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Uploading Images

So I've tried searching the forum and can't quite find the answer I'm looking for.


Is there a trick to uploading pictures? Personal and external? For example, when trying to insert the picture of a product I recommend from the Sephora site, I used to be able to just "drag and drop" the picture to insert it into my post. But now when I try to do that, it inserts a hyperlink instead. Also, when I try and upload personal images from my computer, NOTHING happens or it says something along the lines of "unable to insert image"--I forget exactly what it says, but you get the drift. I've tried the "drag photos/files here" option as well as the "choose file" option in addition to saving my images in different formats (JPEG, JPEG-2000, etc.) and sure enough, NOTHING happens unless I try over and over and over and be patient.

Could this be a problem with my web browser? I'm currently using Google Chrome, but have tried this with FireFox as well and experienced the same results. Or is it a problem with the image format?


I'm usually pretty tech-savvy, but just can't seem to figure this out and it's bugging me! Please help me! One of my favorite features of Beauty Talk is the ability to view other user's photos as well as upload my own. Especially when I'm recommending a product, I really like being able to insert the product image into my post so users can see exactly what I'm talking about (maybe I'm crazy, I'm just a visual person!) Please help this Beauty Talk damsel in distress!


Please and thank you!

Re: Uploading Images

Is there a trick to uploading personal images from iPhone 4s. when I called I was directed to the "getting started" section of BT which didn't seem to help!

Re: Uploading Images

Hi babybear04,

With a few change and few previous issues it CAN be a bit tricky to add photos. The "drag & drop" or "copy image/paste image" no longer works on any browser- What I do is right click the image of an item, select "copy image url" and then once I'm back in my BT dialog box i select "link to a picture" and insert the URL that I just copied. Quicker than saving an image to my documents and loading!

As for your own personal photos, make sure they are in JPEG format and not TOO large or tiny- it's a bit iffy and I had issues uploading my own BT image before as well! You may need to upload them a few times or log out and try again, clear browser cache, etc. Let me know if that helps and I can check in with Candace if there are any other steps I may be missing that can help you out more! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Uploading Images

Great! Thank you so much.  Just tried the right click method and worked like a charm!  As for the personal images go, I'll continue messing around with it to see if I can get it right!


Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!

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