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Random Saturday Questions!

1. What hair color would you have if maintenance, price and hair damage are not an issue?

2. Are you a bold eyes, lips or cheeks king of gal?

3. Favorite food?

4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)?

5. Favorite Body Moisturizer?


My answers:

1. Right now my hair is a sort of dark burgundy and I really love it (I'm naturally a brunette)

2. I'm a bold lips and/or cheeks kind of girl. I am a sucker for a bright coral or pink lip and I love a nice bright cheek (blended out of course)

4. I am dog person, I've got 3, all rescues.

5. I've been loving Cake's Sweetheart Body moisturizer, it smells great and makes my skin so soft

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

oh my gosh how does it SEE anything with all that hair everywhere???  LOL  it looks like a big fuzzy slipper!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

How does it MOVE with all that fuzz???

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

You are suppose to cut/shear off the coat of hair every 3-6 month or else they overheat (unless you live in Alaska I suppose). 


Doesn't it give you the biggest warm fuzzies (pun intended)? ^.^

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

When I see these bunnies... I think of furby. furby.jpg

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

OMG I almost peed myself lol

Those things were so creepy >> I never understood why all the kids loved them!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

They are seriously creepy. I remember friends having these in grade school, never got into the trend myself- thank God.

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. Believe it or not, I have virgin hair- never dyed, highlighted, etc. I will probably keep it that way, but if I were to actually try dyeing it, I would get an ombre look with my brown hair Smiley Happy

2. All three! Not all at the same time, of course Smiley Very Happy

3. Steamed blue crabs... mmmm Smiley Happy

4. I love both, but have only ever owned cats (mother was deathly afraid of them). No current pets, hoping to get some new furry friends when I move into a house! Need to do some reading up on introducing a kitten and puppy to a house at the same time! I've heard they will get along well if they grow up together- anyone tried this?

5. I love the Body Shop's Body Butters!

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

I have virgin hair too! All of my friends tell me not to dye it, if I've made it this far I should keep it virgin forever, haha. And omg crabs are so good! I love living in Maryland we have the best crabs Smiley Wink

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

My family is from Maryland- I could clean a crab by the time I was 2 Smiley Very Happy

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

1. i'm loving my honey blonde highlights

2. i'm a bold eyes kinda gal

3. Sushi!!!

4. Dogs of course Smiley Wink

5. i use face cream on my body59891_551773601516747_992031937_n.jpg

Re: Random Saturday Questions!

Happy Saturday!


1. What hair color? Oooh, this is tough! I'm naturally blonde, then I was red for a couple years & I love them both.  I guess I'll go with strawberry blonde.

2. Bold eyes, lips or cheeks? I love bold lips!

3. Favorite food? Thai food

4. Cats or Dogs (or any other animal)? I love both, but I'll go with cats on this one. But my favorite animals are horses.

5. Favorite Body Moisturizer? Sephora Collection Supreme Body Lotion


Smiley Happy -Laura

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