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Pet Paradise

Show off pics of your pets, tell stories, anything you want to share about those special animals in your life 🙂 Post as much and as often as you want!

Here are are my fluff babies DJ and Gunner (also called Lulu or Lou). They are mother and daughter. DJ is my baby and Gunner is a daddy's girl. They are approximately 9 years old and very spoiled!

This is DJ. She loves to be near me.

Miss Gunner Lou loves her catnip carrot


Re: Pet Paradise

I bought some pet toys 

Image result for leaps and bounds summer toys


This brand is called leaps and bounds such cute toys ....

Image result for leaps and bounds summer toysImage result for leaps and bounds snowcone toyImage result for leaps and bounds snowcone toyImage result for leaps and bounds snowcone toyImage result for leaps and bounds snowcone toyImage result for leaps and bounds snowcone toy


I seriously wanted to buy all of these but I only bought one their too expensive lol.


Image result for leaps and bounds pet toys


I might start having to go to the dollar store for pet toys lol 


they have these at dollar tree


Image result for leaps and bounds pet toys

Re: Pet Paradise

I would post the pics online of the dog I'am buying but sooo many people clicked the dogs picture that its labeled as popular on the website and it worries me because I already spoke to the breeder and thats my dog people keep looking at lol.I dont want other people trying to buy my dog lol.SO for that reason I will post pics after I officially give the breeder my money and have the dog for fear that people are trying to steal my dog.This pic below is not my puppy but he kinda looks like this but mine looks more like a polar bear a fat chubby polar bear lol. I still havent decided on a name yet ....


Image result for english cream golden puppy

Re: Pet Paradise

UPDATE - the breeder finally got back to me and he said someone was going to see the dog tomorrow they set up an appointment and I already said I was interested in buying the dog so he said I can cancel their appointment you called me first.Thank god literally who buys a dog on a wed anyways ? I'am planning on buying the puppy this saturday sooo excited I cant even believe it.I finally am getting my dog.If I didnt call him back tonight someone would of bought my puppy tomorrow.Its crazy whenever I want a puppy everyone wants the same puppy lol. 

Re: Pet Paradise

I called the breeder today for the address and if hes able to hold the puppy and that I wanted to buy the puppy this saturday and he didnt get back to me....  and its almost like 7:00 at night I'am going to be sooooo dissapointed if this falls through.This will literally be the 5th dog I have been interested in and someone else buys it before me.I literally get anxiety when I talk to breeders because the whole thing stresses me out and makes me worried that the puppy I want wont be available.Because soo far it hasnt worked out for me so well...... sooo annoyed / irritated /anxious right now about the whole situation.Plus its a really far drive the breeders not up the street from me so if I go down there and there is no dog I'am going to be angry its over an hour to just get there.Its almost in another state.Even if the puppy is not available anymore even though I did say I was interested he could of at least told me the dog was sold so I dont waste a lot of gas money and time and go all the way there to this guys house in the middle of no where.This whole dog situation is turning into a nightmare.You would think I was trying to buy a celebritys dog the way breeders go about this whole process.Its ridiculous.I cant help but think negatively about the situation because I have to leave the guy voicemails all the time like if you want people to buy the puppy answer your phone.I assume when he doesnt respond back it means the dogs no longer available.


Plus one of the reasons I never bought a dog from a breeder is because of the wait. I dont like waiting 12 months for a puppy and being on wait lists and having to call  / see the dog before someone else puts interest in the puppy and buys it.Even kennels are like that too and it annoys me.I used to buy puppies from pet shops or the SPCA and I never had to go through all this trouble.I feel like I have to compete with other people for the puppy or its like a makeup restock everyone wants a puppy when I want a puppy.

Re: Pet Paradise

For all pet owners!


Last night I came across a documentary on Netflix called "Pet Fooled". My dog before Thunder passed away from stomach cancer at a young age of 3. At the time we weren't sure what had caused the problem as we had been feeding him superior kibble and he had no prior issues (everything just happened suddenly!). But after watching this documentary - I feel even the "seemingly superior variety/brands" of kibble are just bunk/marketing ploy. I never want Thunder to go through what Razor went through at such a young age. I think everyone should watch this documentary. It was very informative and definitely helpful in terms of deciding what to feed our beloved poochies! 



I had been thinking of switching Thunder to the raw food diet for a while now and this just pushed me to make the change. 





Re: Pet Paradise

oh no!!!! petsmart has just acquired



Re: Pet Paradise

I'am buying a golden retriver puppy this spring the litter doesnt come in until  probably late april / may and I have been waiting for this puppy forever because last yr I was supposed to get a puppy but someone bought the dog I was interested in buying right in front of me.So basically I have to buy the puppy right away before someone takes my dog again lol.

Re: Pet Paradise



Re: Pet Paradise

So it looks like you guys liked Max immortalized forever in hard plastic/resin on the top of our wedding cake.. we liked it too! (thought I would follow up from my post from earlier)


Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 6.12.35 PM.png

Check it out.. they even recreated his MaineCoon huge "dustbuster" tail! 


Funny story, actually! At the end of the night (of our wedding) the caterer took our cake topper to wrap it up and THREW AWAY MAX! Yes, I'm saying it correctly, they threw him away!!! He was not originally attached to the base (long story) and he must have actually just gone for a walk! LOL! Anyways, I had to order another Max from the cake topper company for the keepsake but the real Max is alive and well sleeping by knees as I type this. 🙂


For those who are interested.. here is the link to the company who made the bobblehead. They are actually still in business which is pretty incredible in the wedding world. ( I think they may have been bought/combined with other bobblehead/cake topper companies b/c their name has changed but the cake toppers are the same. The name of the company is ""


This is what we got for Max:

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 5.57.35 PM.png


I will say though (truthfully) one of the reasons why we chose this company was not only because they could recreate Max but also because they could create a multicultural cake topper. (I am caucasian/white and my husband is pacific islander.) I couldn't believe when I first started looking at cake toppers how limited the choices were! Maybe.. since it has been almost five years now this is not as much of a problem as it was for my husband and I (I hope) but it was at the time of our wedding.

@tsavorite @Mystiques @Tamara76

Re: Pet Paradise

I miss my babies so much when I'm out of town for a few days, but I love how overly affection they are when I get home. They really love and miss me too! 

Re: Pet Paradise

Your kitties are impossibly beautiful and adorable!! Are they maine coon kitties? They look like it! That breed is so loving and your pictures imply that your babies are two big furballs of love!!!! I love every pic and that they are best buds, but pics 1 & 2 especially melted my heart. Just look at those gorgeous, sweet faces <3<3<3

Re: Pet Paradise

I used to have pets. Always wanted a cat but hubby says no for now 😞 he doesn't like cats lol

Re: Pet Paradise

Here's a sleeping kitty._20170101_223251.JPG

Re: Pet Paradise

your kitties are gorgeous. love these pics

Re: Pet Paradise

i have 3 dogs beds in my living room/bedroom, and 2 couches, yet these 2 are always huddled up on one bed like so.


they're so goofy!





Re: Pet Paradise

Anyone out there have a pet who loves the snow? Linus sure does.


Re: Pet Paradise




How cute is this?!




I'm sure a cat owner wouldn't be able to pull this off (unless you'd like your cat to get a concussion)


Re: Pet Paradise

Happy Halloween from DJ and Gunner! 


Re: Pet Paradise

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Re: Pet Paradise

And there's a "Roarin' Lion" too!!



Re: Pet Paradise

OMG - I'm dying here Heart