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What is better?

I’ve looked into detail about more dermatologist prescribed skincare and wanted to know do you guys like the ordinary or CeraVe better? Let me know! 

Re: What is better?

@soflezy  I use both brands in my skincare routine, along with a few other brands' products. As mentioned in someone else's comment, these 2 brands have different approaches so it's hard to compare them. 


If you want to add a specific ingredient to your routine that's not already covered by another product you use, The Ordinary's a good option to fill that gap. Example: some of my routine products contain a peptide or 2, but I also use The Ordinary "Buffet" 1 oz/ 30 mL to get a big boost of peptides plus other hydrating ingredients. 


For overall skin health and a daily dose of moisturizing ceramides, CeraVe's a good option. I use their Hydrating Cleanser Bar as my PM face and body cleanser, and I alternate their Healing Ointment with Aquaphor when my skin needs extra protection—usually when my skin barrier's damaged, or when I need extra protection from windchill in the frigid depths of winter. 

Re: What is better?

I like them both! If I could only ever have one for the rest of my life it would be The Ordinary, but I'm a geek who knows all the chemical names and what I use them for. If I were suggesting one for someone to start with it would 100% be CeraVe. It's a great starting point for skincare.

Re: What is better?

I mean cerave and the ordinary are completely different brands in my opinion. The ordinary is focused on the max benefits of one ingredient. Were as cerave is more or less focused on helping your skins moisture barrier. Sorry this didn’t answer your question.

Re: What is better?

Totally agree. I own MANY of 'The ordinary' products but as you point out, for the most part each is each focused on a single  ingredient which is not a bad thing however requires you understand what each acid/molecule/etc. does and more importantly how to mix them correctly or you risk nullifying the active ingredients. 

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