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Foil Challenge

I know we all talked about this but I need it in writing to hold myself more accountable! I have picked out around 28 foils that I am hoping to get through by the end of Feb. that’s 1 foil a day unless I decide to stack more than one! Here’s what I’ve picked randomly! 


Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi  Thank you! This month I’m not so good! But I still have 3 more days to pick up my speed! 

Re: Foil Challenge

It ebbs and flows @ather. Some months are better than others. And some months, it’s all about working through our full size products. 

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi  I agree. I’ve been trying to balance both! But eventually I will be all out of fouls I hope! 

Re: Foil Challenge

omg, that’s awesome!! 🙌🏼 That would call for a celebration @ather! 🎉 

Re: Foil Challenge

September 2023 Foils

September Sephoria 2023 Empties.jpg

I realize these are not just foils but it's a pic of mostly foils. It's actually September Foils: The Sephoria NYC Edit. Everything I used or used up during my trip to New York last week / weekend. One of my goals for September was to use up 8-10 foils of new-to-me products. While I used 15 foils, only 6 of them are new-to-me products. 
Product Details / Mini Reviews
The anihana shower steamers are "likes". I consider these more a treat than a must have. The Orange Crush version makes for a great pick-me-up in the mornings or just when I need a burst of energy. Lavender Love gives off that relaxing small like vibe that is oh-so-nice when it's time to wind down for the night. I would repurchase either scent, but as I said, for me, these are more of a special treat than something I'd use everything, the caveat being that I did use these every day I was in New York, but that trip was a special treat for me. 
SEPHORA COLLECTION Clean Eye Mask Caffeine  are marvelous and a repeated repurchase. I used one the morning after I arrived in New York - I hadn't slept but for a couple of hours the night before and needed to at least look alert and awake. These did the trick. Used the other one my last day in New York because I was out very early in the morning and then spent quite a bit of time packing, so there was little sleep. 💖
Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer 💛🍯 is another repeated repurchase - this is good stuff. My skin loves it. It's rich and creamy without being greasy or heavy, or too thick and rich. Another repeated repurchase for me. 
The SEPHORA COLLECTION Peach Blossom Sponge Set is super cute and a good size for me. I've purchased a couple sets of these and have given some as gifts. I'm not sure I'll pick up another set but that's because I have other beauty sponges, including ones I love, so I really should work through what I have first. Wouldn't have minded if the peach scent on this one was stronger.
I've never tried the Moroccanoil body care products until now that is. 4 shower gels, 1 body lotion, and 3 different scents in this batch. Of these scents, my favorite is the Spa Du Maroc. The Ambre Noir is nice too, but I think I need to try it out again. Oud Mineral is fine; just not a favorite scent from the ones I've tried.
My plan was to pick up a nail polish while in NYC and do my nails before Sephoria. That did not happen, but I was able to get some nail art for my nails. Used the Cutex individually wrapped nail polish remover to take them off my last day in the city. These individually wrapped Cutex nail polish remover wipes are my favorite of these types of remover products.
This mini of the pH adjusting Buxom Power-full Plump Lip Balm is super adorable - it's just so cute and it packs a lot of product too! More than I thought something this size would. I liked this one - great to carry around but I have several pH adjusting lip products so this isn't one I'd pick up in a full size. 
Now that I have some dark blonde highlights in my hair means that I have to do a better job of upkeep to keep those strands from becoming too brassy as the color fades. amika Bust Your Brass Blonde Purple Shampoo  & amika Bust Your Brass Blonde Purple Conditioner are okay. I don't know if it's just these foils (as I'm pretty sure they're on the older side as far as my foil samples go) but the products seemed heavier, thicker than I expected. The conditioner, actually, was a little on the clumpy, glompy side. Wondering if it was just these particular foil samples. Hmmm... 🤔
I found these Bloom Nutrition Super Greens Powder Smoothie Mix sticks tucked in my bag when I was unpacking my things in the hotel; must have been from my last trip. I had one of these and a cup of coffee for breakfast while I was in New York. These are fine, convenient for travel, but I'm not sure I'll buy these again when I finish up the variety pack. 
MTD = 15 foils (along with 3 full sizes, 1 deluxe size) 
October Foil Challenge Goals:
I'm not sure what I'm going to do this month, goal or target-wise, when it comes to foils for October @ather. I have one work trip but it's tentative; if it happens, it'll be a short one. What to do, what to do... Let's do this - if the work trip actually happens, then my October foil goals will be 15-20 foils (or 3-4 per week); if it doesn't happen, then my October target is 10 foils (2 foils per week this month).

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi Spectacular September (Sephoria) foils! The Anihana steamers definitely sound like a lovely treat.  I would imagine the lavendar would be a lovely calming spa scent. A well deserved treat, I may add. Ooo I still have to try the peach sponge. How long do you typically use sponges for before you toss them? 

