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Off-Topic Board Update

Hi BeautyTalkers! Happy Valentine's Day!


I posted this message in another thread but I wanted to post it here as well so everyone could see it.


BeautyTalk is a wonderful place to talk about beauty, get advice from brands, Pros, Beauty Advisors and each other, and to obsess over products. I also think it's a great place to be silly and get a respite from our day to day lives.


This is why we created the Off-Topic thread; we hoped people would make friends, and if they did, then in theory they would want to talk about something else other than beauty! That being said, I can see how with the redesign of the site, all of the off-topic threads on the homepage may seem a little overwhelming to a person who is just browsing for beauty advice.


So taking some advice our community members, we've removed the off-topic thread from the BeautyTalk homepage, so that those threads no longer show up in the feed. Please be advised that they are still there! All you need to do to see them is click on "The Lounge" category, or even bookmark that link for direct access. This was done to ensure that BeautyTalk is fun and helpful for everyone, and that we can accommodate the office party AND the frat party (because we do love both).


Thank you guys so much for continuing to participate in BT and make it a great community.


Your friendly Community Manager,



Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I just wish we could have an option to keep it on out front pages

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I agree.  I think we should be able to filter what we chose to see or not. The main page featured the most recently commented on items. I feel like that should be the default. I don't want to see questions from 2 months ago on the main page that have been answered a million times over. Having only certain items featured on the main page is a complete hassle. The palette parade, which is a legitimate beauty-related post is now off in the lounge but is completely hidden from view on the main page. I'm not a fan of the new system. At all.


Re: Off-Topic Board Update

this is the kind of magic we are missing on the front page. so sad that a few negative nancies (who also post their own fair share of off topic threads) had to ruin the joys of space cats for all. 

hipster space cat is so disappointed in you (you know who you are)

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

"Only those looking for joy will find it."--Olde Blonde Proverbe

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I am laughing so hard Heart

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Just when it started getting fun, people cry about it. Where'd all these complainers graduate from? drama llama university? Did you guys major in killjoy sciences?


like Veronica said below. It's not just silly stuff in off topics. There's actual legit things that are much more interesting than "I NEED HELP! IMPORTANT! HOW TO REDUCE ACNE???" Yea you can look at it by clicking the off topics link, but that not exactly why I'm disappointed.


I find it funny that when we ask mods to remove posts on specific pages that rudely called out people and were actually creating drama, they refuse to do so because it "didn't violate terms of BT" but something as silly as creating more fun for ourselves will have them tripping and scrambling to change the site. If anyone remembers my first angry post about calling customer service after receiving the "extraearly" code, you might remember my main drive for the post. "Sephora, keep it fair"

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Sing it!

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Everyone say it together 1, 2, 3, FILTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Off-Topic Board Update


Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I agree with this change. I come to read about beauty and non-beauty threads were dominating the forum (granted, I'm terrible with staying up to date on the jokes so I didn't get most of them!). They're still here and people can still post to them. I would imagine it would be overwhelming for someone just looking for beauty advice so if Sephora wants to keep its forum more in align with what it was created for that makes sense to me.

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