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Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!



As we head into the last week of October, it’s officially spooky szn, but there’s nothing scary about my monthly beauty faves (except maybe that radioactive-looking comb 😵)! My October picks represent a range of “newness” – one is a brand-spankin’-new product, others are new from earlier this year, and a couple of them are some longtime Community standbys -- but they’re *all* new to me, so I’m excited to share them with the B-I-C! So check out my October favorites below, then dig into your stash and tell me – what fragrance, hair, skincare, makeup, or wellness goodies have you been turning to the most this month? Holy grails, new favorites, and rediscovered beauty gems are all fair game!


Here are my October favorites:


What products have you been loving this month? Hit the “Reply” button below to show and tell!

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

I finally found my HG foundation thanks to a foundation GWP from Ulta. It is Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation on the shade 310 Bisque C. I always was told that I have neutral undertones anytime I have been foundation matched. It is my perfect color match and I feel like it blurs my imperfections. I had to do a double take when I looked at myself in the mirror. Best of all I found that it has minimal transfer.

 The other item is Briogeo Detox, Restore + Protect! Mini Hair Care Kit . I have been told by my stylist to avoid exfoliating hair scrubs because that can affect my hair color results. The label states that it should not affect color. Anyway my hair color still looks vibrant and my scalp is not itchy.

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

These are all products I’ve had for a hot minute, but were the stars of the show for October. 
• Nirvana French Grey, this was a gift from @itsfi in unicorn mail and I’m still in love with it. As the weather cools my taste for fruity, candy, beachy fragrances has shifted. This one just feels perfect for cooler weather. 
• Corduroy Cologne by Zirh International. I love this men’s fragrance. I’d bought it years and years and years ago (this is a newer bottle) and it started my love of less ‘girly’ fragrances. Unfortunately hard to find these days. 
• Viseart Rosé EDIT Eyeshadow Palette  I really enjoy rosy mauve tones and viseart shadows are in my top 3 formulas. This little palette has been in my daily make up bag all month. Looking to pick up Midsommer during the sale.

• Marc Jacob’s highliner in navy blue. Such a great formula when you use them before they dry out. I don’t wear liner as much during their summer but come winter this is a  hit for me.

MILK MAKEUP Vegan Milk Moisturizer 1.7 oz/ 48 mL  i took a chance on this untested and I love it. It’s a nice thick consistency that I’ve been using at night this month and I’m sure I’ll be moving to using both night and day as it gets colder. I’m so tempted to grab a back up now. 


Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@missjeanie Those colors in the Viseart palette are gorgeous.   After reading a post from @WinglessOne raving about their matte shades, I tried them out and love this brand.  Loving your favorites. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

That liner shade is fantastic!! @missjeanie 

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@missjeanie French Grey is definitely more suitable for cooler weather 🙂 All of the Nirvanas are a nice change from the typical fruity florals that dominate the market for feminine fragrance.

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@pocketvenus I generally am not a big floral person and usually stick to sweeter and fruitier, but the last 5 or 6 years I've been loving me some more what I call 'grown up' fragrances, especially in the winter months. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@missjeanie that liner is so pretty! Good for you for loving a FS moisturizer untested, that is a true unicorn 🦄 

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

I was so pumped to find out I loved it @eshoe ! I have talked myself down from a back up... well for now... we’ll see how the week goes lol

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner Ro(Cocoa) 48 is one of my favorite pencil liners, @missjeanie. It was a surprise love for me, too💗

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

Bought Chanel's Le Vernis in Gitane which is a very warm red but not a full out orange-red. Found the formula quite pigmented so I only need one coat and a top coat although without a top coat it chips very easily. Does anyone know if this is how all the colours are? The selection of reds is really great, I'm thinking of picking up a cooler, more classic red.



Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@pocketvenus I have quite a few of their polishes and it is my experience that yes, they have a good depth of color to them. Even the metallics, come to think of it. I always wear top coat, so I can’t comment about the chipping. I think I will test that out today, will report back. My manicures typically don’t last more than a few days thanks to frequent hand washing, so I am curious myself. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@eshoe Thanks for sharing your thoughts! With an Essie top coat, I have very minor chipping and it's about a week in. For just one coat, that's very impressive. Now that I'm thinking of it, I usually apply two coats of other polishes, mostly Essie and OPI, and am too lazy to do a top coat so with one coat, I'm guessing they would probably chip just as easily the Chanel.

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

Day 1 @pocketvenus, two coats each with Essie Speed Setter Top Coat. It’s been a few months since I’ve used any of these, so I’m curious to see how long exactly they will last unchipped. Will check in next week with an update. Please excuse my very dry cuticles!


Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@eshoe YOU ARE AMAZING!! I am so curious to see the results! Here's a photo of my week-old mani, one coat of Gitane + one Essie topcoat. This is right after I cleaned the kitchen sink and scrubbed that down without gloves. Black and white so you can see all the chipping clearly. The polish is all gone right at the tips but you can see there's some chipping at the bottom as well. When I first did this mani, the polish was straight across the bottom. There's also roughly 1.5-2mm of growth from the cuticle, it definitely didn't chip that far up, my nails just grow quickly. But you can see the chipping where it's a little jagged.


chanel chip.jpg

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@pocketvenusyou are one lucky gal that your nails grow so quickly! I’ve never tracked mine after a manicure, but I expect a disaster at the 7-day mark. I just do too much for my nails to still be pretty after a week;)

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@eshoe Do it for science 😄


I play piano so I try to keep my nails pretty short 😛


Well, on my end, the chipping has gotten to the point where you can see it from afar. There's now some chipping up the sides on some nails that is very visible. Pretty happy with it though! Your colours are making me think about picking up a neutral shade 🙂

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

Oooh a fellow pianist @pocketvenus! I studied for many years but haven’t played in awhile. Do you have a favorite piece that you enjoy playing? 

I've got a bit of chipping already on the
Rose Confidentiel (middle finger) and some major dents on my pointer (Coco Mademoiselle) that happened last night after I thought everything was dry. A week might be pushing it😂


Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@eshoe thanks for sharing a progress pic ❤️ Looks like it's more or less the same rate of chipping except the pinky but I always find that nail chips last.


I guess I enjoy a lot of different composers but these days I've taken to playing some Chopin Nocturnes super emo and way overdramatic ha ha ha. How about you? 🙂

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@pocketvenus I thought piano was all about emo 😉 Pathetique is my favorite piece to play, although I haven’t yet mastered it mistake-free all the way through (yet). It’s so helpful in relieving pent-up stress/emotion, I think that’s why I love it. I need to listen to that Chopin, I’m not familiar with it but am curious to hear what it is like. My daughter is studying piano now. She is good at it; better than I was at her age, but she detests it🤷🏻‍♀️ 

I was surprised to see how much of the polish is ebbing away already. I do wash my hands quite a bit during the day, normal stuff for the current climate but more than usual. I expected to see a speedy deterioration but not in one day😳

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@eshoe these are all channel?  I'm loving the last three shades there... I don't 'need' more polish unless I start to use more polish... but how pretty!

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