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Bobbi Brown Thread

The Bobbi Brown thread.  Bobbi Brown was the first brand that got me excited about makeup.  So I'll always have a soft spot for BB.  And now Sephora has the amazing 25 year year palette.

Note, the holiday lip shade is sold out on Nordstrom.  I'm going to be watching for it on Sephora's site.



Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@parsi, I suspect we will see the Skyscape collection, part of Bobbi's 2021 Spring releases. I saw two of the eyeshadow palettes for sale online at Look Fantastic UK.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

The Real Nudes/Nudes Collection has been spotted by @Sunnysmom! It launched this summer in Asia and this Fall in the UK. It consists of 3 eyeshadow palettes and new Crushed Lips shades. Swatches below (the Selfridge Oxford ones are multiple passes). Note: some eyeshadow shades may exist in longtime BB collections!



Golden NudesGolden NudesScreenshot_20210109-204911.png

BBlush NudesBlush NudesScreenshot_20210109-204759.png

Stonewashed NudesStonewashed NudesScreenshot_20210109-204841.png


Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Love the look of the lipsticks, @TraceyEB , especially Brownie.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Just spied these on Nordstrom. New or not new?! Think so. Hard to tell anymore. Bring it on I guess! 😊 @TraceyEB @Ispend2much6 




Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

They look pretty; I wonder how they perform. @Sunnysmom 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

 6B3CDD75-85BF-4AE6-832B-CDC81CC0EB5F.jpeg4E7BD809-4652-46E8-B665-2276E4B1736D.jpeg  My Stonewashed Nudes shadows came @Ispend2much6 and so far they appear very similar to my other BB shadows. Some of the shimmers are softer and matte is firmer etc. It’s definitely a neutral usuable set that I can see throwing on for every day. 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Sunnysmom   Thank you!  It will probably work for a lot of people.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

It definitely will @Ispend2much6 . I like it. Nice having them together too vs 1 or 2 from other palettes I have to dig out heaven forbid. 😂

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Me too @Ispend2much6 , I ordered Stonewashed set. My SA hadn’t seen them at all. Prob look very similar to other palettes so should be interesting. As @TraceyEB said too I’m sure some shades are repeats. Debated the red lip but yellow red description turned me away. Looks so pretty tho. 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Sunnysmom, I just posted swatches for this collection! Great spy work!! I was wondering if this collection would come to the US/Canada!!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

😘Did you buy any @TraceyEB ?! Thank for your swatches! 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Coming Soon - Bobbi Brown Stroke of Luck Lunar New Year Collection launching in January. Features Intensive Skin Serum Foundation (LE packaging), Soothing Cleansing Oil (LE packaging), Stroke of Luck Eyeshadow Palette, Highlighting Powder in Opal Glow (check your collections, used to be in permanent line), and Luxe Metal Lipsticks in the shades Firecracker (yellow red), Red Fortune (warm red) and Lantern Light (warm pink nude).



Screenshot_20210103-142614~4.pngOpal GlowOpal GlowIMG_20210103_142803.jpg

Top-Bottom: Firecracker, Red Fortune, Lantern LightTop-Bottom: Firecracker, Red Fortune, Lantern Light

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Ooh any idea when it will be available?? I’ve been checking online every day to see if it launched

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@parsi, if you google bobbi brown stroke of luck and click on the eyeshadow palette, it will bring you to a page on BB direct that will list the full collection if you click on Get The Look. Use MELANIE15 for a 15% discount.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@parsi, I expect very soon. It just launched on BB's UK site, so US/Canada won't be far behind. Also noticed it launched at Harrods US site (note: there's both a 10% discount ending today + a hefty shipping fee).

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

New - Crushed Shine Jelly Sticks (LE) and Crushed Lip Color shades. Available at Sephora.






Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Tried one of the new Crushed shine Jelly sticks in Cranberry because my lips are so bad right now. They feel so nice and soothing and not at all sticky like other similar ones.  Color is very subtle on even on my pale lips tho looks intense here.  The case confuses me however. Lol I have read some love it but I have absentmindedly put it in wrong end and smooshed it already and the other end is weird too. I don’t trust its gonna fit in properly tho it does 😂 . Not necessary to me! 😖 @Ispend2much6 @TraceyEB 



Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Sunnysmom @Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wondering about those! It is always so sad when a new lipstick gets smooshed 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

It’s such a bummer @Kim888 ! And it was pretty new while getting used to the case. Grr. Glad it wasn’t a more precious one! 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Ohhhhhhhhhh yes these look so good! 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@tastelikewater, I'm intrigued!

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