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Spring Break Plans???

Hey hey!


So with March comes Spring Break! I know not everyone is in school to where you get the week or some time off, but I know there are still tons of extra activities and even special events that occur during this time for anyone to enjoy so I wanted to know what or if you had any plans.


Whether it's making a visit back home, taking a vacation or trip, happy hour with the ladies or a couple of girls' nights, hitting up the theaters, concerts, going to the beach, lounging by the pool, or even just staying in, what's on the schedule?


As for me, no specific plans during the week, minus work. My weekends this month are crazy packed, everything from make up/hair bookings, family dinners, to people visiting from out of town, to birthdays, I'll be keeping busy!


Re: Spring Break Plans???

Ooooh!  I love gardens, but have a black thumb >.> How do you do it?  I'd really love to grow an okra plant at some point, do you have any pointers on that?  Have fun with your garden!

Re: Spring Break Plans???

Smiley Sad Awwww, poor, Moregun and your black thumb!

Re: Spring Break Plans???

I've never tried to grow okra, mainly because I don't like the texture. Haha but I'm sure its not that hard.

To cover your black thumb, use green gloves! 

Re: Spring Break Plans???

Hahaha, make them incognito!!! Undercover thumbs!

Re: Spring Break Plans???

*hums Mission Impossible theme* Yeah!  Sounds like the way to go, and may I recommend eating them fried?  Any other way they tend to be oddly sticky, and well, the seed texture is weird haha.  Frying for whatever reason cancels it all out and brings out its rich, savory flavor Smiley Happy  Also, it's definitely best paired with a jalapeno pepper jelly Smiley Tongue

Re: Spring Break Plans???

Nice! I live in da dirty south, so I think I've tried okra in all possible ways. Just doesn't agree with my palette. Ha

Re: Spring Break Plans???

It happens, I'm definitely far enough north that we don't get much okra, so a lot of people up here haven't really tried it, shouldn't have assumed >.>  I love most southern food though, especially when we get into Cajun and Creole foods ^.^

Re: Spring Break Plans???

I love how so many of the conversations here turn into being about food!

Re: Spring Break Plans???

My Spring Break is this week, and I still have homework.  *sigh*  But it is not as much as I've had on previous breaks.  I'll be spending time with Lanndan and friends, and I'll also be doing some Spring Cleaning.  It's supposed to stay pretty for the week, so I'll be able to give my car, named Layla, a good bath and not have to worry about rain, mud, or snow the next day lol.  


Ever since I've been in college, my mom takes a day off from work during Spring Break, and we have a mother daughter day.  This time, we're just going to spend the day in JC. Although the wedding won't be for a while, mom said we'll browse some wedding places/dresses just for the heck of it lol.  


In a way, I think my mom is kind of excited about it.  She and dad didn't have an actual wedding.  They just had a court house wedding, which there is nothing wrong with that.  She has dropped hints to dad that she would like to renew their vows when their 25th anniversary rolls around.  Dad hasn't said yes or no to that.  Instead, he just cracks a joke: "Our current ones haven't expired."   lol.

Re: Spring Break Plans???

awww, kimmi, that is so sweet!!  i like your dad's joke too, haha.

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