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Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

Welcome to Year 7 of our Pan It! Challenge ElleElleG_0-1704168084184.gif




The "Rules"

To accommodate a variety of interests, you all are encouraged to pick items to pan that are most suitable to your collections.  For some, this might mean focusing on a particular type of product (like lipstick) and for others this may include a larger variety spanning your entire makeup or skincare routine.


Getting Started (please share the following)

  • Which item(s) you would like to work on
  • How long you will work on said item
  • Goal: explore a new item, revisit an old item, decide whether to keep pass or trash, and/or completely finish item, etc.
  • Starting photo of item


Please Use This Thread To...

  • share what item(s) you are working on,
  • provide comparative progress photos of your item(s) monthly (at the beginning of the month when possible),
  • ask questions,
  • encourage others,
  • motivate others with the looks you create with your item(s)


Tips and Tricks to Panning/Getting Some Use Out of Your Stash:

  • Take photos!!  When you think you aren’t making a dent in anything look back at those photos, I’m certain you’ll see some changes 😃 *this is the number one recommendation for everyone, regardless of how long you’ve been panning! Those photos add up and can help you realize progress you might otherwise overlook.
  • If you goal is to hit pan or use something up entirely, try concentrating your brush/applicator in the same area each time you use it
  • Multitask your products: eyeshadows as highlighter, lipstick as blush, eyeshadow as brow powder, etc. 
  • Layer eyeshadow to create different colors (this is especially helpful to get use out of shades you’re not fond of).
  • Have shadows with a ton of fall out?  Use water
  • Watching the progress of others’ can be fun but try not compare your progress to theirs.  We all use our makeup differently and have different goals.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to only using the item(s) you are working on.  It’s more than OK to incorporate other items or take a break!
  • Makeup should be fun….if you begin to dread doing your makeup because you made a commitment to use a product that you now hate, TOSS IT!  Do not force yourself to use up something you don’t like.  Move on to something else!  (This includes excluding particular shades from your goals if focusing on palettes, etc.)

 Ideas to Help You Pan Those Items:

  • Roll the dice: number your items and use a random number generator to pick what you will use each (day/week/month/etc.) 
  • Layer/Mask: items you are less fond of under things you like
  • Pan a Look: at the beginning of the week pick a look that you can wear everyday
  • Recreate: a look worn by a fellow BICer, celebrity, etc.
  • Spice up an "everyday" look by adding subtle pops of color (in the crease or on the lower lash line, mix lip products to make shades wearable, etc.)


Past Panning Challenges:

Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

Pan It! - 2022 Challenge


Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

Thanks so much! 😊 @caitbird 

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge



Monthly Summary:   No pan or finished items. Another slow and steady month of usage.


April All Star(s):   Pan progress has been consistent with all products, except for the WA lip palette which took a breather for most of the month. As a result, nothing really stood out as having made extra strides towards completion.


Next Month's Focus:   I want to concentrate more attention on my body care pan items in May. I have a lot of  products in this category open and in varying states of use. I’ve found that these three products all layer well with many other products and with one another. The plan is to reach for these three body care products in my project pan at least 4 or 5 days during the week, either on their own or layering them with other products.


4.2024 Pan - Body Care.jpg

4.2024 Pan - Hair Care.png

4.2024 Pan - Eye + Nails.jpg

4.2024 Pan - ND Biba.jpg

Work towards pan on the shade: prairie from the Natasha Denona Biba Eyeshadow Palette is coming along, slowly. I've been trying a couple of different ways to use the shade - using it to set my eyeshadow, a brilliant idea suggested by @Mellmars1185, and I've scraped some of each of these 3 shadows and placed them in a jar. Some days I will take an eyeshadow brush - a shader or blending brush - swirl the powders in the jar with it, then spritz a setting spray (like MAC Fix+, the alcohol free version) to the brush and then apply the somewhat customized color onto my lids. This has gotten me more use of not just the prairie shade but the other two shades (shine and rustic) as well. 👍 

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

You're so close with one of the pans @itsfi !!! Body products sound like a great challenge esp if you're aiming for 4 to 5 days a week since they go fast! (At least for me... maybe a larger surface area to cover 🤔 😂)


Love seeing your steady progress! 🥰

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

Nah @jaaayp; I think it's because you are so much better at being consistent with using products than I am. Especially with body care products - I tend to use sparingly and then have more in my rotation than is probably helpful when it comes to a panning project, especially when it comes to body lotions, creams, butters, and the like. So far, it's been good, as far as progress goes, with focusing on just body care. 👍 

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

If it helps @itsfi , you can try to put your focus items on a pan and only reach for those? I basically pretend I have nothing else except for the things on that pan to use 😂😂😂 


Someone's body gonna be silky soft this month 🥰

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

Yeah @jaaayp, with lotions / creams I've had with past pans, I just keep those in my line of sight / reach and put away my other ones. The problem here is that I keep them all in one basket, which definitely has its advantages. I ended up keeping 2 of the 3 body care products in the bathroom and one, the body cream, in my room. That's seemed to help get in more uses of all 3 products.

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

@itsfi those eyeshadows are looking ragged in the best way possible 😉.  Great job!

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

Right @CookieGirl1?! I may have overshot my goals this year for panning these eyeshadows - I'm sure only one of those shimmery shades has a chance at being finished by year end, but it's been good to work through them and this palette. What a journey! 

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

@itsfi I love it that they're looking so loved!  That's how you know that you really use and love them.

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

@itsfi  great progress! Slow and steady wins the race, as they say!

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

Yes indeed @caitbird, that’s what I’m hoping for. Most of the profits I picked for my project pan this year have been working out really well. There’s a couple that are proving a little more challenging to work through. I’ll decide in a couple of months whether I will swap them out or keep going, but in the meantime, just putting my head down and chipping away at things. 

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

You are doing great! @itsfi 

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

@lmaster, thank you. Just little by little. 

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

Great progress @itsfi!

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

@faeriegirl, thank you. Just chipping away. 

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

@itsfi Awesome progress! I like your technique of applying the depotted shadows with the Mac Fix. That is such a smart idea.

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

Thank you @Mellmars1185! I'm lucked out when it came to coming up with and it's been super helpful - both in terms of using up more product but also making it more efficient - the shadows are all set once applied. 👍

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

A little bit of an update-


Pan it-   9/327    Goal   80
Use it- 98/516    Goal 386

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

@Samtian  wow, great job!

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge

You're really putting your stash to use @Samtian! Good for you ❣️ That's impressive. And, is that 9 panned items?! Woah! 

Re: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge


Purchased Tower 28 Beauty Sculptino™ Soft Matte Cream Contour + Bronzer Hammer on Aug 13, 2023 according to my order history. This is its current state today. I love how it does doubly duty to contour and add warmth back into my face. This will definitely get repurchased once this one is all done. 

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