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The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

9s1.jpgSephoria 2018

Experiencing the first ever Sephoria event last year in Los Angeles with my BIC family was beyond magical Heart Here's the link to some journal entries from last year:


As soon as I found out that it would be happening again this year, I just knew I HAD to get my hands on some tickets Smiley Very Happy I'll be going to Session 1 and 2 for a full day of beauty fun and will be posting my experience here in this thread. If you are coming to Sephoria, please feel free to share your experience here as well! 


I'm looking forward to seeing how the event has evolved in this new venue, catching up with my friends and making some new ones Heart


Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

@Mcakes How exciting! I hope you have a great time and take lots of pictures Smiley Happy


Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

Last year was great, but this year?  This year will be NEXT LEVEL.  Cannot wait to see some of my favorite gals again 🥰

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

@ElleElleG @Mcakes 


Us in 3 weeks....

Image result for squad gif



Image result for so excited gif

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

@Tamara76 It's getting closer and closer to Sephoria Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy I can't wait to be with y'all again! 

baile dancing GIF

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

Yesssss @Tamara76 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

next level netflix GIF by Queer Eye

It's going to be the best Heart Heart Heart 

Wish ALL of our faves were coming though Smiley Sad

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

Diary Entry No. 3: All of the Houston Swag


I promised...I procrastinated...I won't make you wait any longer Smiley Very Happy 


Here's what came in the adorable Sephoria Masterclass makeup case:

1. $10 Sephora Gift Card in Card Case

2. FULL SIZE - Tatcha The Satin Skin Mist

3. Sephoria/ Tatch water bottle

4. Sephoria Masterclass Tour Notebook and Pen

5. BIC Popsocket

6. Tatcha Blotting Papers

7. FULL SIZE - Pure Skin by Vicky Tsai book...which she signed! Picture below:


And perhaps the most shocking thing of all... @JeffreyBD announced that all of the Houston Masterclass attendees are invited to the VIP Party at Sephoria with the purchase of a Sephoria ticket Smiley Surprised Smiley Surprised Smiley Surprised I could barely contain my excitement!!!!!!!! Thank you so much to @TeamBIC @KatieBT @CarolBT for arranging this amazing gift Heart I am still pinching myself! 


Here's what came in the Sephora bag with the Community Chosen seal of approval: 


1. FULL SIZE - Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

2. FULL SIZE - SDJ Bum Bum Cream

3. FULL SIZE - Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

4. Original Beauty Blender

5. Deluxe Sample - Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in the shade Legendary 

6. Sephora Collection Pro Diffuser Brush No. 64 (Jeffrey said this brush is perfect for stippling liquid foundations for a beautiful medium coverage Smiley Wink )

7. Four Sigmatic samples

8. BIC pins and the iconic BIC sticker Heart 


I can't thank Carol, Katie, Jeffrey, and Vicky enough for putting together such an amazing event and treating us to so many goodies. Very thankful for the experience and it gives me those butterflies for Sephoria in just a couple of months Heart 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

OMG, such awesome swag! I love the card case and pins. And this is just a little taste of what people will be getting at Sephoria. Wowie wow, thanks for sharing!!! @Mcakes 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

Thank you so much @Buootiful ! Are you coming to Sephoria this year?

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

Sadly no Smiley Sad  I overspent on makeup and the tickets are a little too steep for right now. To be honest, its been only a little under 2 years of getting into makeup and Im just grateful to get to go to some of the BIC events here.


Hopefully, next year Smiley Happy I will live thru this year with your pics! Smiley Happy @Mcakes 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

@Mcakes How fun! Thank you for sharing! I hope you have an amazing time at Sephoria Smiley Happy



Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

Love that BIC Texas item. The whole thing looks very fun, generous and thoughtfully put together!

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

So awesome! So envious! 💕💕💕 @Mcakes 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

There's still a chance for technology to come up with a way to clone you just in time for Sephoria @sister13 Smiley Very Happy 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

@Mcakes how amazing! That sounds really awesome! Congrats!!

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

Thank you so much @makeitup305 Heart !

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

@Mcakes thank you for sharing. VIP party sounds amazing. Have fun!!!

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

@SportyGirly125 of course! Thank you so much Heart I am so excited Smiley Very Happy 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

I love that these meet ups are happening and that you all got a Masterclass preview.  I really need to explore the Tatcha brand more.  Absolutely adore the BIC Texas item for the meetup!


OH, and did you say VIP Party @Mcakes 


Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2019

@ElleElleG It was great to see a Masterclass and meetup experience in a city outside of the usual suspects, I hope to see more of these pop up in other amazing cities! Vicky just made me fall in love with the Tatcha brand, I am looking forward to explore more of the collection as well.


The adorable t shirt is my favorite shirt now and likely forever lol. It is soooo cute and soft and extremely special Heart 


@Tamara76 and I looked at each other with jaws dropped when we heard the news of out class being invited to the VIP party with purchase of a Sephoria ticket! Of course we already bought ours and T is going through the Sephora Squad anyway, but for a normal fan like me I am ecstatic!!!!!

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