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Target beauty deals

Granted, while a mega retailer in general, Target is certainly Sephora’s (and Ulta’s) little baby sister when it comes to beauty. Still, they do try, often offering unique brands and/or attractive discounts on brands we already know and love – and therefore they do deserve a little discussion in this all-inclusive beauty community. So let’s discuss!


As always, please remember the usual rules: outside links are not allowed. Instead, we can include product identifiers at the end of urls, which usually look like “A-12345678”.


Post your Target beauty deals – and happy shopping! And share your hauls, if you feel so inspired.


P.S. I personally seem to recall brands like Laneige and Skinfix, which made their first appearance at Target before eventually repackaging and switching over to major players like Sephora. Do you have any such recollections? Please do share.

Re: Target beauty deals

Happy National Lipstick Day! 💄


Target already has a sweet "Spend $15 get a $5 gift card on select Lip products" offer going all week, and today it gets even sweeter with 20% off Target Circle offer. Looks like the $15 threshold kicks in before the 20% (and the 20% is taken off price after gift card). Say, you're a fan of Winky Lux – today you can get a $15 lipstick for $8, if you factor in the gift card.


Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 1.21.35 PM.png


Happy shopping!

Re: Target beauty deals

First, the bad news... Target beauty box has been discontinued. What? First Sephora, now Target? Both hint at “making way for something new”. We’ll see if “new” means “better”.


Having broken the bad news, Target does have a 15% off Circle offer on select “clean brands” this week. The best deal seems to be on Unfiltered, which is the new brand by Raw Sugar: vegan, cruelty-free, 95% naturally-derived ingredients, sulfate- and paraben-free, plus they donate a bar of soap for every product purchased. All products are priced $10, but currently $9 with same-day orders (store pickup, same-day delivery), so combined with 15% Circle that amounts to about 23.5% off. If you’re shopping for some new bath & body products, check them out!



And, since we had talked about Bliss in this thread in the past, they are included in this “clean” sale also.

Re: Target beauty deals

The nail celebration at Target continues! The 20% off all nail polish offer from Monday may be gone, but the cute nail beauty box came back in stock. Here it is again (contents in spoiler):






Defy & Inspire Wear Resistant Nail Lacquer - .17 fl oz
Dashing Diva GLOSS - 1 pack
Olly Undeniable Beauty Dietary Supplement Pouch - 2 gummies
Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Hard as Nails Serum - 1 pack
essie Gel.Setter Top Coat - 1 pack
eos Shea Better Coconut Hand Cream - 1 fl oz
Tweezerman 40th Anniversary Celebration Nail File - 1 pack
ella+mila Soy Nail Polish Remover Wipes - 1 pad

AND, it is now also included in the current “spend $15 get $5 gift card” deal! So just add another nail polish, say this Summer 2020 essie shade, and you’re already over $15, which means you’re essentially getting both for $10.99. Sample cart below. Have fun! 💅



Re: Target beauty deals

Both Bliss and Soap and Glory was carried by Sephora and is now carried by Ulta @civ2ru .

Re: Target beauty deals

That’s right @Loretta55! I do remember about Soap & Glory (which is also available at Target now), but forgot all about Bliss. I felt Soap & Glory was an odd match for Sephora anyhow...

Re: Target beauty deals

Bliss was started by Marcia Kilgore @civ2ru . She sold Bliss around 2005 and at that point she started Soap and Glory. I met her around 2000 in Las Vegas.

Re: Target beauty deals

Pacifica Beauty did the opposite of those brands … Sephora used to carry their fragrances, and now they're in Target.

Re: Target beauty deals


Sephora carried Pacficia?! I don’t remember that at all, or maybe they didn’t in Canada? 

Re: Target beauty deals

I love Pacifica brand. They have some amazing products and scents.

Re: Target beauty deals

@danpt You’re right! Ulta still carries that brand, also.

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