Re: Foil Challenge

Love the illiteration @Mellmars1185! 😁 The steamers definitely satisfy the aromatherapy function - it helps make unwinding after a long day that much nicer. They're one of those things that are not a necessity but they do offer some value add that make them worth picking up every now and again. 


I've read that beauty sponges typically need to be replaced every 3 months (or sooner if you notice the product tearing, losing its bounce, having a smell, etc.), but I tend to replace mine every 2 months, or maybe even 6 weeks. It's more of a personal preference to replace them more frequently. 

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi Thanks for the info on the Beauty Blender type sponges. Would you beleive I throw mine in my washing machine 🤭? No tears yet. Although, I do not use them a ton.i have had my one Beauty Blender for years. I have been using it more frequently for under eye concealer. Maybe it is time to open up the peach 🍑 ones.

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi  Great job! I love that most are favs. The steamers sound awesome! The amika sounds like the the samples might have been off. I’ve used the shampoo and I don’t remember it being thick. Hmmmm I have some of those amika samples at home. Maybe I’ll dig mine out and see if it is the same? 

Re: Foil Challenge

The steamers have been fun to use - I don't always realize, or remember, how nice the little touches like these can be. Oh, if you have the amika at home, would love to know how the texture is on those @ather. It took me by surprise how thick and sorta clumpy that conditoner was - definitely not what I expected from amika.

Re: Foil Challenge


Youth To The People Polypeptide-121 Future Firming + Hydrating Moisturizer 2 oz / 60 mL 
There was only enough here to give it a single try. It was a decent moisturizer that left my skin feeling nice and hydrated all day long. Not sure if I can justify the price tag but maybe during a major sale and I have some extra cash to spend.


Caudalie Vinoperfect Dark Circle Brightening Eye Cream with Niacinamide 0.05 oz / 15 mL 
It did not mention Niacinamide on the packaging and I only noticed it now when I tagged it. I was going to say it did go a little bit past tingling and into mild stinging territory and now I know why. I’m currently having a bit of a rough week in terms of my skin and I was hoping this would help a little around my eyes. Niacinamide and I just don’t get a long and I haven’t found a product that has it that I can tolerate. Skipping this one.

Summary: 1 maybe-if-there’s-a-sale-and-I-have-a-gift-card-to-use-and-there’s-nothing-else-I-want-to-get, and 1 pass.


And I think that’s all the skincare foils that I have right now. I have a TON of foundation ones to go through. 

Re: Foil Challenge

@JoSometimes Sorry to hear about the skin irritation. Tbh, I don't read labels much. I really should because I don't even know why my skin is irritated sometimes. 

Re: Foil Challenge

@Mellmars1185 Its habit for me to check. Sometimes looking at my own skin funny can set it off… 🫠

Re: Foil Challenge

That's great that you found a skincare beauty you love @JoSometimes! Sorry to hear about the Caudalie - sensitivity to niacinamide is a thing and can make it a challenge to find skincare products that don't trigger a reaction. It's one of the ingredients-du-jour so it is featured in A LOT of skincare, especially under eye products because of its brightening properties. Have you tried OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright+ Vitamin C Brightening Eye Crème 0.5 oz / 15 mL or OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright 15% Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum 1.0 oz/ 30 mL? I looked at the INCI list very quickly and didn't see any niacin-based ingredients in it. There are a bit of citrus fruit extracts and a potent vitamin C. If your skin isn't sensitive to those ingredients, either of these two might be something of interest to you.

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi I haven’t tried that one. Hopefully I can find a sample to check out someday. Some vitamin c products do tingle for a bit but it usually goes away after a moment. When I use something with plenty of Niacinamide, the sting lingers for a looong time. 

Re: Foil Challenge


Re: Foil Challenge

Here are the 21 foils I used in the second half of August.


A few standouts are:


Tatcha The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder , have used this before so it was nice to have a foil to use when I was out of town.


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel Pads , in the past I used these religiously but for some reason I stopped.  Great product.


Glow Recipe Plum Plump™ Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum , do they make a bad product?  I don't think so.


Shani Darden Skin Care Lactic Acid AHA Exfoliating Serum 1 oz/ 30 mL , like I said in my first post, a brand to check out.


Drunk Elephant F-Balm™ Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask 1.69 oz/ 50 mL , another winner



Everything else I have used before or left a good first impression except First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Niacinamide Dark Spot Serum 1 oz/ 30 mL , probably would have to give it more than



a foil to know how it works .


My year-to-date is 31 foils used since August 10.

Re: Foil Challenge

Oh wow @CorgiMommy! You’ve made your way through a lot. Brava! The Shani Darden exfoliant has been on my list for a while but I need to be careful about exfoliating products. May have to get a sample at some point. 

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi it is definitely a product to check out 

Re: Foil Challenge

Great work this month @CorgiMommy 👏 I do love Glow Recipe, they know how to make nice stuff 😀 and that serum is a really nice one. Ooooh Are those Orbie Samples? How did you like those ones?

Re: Foil Challenge

@CynthieLu yes, they are.  I think they came in a hair sample package but  I don't remember 

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