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First Julep Order...

Well, I got my Naughty or Nice Mystery box, and Julep was definitely nice!!  

I forgot to put these in the pic:

So the mystery box had:

6 polishes

1 lip gloss

1 Blank Canvas Mattifying Primer

1 Rockstar Hand Cream

2 Foils Luxe Hand Cream

2 Foils Luxe Repair Serum

1 pack blotting papers

1 ½ black/ ½ brown eye liner


All for under $25!!!



And I got the add on (which I think these colors are the best of the bunch):


And here are close ups of the nail colors:



But I am so bummed... I tried the lip gloss on today, which is VERY nice, and the color is amazing... but look what happened when I tried to open it the second time!!  Smiley Sad  Boo



Re: First Julep Order...

Wow that's amazing! Too bad about the lip gloss though. Awwwww..... Smiley Sad

Re: First Julep Order...

Julep's formula wasn't bad but I found their packaging lacking. The bottle of polish really don't hold up well - and I don't abuse mine, they live in a small dark, cool cabinet where no one but me handles them and they all stay upright and aren't jostled. The number of broken lids I had in six months made me give up and trade 'em all in to Zoya. Mine didn't travel far, either, I live in Seattle, where Julep is! 

Re: First Julep Order...

Bummer... Since this is my first order and first Julep polishes, we'll see if I have the same problem.  I don't buy Hourglass lipgloss due to the packaging... the formula is fantastic, and colors great... but when one exploded in my purse, that was the end of that.  I have yet to try Zoya... another reason to get more polish!  Yikes.

Re: First Julep Order...

Contact julep's customerservice  and tell them what happened to the lipgloss they might be able to send you a replacement. There customer  service rocks!

Re: First Julep Order...

I agree. Their customer service does rock. They sent me the wrong thing a couple of weeks ago and when I called they were so nice and expedited me a replacement. 

Re: First Julep Order...

The Naughty or Nice box was my first box from Julep too. I also thought it was a good deal. I am excited to see if I continue to have good luck with them. 

Re: First Julep Order...

I'm still waiting on mine. It should come today. Smiley Happy


Their after Xmas sale is supposed to be awesome. 

Re: First Julep Order...

I hope it comes soon...

Re: First Julep Order...

It finally came but all my add-ons were missing which was nine polishes.


I had added on two separate trios for $9.99 each and three singles for $4.99 each at check out and all my add-ons were not there.


After a couple of phone calls with their customer service (which rocks by the way) -- the sets are sold out but they still had the individual colors and agreed to send them to me at the reduced price that I had paid. 


I've had to call their customer service a couple of times in the last week or so about mistakes with my orders but they have been amazing. Super friendly and helpful. 


So I did get all my Mystery box stuff and Mystery add-on and love those and the others will come next week some time I guess. 

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