. You can get a debit or a credit RED card. I also imagine there eventually would be Circle (Target) offers that apply to UaT items, too.

Re: Target beauty deals

June 20-22



Re: Target beauty deals

2021-06-05 (2).png

Target is now selling these super cool things. 🙂 ❤️

Re: Target beauty deals

@FullCoverageBB Thank you for posting! 🏆


BTW, what is your favorite full coverage BB? I recently got the IPKN one and rather enjoyed it, but of course Ulta promptly stopped carrying it.

Re: Target beauty deals

@civ2ru, like for foundation? Hm...probably MaryKay's foundation. 

Re: Target beauty deals

@FullCoverageBB I actually meant BB creams. Oh just because of your username, I thought you might have the ultimate scoop. No worries! ☺️

Re: Target beauty deals

@civ2ru, oh my gosh!! 😂😂. The "BB" is actually supposed to be like "baby". My favorite BB/CC cream is the Clinique Moisture Surge. And I'm so sorry Ulta stopped carrying that BB cream you liked!

Re: Target beauty deals

It only took Target most of today to get this GWP promo to work as advertised, but it’s working now! Inspired me to check out Olive & June polish.


Re: Target beauty deals

15% off nail color, today only, stacks with $10 gift card with $40 beauty purchase. Did you know that Target now carries Nails Inc.?


Re: Target beauty deals

Target is wrapping up their 14 Days of Beauty, with only today and tomorrow left. Today’s offering: 15% off all hair appliances


Re: Target beauty deals

Today’s 50% offering at Target. Stack it with $10 gift card with $40 beauty purchase.




Re: Target beauty deals

Head over to Target for 50% off select No7, Bliss, Versed & Sweet Chef skincare, today only. 10 products participating! Stacks with $10 gift card with $40 beauty purchase offer.



Re: Target beauty deals

Target is being a good little sister and doing their own 14 Days of Beauty, as well as a stackable $10 gift card offer with $40 beauty purchase.


Re: Target beauty deals

Here’s something kinda interesting that just popped up! At-Home Luxuries and Fresh Finds kits at Target, $14.99 each. Now, I don’t know about “luxuries”, but the fresh finds one looks like a pretty neat care package! Plus, I’ve been curious about those reusable face masks.

To clarify: the skincare silicone ones, not the cloth COVID ones... The cloth ones I just wear, without much curiosity.


Re: Target beauty deals

Also at Target this week: 20% off Bliss, Soap & Glory, Botanics, No7 cosmetics and skincare + more (check your Circle offers)


Re: Target beauty deals

Happy early National Lash Day! Offer expires 2/20.


Re: Target beauty deals

This week at Target!

target [dot] com [slash] pl [slash] 773105601


Stacks with additional offers on select Pacifica Beauty, No7, Bliss, L’Oreal, Soap & Glory

Re: Target beauty deals

New Year, new beauty! Target just dropped several new Essie nail polish collections (Expressie Y2K aka Dial It Up, Spring Trend 2021, Keep Me Posted, Valentine’s Day 2021 and a few new Gel Couture shades) and also started carrying Nails Inc. Now all that remains is a nice nail promotion to go with these... 😉



Re: Target beauty deals

This week’s Circle offer! Good through 12/19.



Re: Target beauty deals

I press on! This week at Target.



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