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Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!



As we head into the last week of October, it’s officially spooky szn, but there’s nothing scary about my monthly beauty faves (except maybe that radioactive-looking comb 😵)! My October picks represent a range of “newness” – one is a brand-spankin’-new product, others are new from earlier this year, and a couple of them are some longtime Community standbys -- but they’re *all* new to me, so I’m excited to share them with the B-I-C! So check out my October favorites below, then dig into your stash and tell me – what fragrance, hair, skincare, makeup, or wellness goodies have you been turning to the most this month? Holy grails, new favorites, and rediscovered beauty gems are all fair game!


Here are my October favorites:


What products have you been loving this month? Hit the “Reply” button below to show and tell!

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

It smells so good and feels hydrating and moisturizing @itsfi the packaging is so cute to top it off 😉

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@lmaster @Glad you are loving the BBW mist 

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@SportyGirly125 this is my kind of scent! 💓

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@lmaster Candle vibes all the way! Born This Way is also a major fave of mine, but I've been a little lazy with my foundation lately... the Zoom "touch up my appearance" feature has spoiled me 😂

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@AlexBT that's too perfect 😉💗

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

Reading your loves just reminded me to light a candle @lmaster !  I always buy them loving the scents and then forget to actually light them lol.  Is the BBW vanilla mocha cafe similar to the MM Coffee Break at all if you've tried both?

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@missjeanie @They don’t smell the same at all. I feel like you can smell the scent of coffee a little better with the BBW one and they have lotions in the same scent.  Also the BBW one smells sweet. If you have time I would go in store and test it out. I got mine for free too because I had a reward to use. They are very popular at BBW and sell out. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@SportyGirly125 I haven't been to a store in ages, but the nice thing is at their prices I can add one to an order and not feel bad if I don't love it.  Now to go explore their site!

Re: Monthly Favorites: October 2020 Edition!

@missjeanie @SportyGirly125 yep I agree, to me, they are two totally different scents, but the bbw is unbelievable!! 

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  • October 2020 Favorites!
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  • "But the PMG palette is mostly repeats!" So was Mothership 7 but did that stop y'all from buying it? No it did not. :D
  • Not just for bodies; also good for irritated/inflamed faces.
  • 3 of these are repeat monthly favorites. :D
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