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Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!


GeorginaBT's July 2021 Favorites.png



Hope you are having a lovely summer so far, BIC! ☀️ Does anyone else’s beauty routine change drastically according to the weather? During the warmer months, I gravitate towards skincare products that keep my oiliness at bay (oily donuts unite!), and makeup formulas that last all day while I’m out in the sun. Now, the Beauty Insider Community would love to know: what products have you been loving recently? All hair, fragrance, skincare, makeup, and wellness product recommendations are welcome! I’m sure I’m not the only one adding everyone’s favorites to my Loves list for future purchases. 😉


Here are my July favorites:


Hit the “Reply” button below to share what beauty products you’ve been reaching for the most lately and use the “#” symbol to tag your Sephora faves!

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

The Pearl is so good, @faeriegirl. It works unlike any other under eye product I have tried! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

I was busy this month. 🙂  I did find a wide variety of favorite items, some useful, some fun.

COLOR WOW Root Coverup Powder Dark Brown 

This is so, so easy to use and really works.  It is definitely a dark, cool brown shade, fyi.

color wow root cover.jpg


HUM Nutrition Private Party™: Supports Vaginal & Urinary Tract Health 

HUM Nutrition Boost Sweet Boost™ - Vegan Gummies for Immune Support 60 Vegan Berry Gummies 

Let me just say, Private Party really works.  The end.  The elderberry gummies are the best tasting ones I've had, because they're not as sickly sweet as others, they're softer, and they just taste natural.

HUM gummies.jpg


#Lancome Advanced Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Serum, Oxo Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set.  

I'm at the point where concealers don't usually help cover my under eye area like they used to because now I have bags that are emphasized by the concealer.  So, I thought I'd retry an old favorite to deflect my under eye area instead of trying to cover it up, which I can't anyway.

The brushes looked like they would help me clean some things at home that are a little tricky, like my moka pot, bread machine, computer keyboard, etc.

lancome and oxo brushes.jpg

HSN sent me a coupon on the day they had a deal on unscented Beekman body serum.  I love it!  It squirts out of the bottle (I ended up moisturizing quite a bit of carpet the first time I used it,) but it really seem to deeply smooth my dry skin.  I received another coupon later so I bought the hand/body wash and lotion set.


Now for the "backdrop" of the other pictures (used to hide my cluttered kitchen table.) I ran across a deal for Bean Box's cold brew coffee (sold in shelf-stable for 6 months plastic bag housed in boxes,) which was bogo.  The offer included a $10 off of a purchase, so I also added a box of coffee samples that was on sale (it included 8 biscotti also- salted caramel, which are gone; lemon blueberry, cherry anise, and dark chocolate.

bean box.jpg


Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

Mmmm, salted caramel, @Ispend2much6. Those would be the first one missing in my home, too!

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@eshoe   Such a great flavor!  I found a recipe to make the sauce at home that is really good, but I haven't made it in awhile.  It's probably for the better!

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

This month’s favorites are new and rediscovered loves. The Josie Maran Pineapple Enzyme Pore Clearing Cleanser 5 oz/ 150 mL is a wonderful cleanser for my normal skin. It cleanses my skin without stripping it. I’m glad to have it a part of my skincare routine. The tarte SEA Hydroflex™ Serum Foundation was a promo code sample that I fell in love with!  It’s sitting in my cart and will be purchased. The tarte SEA Mini Breezy Cream Bronzer Seychelles also took me by surprise. The color is so blendable and creamy. I find myself reaching for it 9 times out of 10. What can I say about Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Rush Hour that hasn’t already been said?  It’s a such a gorgeous peach shade. I’m a Hello Kitty fanatic so I had to pick up the lip balm. And the Natasha Denona Gold Palette is a rediscovery. I challenged myself to use 20 times and enjoying the shades. I’m not looking to pan it. I just want my makeup to look used and well loved. I haven’t hit the 20 mark yet but I’m working on it. 


Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@mishanyc Yessssss that blush is definitely going to make an appearance in my faves this month. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@mishanyc I didn’t know you love Hello Kitty! Cute balm🥰 I like your goal of having makeup that is just well-loved. I have recently (well, over the past few months) rediscovered my love for one of her palettes as well, and it has really curbed my desire for any others until it begins to show some wear. It is very satisfying to love what you have!

