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Let's Talk About NARS!

A lot of the other big beauty brands have their own threads now, so I thought, why not NARS? Let's share news about new collections, feedback on products, etc here.


The audacious thread:


SPRING 2019:








Have you picked up anything from the collection so far? Do tell!





Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

There's a 13 piece color collection as well as a 10 piece gifting collection! The color collection part and select gifting items will launch October 5 at the NARS website and in boutiques, select gifting will be exclusively available at Sephora November 1st.


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.46.37 PM.png



Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

The cases are soooo beautiful, but I'm not totally sold on the contents of any single one. I may just end up saving some cash and only buy the single eyeshadow in 'Stud.' I can't wait to see swatches of everything though!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Oh wow - on my must have is either the One Shocking Moment or Despair palettes (cant' decide 'til I see them!)

Otherwise, I'm leaning VERY heavily towards the Audacious coffret.  I only have Charlotte so far.  Possibles are the eyeshadow in Stud and the bullet pencils.  


EEK- I may have to take something else off my list to allow for that audacious set, but I'm trying to maintain a reasonable holiday amount of spending, if this is remotely possible. 

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Thanks for posting all the pictures Mochapj!

Makes me realize there's so much more I'd buy!! Smiley Happy

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Thank you very much, 

Mocha! Now, I know I am getting one of everything! :')

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Mocha, thanks for updating with the Allure pictures. This has narrowed down my list immensely.



Despair cheek palette



One Shocking Moment cheek palette

Dead of Summer DI eyeshadow palette

Never Too Late single shadow

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Welp, this collection is going to blow my holiday budget.

My wishlist:

  • Audacious set - I have Anna and Raquel will probably be too light on me, so this may depend on if I can trade them. I think I would love Charlotte and Fanny, but am not sure about Juliette.  I really just want that mirrored box!
  • Despair Cheek Set
  • Eyeshadow - Stud - Hopefully this is pretty and not too boring.
  • Lipstick Shine - No Shame

Lower on my priorities:

  • One Shocking Moment Set - only considering this one because I don't have luster or dolce vita
  • Killer Heel Lipstick Set - may try to trade for some of the reds since I'm not interested in the lighter shades



Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

This release is huge! I am excited for reviews and swatches! Is it coming to Sephora or just Nordstrom. I really want to add atleast one thing from Nars to my collection Smiley Very Happy

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Original post updated with all holiday product photos, prices, color details in spoilers.  Photos courtesy of Allure dot com

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Few more photos I found on Google, IG and Spektra.  The lip is apparently one of the lipsticks in the collection:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.26.11 PM.png


Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.26.51 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.27.38 PM.png

Tearjerker set:


Kohl pencil in X-static: Deep Jade

Kohl pencil in Tragic: Smokey slate blue

Mini Audacious Mascara


A Woman's Face set:


Lipstick in Dolce Vita

Matte Velvet Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita

Matte Velvet Lip Liner in Patong Beach


Also, Harpers Bazaar had a writeup that said the collection includes:
"plum lipstick, ultra metallic shadows and rich orange Multiple"

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

The red gloss is beautiful and as is that bright berry Audacious! It's so gorgeous and I want it badly even though I would rarely wear it Smiley Very Happy This thread is awesome! I don't have anything from Nars, but I would like to get something during the sale(partly for the matte black packaging Smiley Wink 

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Looks amazing! I highly recommend buying as soon as it pops. I love previous NARS blush limited edition palettes. I also use NARS bronzer to halo my face. I'm not a fan of Orgasm, too light & sparkly for me. Use pink on the apples of your cheek Smiley Happy stuff lasts forever!! 

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I have yet to try the Audacious formula, but two of those colors look really tempting! When is this stuff coming out? 

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

NYC Fashion Week is a spectacular time to scout out upcoming NARS products as a lot of designers have exclusive contracts with NARS and NARS will design looks around, say, a new lipstick color or eye concept. 


a lot of the audacious line (particularly the reds) were debuted during the a/w 2014 shows (which took place spring of 2014), and same with the autumn collection VIP red this season...

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

What I love most about Nars?


30% pro discount!  So always buy online Not @ Sephora.




Looking forward to the new customized palettes!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Another preview photo from IG



Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I have to say i am really glad they're doing this. There's a few nars e/s ive wanted but i don't like single / duo pkg. so i got rid of most of what i had and now only buy single pans i can customize. Il definitely be buying a few to try. I just  bought another zpalette so idk that Il be buying the nars palette right away, maybe at a later pt. The pans are still kinda pricey anyway lol

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I have about one use left of my beloved Penny Lane and I think I'm in grieving 😿

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

New swatches... steven klein collection?




(thelifeofsoreilly dot com)

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Haven't had much experience with NARS, just the trio kit perk. But the first purchase of NARS I want it to be Audacious Greta. 

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I briefly saw this thread earlier today but couldn't get in it because of the crazy traffic. Thanks for starting this, Mocha! I'm a fan of Nars for, oh maybe 7 or 8 years and surprising my first item I purchased was Nico blush. Now I am very fair and didn't actually buy it to be a blush and never even wore it as a highlighter yet. I wore it exclusively as my only eyeshadow for probably a year or 2 and it works beautifully to even out my reddish eyelids. Back when I got it I only wore eyeliner and mascara, no eyeshadow (I made up for it since!).


I have since acquired many items incl lipsticks, more blush, eye shadows, etc. I've been impressed by their overall consistently good quality. 


I ordered (finally!) VIP red and mainly got the push from meganlisa after I saw her video, thanks btw for the review Megan! I should have it by Thursday, can't wait!!


Yesterday I went to the mall to exchange some things and at the FS Sephora I wandered down the Nars aisle first to swatch some "blushes," mainly wanting to look at the highlighting ones. However their selection was a bit disappointing. I swatched Albatross which I'd been eyeing online for a year. But I had a few other things in my bag already and was trying to stay on budget. Plus I have a zillion highlighters. 


Well once I got to SiJCP which had a few of the ones I wanted to swatch (but not New Order), I broke down and got Albatross. It was just too beautiful to leave behind!! Oh yeah that's right, I have Taj Mahal coming tomorrow. All these orangey red shade lipsticks (that I accrued mainly from Bite) made me want that beautiful orange blush. Who the heck knows if orange lips and cheeks will be too much but I don't care! I just had this vision in my mind and  well, you know how that story goes! Lol!


Now this new 413 BLKR blush. Ugh. I haven't looked for any reviews, don't even want to, just want that darn blush. I may need to order that soon and then declare a Code Blue for my bank account as it already needs resuscitation.


I've only tried the Audacious mascara once and thought it was okay. But I surely haven't declared it DOA so there's hope and I will try it again next time I wear mascara. I've been taking the summer off to have surgeries (when it rains, it pours), so I've been wearing the least amount of make up in general, for the last several months. I'm getting back on track though! I've got too many beautiful things to utilize! It's exciting!!


The End...for now! Smiley Very Happy


Edit: nope, there more! I finally was reading through some comments and forgot that I also have recently acquired Telesto and Pasiphae DI eye shadows. Love....they make me happy too! Smiley Happy


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