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Foil Challenge

I know we all talked about this but I need it in writing to hold myself more accountable! I have picked out around 28 foils that I am hoping to get through by the end of Feb. that’s 1 foil a day unless I decide to stack more than one! Here’s what I’ve picked randomly! 


Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi  I’ve been having the same issue with sheet masks lately.  I don’t know what my issue is.  I have them placed everywhere I may want to do a mask to encourage masking but then do cream masks instead.  ha, thé good intentions are there and that’s what counts;) 

ah, you used HG samples!  Sometimes you just want to use reliable products:). 

Re: Foil Challenge

I'm impressed @heartsmyface and inspired. 😁 I may try spreading out some sheet masks around the place in the next couple of weeks. I think for me some of it has to do with my skin type changing a bit - it's combo more often now. Still dehydrated with slight rosacea but, at least for the last couple of years, it's not been super duper dry in the fall and winter. We'll see if that keeps up - I'm traveling more and in the office more so all the airplane air and office HVAC may mean drier skin come the cooler season this year. I usually reach for sheet masks more when my skin is on the dry / drier side. Yeah, I've been reaching for more rinse off or overnight masks of late - any ones you've been loving lately?

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi  I still think you did a great job even tho you didn’t use any of your YTTP foils! Maybe July will be a better month to use them!! The foils you used sounded so good. I wonder if the eye cream that says butter was thinking more of the texture of melted butter or almost melted butter? 

Re: Foil Challenge

Ahhh, good point about the Klairs eye cream @ather! Smart. I really do like that brand. If only I had more than just this one face - I'd be able to go through more product. 😅

Re: Foil Challenge

I have set 1 empties aside to start using in July. I have not been hitting my goals. However, if I really try I think I can make it through these and hopefully a few more.



Re: Foil Challenge

@Mellmars1185  Ha setting goals on foils is tough.  I find it easier to make a pledge to a number of foils than to specific ones.  Those are so awesome foils though!!  

Re: Foil Challenge

@heartsmyface I will try that next month 😊

Re: Foil Challenge

@Mellmars1185 lots of fun stuff 

Re: Foil Challenge

My May and June foil empties only total 4.


I feel like I have not made enough time for this type of self care. I am off this week. I am going to regroup and reset for July. 

Re: Foil Challenge

@Mellmars1185 what did you think of the amika Mirrorball High Shine + Protect Antioxidant Shampoo & conditioner? 

Re: Foil Challenge

@Mellmars1185 thanks, I know with foils it isn't easy to decide how well it works.  

Re: Foil Challenge

@CorgiMommy I remember liking it and it leaving my hair kind of squeeky clean. Good first impression. Sorry I can't remember it making too much of a difference.

Re: Foil Challenge

Thanks @itsfi  for reminding me it’s the end of May. Omg where did the month go? I feel like I did great the beginning of the month and mid to end I got a nasty stomach bug then a cold so I’ve been doing more minimal skincare. 


 The foils on the right I loved and the ones on the left are just not for me. The DS of Topicals Faded Brightening & Clearing Body Mist 3.4 oz/ 100 mL was ok. I didn’t notice it helped with most of the pigment I have been trying to remove. I was actually really surprised how much I enjoyed Herbivore Aquarius Pore Purifying BHA Cream 1.7oz/50ml  and I may need to get a FS at some point! 

Re: Foil Challenge

@ather I hope you are feeling better. It is nice that you were able to fit in some self care. Great foil empties!

Re: Foil Challenge

@Mellmars1185  Thank you! I’m finally starting to feel better!

Re: Foil Challenge

I’m so sorry you’ve not been feeling well @ather! 😔 Hopefully you’re on the recovery track and feeling back to your old self soon! Being sick is not fun at all but I will say that it reminds me how well my skin does with a more minimal skincare outline. 

Great job with your foils. Love your hair care foils. Is that the JVN Embody line? Shampoo or conditioner? 

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi  Finally feeling better! Hopefully I’ll be 100% by the end of the week. It didn’t help I have been crazy busy the past couple weeks and haven’t had time to take a break. It was JVN Embody Daily Volumizing Conditioner 10 oz/ 295 mL  and it was amazing. I would love to get the set but I have to use what I have on hand first! I also have a mini set of the JVN Nurture Hydrating Shampoo 10 oz/ 295 mL line. I also love! 

Re: Foil Challenge

Posting a little early for May foils. I have a handful of deadlines this week and am not planning on using any foils for the next few days. All my foil uses were during trips; here's what happened in May. 


May foil goals = 8 - 12 foils

Actual foils used = 9 - yay! I met my goal, just barely, but I'll take it. Now, for the details - 

May 2023 Foils 1.jpg

Tatcha cleansing oil is a tried-and-true love, one I come back to time and time again as I rotate through oil based cleansers. 💜 The new Tatcha serum is a non-bakuchiol alternative to retinol. My skin responds well to bakuchiol but I was interested in how a non-bakuchiol retinol-alt product would perform. I was not disappointed. The foot mask was a great way to get in some moisture and TLC to my soles before a day of walking; I posted a more detailed foot mask review on the mask thread. I'd happily use all three of these beauties.


May 2023 Foils 2.jpg

Both sets of undereye masks were good - the cucumber based eye mask was soothing and perfect after a day in the sun and the Sephora Collection caffeine eye masks make a regular appearance in my skincare routine when I travel for work. Used this the morning after a very late night and received a handful of compliments the next morning at breakfast about how rested I looked after being up so late the night before. Lots of water + these caffeine eye masks sure help to combat a handful of drinks and 4 hours of sleep. 👍 The Fresh Black Tea cream also helped to get some moisture and hydration into my skin. The amika hair mask was the only meh item in the group, but I wonder if I was using it wrong. 🤔


May 2023 Foils 3.jpg

I'm not sure how I feel about the hair care and body scrub - they smelled wonderful and I would use them again if I had them, but they're not ones I'd run out to replenish my travel foils stash. The mouthwash came in handy since I forgot to pack mine this trip. The hand glove makes a nice exfoliating tool, but my preference is still the wash towels from the Japanese brand Salux.


Foil Goals for June

My focus for June will be on my full and deluxe sized products, but I'd like to work through the 7 foil packets of this YTTP serum, along with a handful of foundation foils / samples (not pictured) which I'll reach for with a freestyle approach. 😉 All in all, I will aim to use up 10-12 foils next month. 
YTTP serum foils (7) - June target.jpg

Looking forward to seeing what foils folks liked / disliked this month and hearing about everyone's goals for June. Ummmm, who else can't believe it's almost June!! (Or maybe June when you get to this post?!!) 😮 @ather 

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi Excellent progress! It sounds like some of these fouls came in handy for travelling. I can't beleive it is almost June either!!

Re: Foil Challenge

@itsfi  Great job! I think I have a DS of Tatcha The Silk Serum Wrinkle-Smoothing Retinol Alternative 1 oz / 30 mL  I can’t wait to try after hearing you loved it! I always forget how much I like the Tatcha The Camellia Oil 2-in-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser  it’s a great cleanser!! It’s too bad about the scrub! 

Love your goals for June! I know you will hit your mark! 

Re: Foil Challenge

@ather, the cleansing oil at one point was my go to oil based cleanser. It’s still one I love; I’ve just been working my way through my cleansing balms. I love my Bakuchiol serum but I couldn’t resist trying another alternative to retinol. 

The SdJ scrub smells really nice, which is to be expected from Sol de Janeiro. I just don’t know if the scrub would be a favorite. I tend to prefer more chemical based exfoliants for use on my body. 

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