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@eshoe I love Hello Kitty!  My mini is getting into her too and wearing her shirt today 😊. I like the goal of makeup looking well loved. But I think I was a little over ambitious by setting my goal to 20 uses. 10 might've been a little more realistic. But I'm glad to rediscover favorites. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

Oh that must be fun to see and share with her, @mishanyc 💞

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@mishanyc I've been considering the tarte SEA Hydroflex™ Serum Foundation myself!  I feel like I've heard so many good reviews on it.

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@CookieGirl1 I'm enjoying it so much. I had no plans to purchase any foundation/serums.  I already have a full bottle of the Rare Beauty one.  But it's so lightweight and looks skin like.  They really got me with that sample lol.  I used the promo code TARTEFLEX. Maybe it's still in stock if you're placing an order. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@GeorginaBT, I feel like a broken record player, but how has another month gone by?!  That Ilia serum foundation has been on my list to try; will have to give it a closer look soon. My July faves are pretty much what I've been using on my face everyday this month:

July 2021 FavoritesJuly 2021 Favorites


Saie Sunvisor Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 35 has a slight tint to it that evens out my skin tone fairly well and I like it for sunscreen reapplication too. It also gives my skin a pretty luminosity and can act as a primer for some, but not all foundation; there were a couple of foundations that it did not play nice with but was good with BB and CC creams. 

Any dark spots or redness that the Saie sunvisor moisturizer didn't fully cover was handled beautifully by Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear Concealer. It doesn't dry my skin, applies easily and stays in place, even on days when I'm wearing my mask. 

INNBeauty Slushy Serum Moisturizer Crush is a great multi-step product in one, with Vitamin C, bakuchiol and hyaluronic acid - brightening, anti-aging and hydrating. It's great for days when I'm short on time or just lazy. I mainly use it as a serum before my moisturizer but on warm days or when my skin leans more oily than dry, it acts as a good moisturizer. 

A true oldie-but-goodie is Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss - Dolly - it adds just the right amount of color (pinky-brown plum) and shine, and the minty-ish feel is refreshing. It makes for a perfect everyday gloss for me. 

Sonia G Lotus brush set is beautiful. This month I've mainly been using the Builder and Soft Definer brushes and love them for applying my eye makeup. 


Saie Sunvisor Radiant Moisturizing Face Sunscreen SPF 35 1.35 oz/ 40 mL Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Longwear Cream Concealer 7N Ultra Deep iNNBEAUTY PROJECT Slushy Serum Moisturizer Crush Infused with Bakuchiol Buxom Full-On™ Plumping Lip Polish Gloss Dolly 

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

Great faves @itsfi! Loooove that the INNBeauty moisturizer has vitamin C and hyaluronic acid built in - so convenient for a quick morning routine. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

Yes @GeorginaBT! Less steps in my morning routine means more time to sleep. 😴 I’m on board with that!! 😂

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@itsfi I got the slushy serum promo recently and have been curious about it. It’s such a great price point for what it seems to offer. Have you been using it in the mornings?

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@lnum, yes, I've been using InnBeauty Slushy mostly as a morning moisturizer, usually when it's been warm out or my skin is on the oilier side. When the weather has been cooler in the mornings or my skin is less oily, I'll use it as a serum and layer a light moisturizer over it; or some days I'll add another layer of the Slushy. The formula on this one is really nice and I like that it contains a vitamin C, along with bakuchiol and hyaluronic acid. It makes for an easy peasy morning skincare routine. 



Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@itsfi I will keep that in mind! Another bakuchiol to add to my trials list. I’ve got a deluxe sample so I may try this sooner. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

Thank you for the tag, @itsfi - this is very valuable intel☺️

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

Oh that Buxom is an oldie but goodie, @itsfi! The minty scent is so refreshing. I am not surprised the Saie worked with other BB creams, it almost feels and acts like one. Good to know about the Slushy; the name is amusing and the ingredients intriguing. I haven’t heard much else about it so I appreciate your review!

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

@eshoe, I seem to always have a tube of some size of Buxom Dolly around - no complaints; I love the formula, color and finish. The Slushy serum-moisturizer has been a good find; they did a good job naming the product. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: July 2021 Edition!

Is brings to mind the Missha ice mask, @itsfi @Shosh85, good to know about the consistency!

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