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Chanel Updates


Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up?

Share your Chanel finds, reviews and loves!

Re: Chanel Updates

Thanks!  Appreciate the support!

Re: Chanel Updates

Well I was gonna pass on this one but your video made me have to have it!  Just ordered from Nordstroms online and chose the "glow" GWP which somehow helped justify this purchase.

Re: Chanel Updates

Agreed.  I'm all about justifying (obviously) and getting glowing skin too makes it work (I didn't get a gift and still justified it).

Really gorgeous.   One of my favorites!

Re: Chanel Updates

Yay thanks megan you're a real trooper for touching the pretty pearls..also had an 'awh' moment when you said you dug into the c's 😞 .. i do feel these look more like they were pressed type meteorites by looking at the texture ..also its funny how the dior pink is called an illuminator although quite metallic and an obvious highlighter and this is deemed a highlighter but I feel I can use it more as an all over illuminator since im medium complexion and the pink can probably add some brightness to the face. Great vid as always and appreciate the comparisons. 

Re: Chanel Updates

Thanks!  It is so hard to touch.  Making the video was a little painful.  But it's so pretty on too.

These finishes vary so much...and you're right...the labeling doesn't always give you a good indication.


Re: Chanel Updates

Wait-how does it compare to Confetti powder?

Re: Chanel Updates

Slightly more sheen (this really doesn't shimmer) and cooler.  Both finely milled.

Re: Chanel Updates

Love! Do tell what you're wearing in the video, you look great! I agree a cool highlighter, is just ,well, cool 🙂

Re: Chanel Updates

Tom Ford Last Dance, YSL Vert Anglais Kajal, Faceshop Coral Cushion blush and Givenchy Mandarin Bolero lipstick.

And the Chanel...

Re: Chanel Updates

The Chanel looks really good on you! I'm surprised because at first I thought maybe you had on the Dior pink. After seeing your video, I'm going to keep a backup of this Chanel for myself. Because like you said, it's too pretty to mess up 😉

Re: Chanel Updates

I got the Perles Et Fantasies from saks the other day. It's really pretty. I wish I could compare it to Glowing Gardens, but that seems to be sold out everywhere!!!

For the Perles, the white side is softer, more shimmery, and has more color payoff. The pink side is harder, but has a lovely shimmer sheen that reflects pink (rather than a cool pink color with white reflects). Mixed together, the pink takes the edge off the white and makes the powder more neutral. I've tried it on my face, and the effect is natural and not too shimmery. It really is a pearly glow! The swatches from left to right show both sides mixed, the white side and the pink side. The indirect light doesn't show the shimmer that well...IMG_2701web.jpg


For comparisons, the same three swatches are in the center, with Hourglass Incandescent Light ambient powder on the far left and Mac Pearl Blossom on the far right. This shot shows the shimmer a bit better.




And here is what the pan looks like after some swatching and brush use!! I am worried for the little CC because I kinda had to go hard on the pink! Also, the colors are so separate, like the break in the middle is the grand canyon to the bottom of the pan. I don't know if that is just mine.. It makes me a bit nervous about it cracking.



The lipsticks are RAV La Delicate and Tom Ford Patrick. I thought they might be similar but they swatch very differently (Chanel on the bottom, softer, more pink and sheerer - this is quite a few layers.)IMG_2732web.jpg


Re: Chanel Updates


Re: Chanel Updates

My photos and with the Dior across the top.

Re: Chanel Updates

Thank you for the swatches! I love that lipstick. It's really pretty. Today is the day I'm going to play with my Chanle Perles et Fantasies. Excited after seeing your swatches 🙂

Re: Chanel Updates

Thanks for the great swatches and description--I totally agree!

I was lucky that my Nordstrom sold it to me, they said they weren't suppoosed to release till Feb 1 ( they don't even have the testers) but since someone told me on the phone I could pick it up and I came in, they let me buy it early. 

Also, heard that each store received very limited quantities ( 15 for my Nordies) and it was limited to 1 per person. 


I was able to buy 2 since the person I spoke to on the phone didn't know about the limit! Yay me


I only tried it on the side of my forehead last night since I already had a full face done at Chanel, but I really liked the soft pearly glow it gives without too much shimmer. And it is gorgeous and soo cute at the same time. I'm glad I got two since it I hard to use it without wearing the pearls down. 


Both of mine has the deep separation between the white and pink too. It doesn't look flawed, it looks intentional.

Took pics last night but they sucked cause it was too dark. I'll try to take some today. 


My Dior pink highlighter hasn't arrived yet but I was able to test it at the local sephora ( wasn't on the floor yet, store director brought it out for me) and in comparison, the Dior has that soft gellee texture and the Chanel's is a drier powder texture.  The Dior seemed to have much more shimmer ( could have been the fact it was a much harder swatch) but I'll have to try both on my face to see which I prefer. I can't wear highlighters with too much shinmer at work so I prefer less shimmer.

Re: Chanel Updates

@Kate.. pretty please post some swatches when you get a chance 🙂 ..I want to get a feel for how it looks on diff skin tones bfor I go ahead and purchase without swatching it. TIA! 

Re: Chanel Updates

Great mini review Kate!  I'm really curious too how these 2 (the Dior glowing pink and Chanel Perles) will compare. I have both and haven't tried them yet because I'm enjoying looking at them new. But I'm worried the Dior might be too frosty/metallic. It's good to know that they seem different. I'll probably end up keeping both then. I'm on the fence, thinking I can talk myself out of one of them but so far haven't been able to do that!

Re: Chanel Updates

This thread hasn't been getting a lot of attention I figured I'd post.  I found the Chanel Noir Khol 90 mascara (sold out on Chanel's website and hard to find) at the Beverly Hills boutique.  And they ship for free in the US now.

I also stopped in to one of Chanel's neighbors.



Re: Chanel Updates

Love this picture! Heaven 🙂

Re: Chanel Updates

Did you see the Perles et Fantasies Highlighter while you were there? I wonder if someone could tell me how it compares to the Dior Glowing Gardens and the Burberry White highlighter (texture and "sparkle" -wise)

Re: Chanel Updates

It wasn't out yet.  I did just get the Perles highlighter in the mail but I'm not sure I can touch it (not yet at least!).  It's so pretty....

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