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Chanel Updates


Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up?

Share your Chanel finds, reviews and loves!

Re: Chanel Updates

@itsfi, mine, too! It's an expensive time of the year! 😂

Re: Chanel Updates

Hi, all!  For a mere $825, you can purchase "the very limited" The Calendar.



Re: Chanel Updates

@Titian06, $25 down, $800 more to go (plus tax). 😂🤣😂 Going to see what loose change I can find in the couch. 🤪 


Re: Chanel Updates

@itsfi - lol...and don't forget under the car seats too!  😄

Re: Chanel Updates

@Titian06, that’s a brilliant idea! 💡 Be right back … 

Car change.jpeg

Here’s what I found. Sooo close! 😂

Re: Chanel Updates

You guys are making me giggle @itsfi @Titian06 ! 😂

Re: Chanel Updates

Chanel Holiday 2021 has launched in Canada at Chanel direct, Holt Renfrew, The Bay, and Shoppers. The packaging is gorgeous!  Allison Chase posted a video on her selections from the collection.

Chanel No 5 packaging.jpg

Re: Chanel Updates

Saks has the Chanel collection except the No 5 eyeshadow quad available for pre-order. Note: shipping date is listed as before 11/20/21!


Jennifer/Allfiesty and Angela Van Rose have videos on the No 5 eyeshadow palette.

Re: Chanel Updates

Wow @TraceyEB so you think the boutiques will have it that much longer? A whole month. That’s kind of wild but I do think I recall it has been that way for Nordies too? I have a hunch it will be a sell out. Sooo cool. Their pics! 🤩

Re: Chanel Updates

Lucky @TraceyEB ! I’m hearing Oct 28 here in the states. 

Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom @TraceyEB 


quad is up for preorder on Chanel direct.. says ships late October

Re: Chanel Updates

Thanks @shimmerbait ! Was about to look and I got a notice from my SA in boutique saying they had the tester unit and thought the lips etc would be in tomorrow or very soon. Woohoo! 

Re: Chanel Updates

Good to know, @Sunnysmom! I ordered the quad and a family member's picking it up for me. I won't see it until Christmas, though, but glad to have it. Will pick up a lipstick when they launch in the US. Really curious when the quad that @Mochapj posted will be available.

Re: Chanel Updates

Sounds perfect @TraceyEB ! It looks so pretty! Can’t wait to see what you get. I want the No.5 quad and lippies too. Maybe the highlighter? 

Re: Chanel Updates

Has anyone heard when the US is supposed to get the les beiges water-fresh blushes? Bubblymichelle has some really nice swatches of them on IG.


Edit: From everything I’ve checked into I don’t think the US will be getting these. Hoping to be proven wrong.

Re: Chanel Updates

I just asked my boutique SA because I’m wondering also @Winthrop44 @katkapivarci. She said they have no current info or ETA on them nor the pressed powder. 😕 But we know how that is; they often just end up appearing! 😂 Keep you posted whatever I hear.  

Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom Thanks a lot. True...could pop up as a exclusive at some point because from past experience .com not knowing (and they don’t either) doesn’t mean anything. But I’m not holding my breath.

Re: Chanel Updates

Well this gal is the manager @Winthrop44 so I do believe her but it’s tricky even for them it seems! 😂 She did say the holiday lippies  are available now in my store but nothing else. I guess they are promoting the 100 yr anniv etc with a few new shades. Still cute tho with the darn 5 on the cap! Lol. I’m sure the rest will follow soon or I hope! 
Holiday line pic just as a refresh as I kind of forgot what all was included! 😆

Swatches coming in a bit. 


Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom ooohh I hope Pirate isn't too dark and is more plummy than vampy. IDK if I can justify buying another Chanel red just for the LE packaging 😜

Re: Chanel Updates

I don’t have any of the other colors @niki172 because I think they were too warm for me but I bet others do. Maybe the lovely @blackkitty2014 for example 🥰. I’m expecting new swatches of them today in case they’ve changed somehow too so I’ll share them once I get em and imagine someone else may weigh in with some. 😊

Re: Chanel Updates

I have Pirate from before @niki172 and it’s a true blue red not too bright but not too dark. I wouldn’t call it plummy tho :(. 
It’s consistently been my favorite Chanel red.


Do you have any of these. Off my head they were ones I thought of without digging more lol. 
Top to bottom-

267 Audacieux

192 Profondeur more plum irl than here 

617 Camelia Grenat

70 Unique (my other fav!) 





 267, 192, 617, 70



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